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  1. If I want to be a competent debater what information must I know without needing to look it up? Without the need for research? Here is what comes from off the top so far (in no order): Esthetics provides a standard in which to judge art. Selfishness is rational self interest. Capitalism is the only moral system because it’s the only system that protects a man’s rights. Metaphysics is the study of reality as a whole. The universe contains all that which exists. Happiness is the purpose of ethics. A concept is a mental integration of 2 or more units. A percept is a group of sensations automatically retained and integrated by an organism’s mind. Only human beings can form concepts. Epistemology studies the way a man gains knowledge and what qualifies as knowledge. Reason integrates the data provided by man’s senses. People should deal with one another as traders. Reason purpose and self esteem are the main values of a rational man’s life. Being rational means acting in accordance to the facts. Reason is man’s basic tool of survival. Purpose is the happiness man chooses that his reason must help him to achieve. Self esteem is the result of using his reason to achieve happiness. Happiness is the state of noncontradictory joy a joy without penalty or guilt. Happiness is only possible to rational men. All that which promotes a rational man’s life is the good all that which destroys a rational man’s life is the bad. You can’t get rights by violating rights. The initiation of force is wrong because it stops a man from using his tool of survival, his reason. The virtues are productiveness, pride, independence, honesty, justice, rationality and integrity. Rationality is the main virtue all the others are applications in different areas. Value is that which one gains and/or keeps virtue is the action by which one gains or keeps it. Metaphysical means that which pertains to reality. Collectivism is wrong. Individualism is good because it allows men to act as they see fit. Rights grant a man freedom of action in a social context. I just typed this on my phone without looking at any source, what else do I need to know? Also, on a scale of 1-5 how would you rate yourself as a speaker/debater?
  2. I’m talking about ideas such as whites being more intelligent than blacks, blacks being more prone to violence, whites shouldn’t intermingle with blacks etc. Do you think that would be more helpful for some individuals if BLM came up with intellectual arguments against Richard Spencer and those like him? Most of the time BLM are targeting people who have no evidence of being racist. However, people like Richard Spencer are openly racist — if they can get him to do an about face like all the other people they’ve targeted, that would be a great victory. If they can get that material into colleges it’ll end racism and feeling of inferiority for sure. The saying, Black is beautiful doesn’t do sh** they need arguments about self responsibility and how it doesn’t matter what the next man does, it doesn’t even matter that much about what you look like, who cares what other people think , and you do have a chance to succeed in America if you find a way to work hard.
  3. Mr. Kaepernik bravely decided to risk it all with a peaceful protest but he was ridiculed and loss his job. Yes there was loss of property but what about the loss of George Floyd's life? What about the life that was loss before George Floyd? What about Trayvon Martin? what about Emmett Till? What about Sandra Bland? What about Michael Brown? What about Sandra bland? What about Martin Luther King? I can go on and on. Doesn't their life matter? Also, if policemen can have a "few bad apples" why can't protesters? I had doubts about justice because an arrest wasn't made until the protests. Police officers need to think twice before they use excessive force and a conviction will be a step in the right direction on that front. If this is what it takes for people to hear their cry then so be it. #MICDROP
  4. Complain all you want... It Worked! This is why they march! Their voice is what brings about change. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/03/3-more-cops-charged-in-george-floyd-death-other-officers-murder-charge-upgraded.html
  5. People are acting like if you are against Bernie you are a proponent of child hunger. https://twitter.com/mamastekait/status/1233208622232018944?s=20
  6. Discuss: From Bernie Sanders Twitter: "I don't think it's radical to say schoolchildren should not have "lunch debt." If we can give tax breaks to billionaires we can guarantee free, universal school meals to all our kids." Under what conditions should children eat free (their parents don't have to pay) -- in school and in other places? Would this be different in a completely free market?
  7. Question is in the title. You are reading a textbook about accounting/singing technique, how is it best to learn and know what is in the book? The latter or the former? Your goal is to be able to talk without the information in front of you. I've heard of the spiral of knowledge but I'm not sure if that comes into play here.
  8. ...Work ethic what would you do with your life? And who is that character?
  9. In Ayn Brand's fiction who had the least amount of work to reach moral perfection? And why do you think that?
  10. On second thought, can a comparison even be made? I know that Capitalism would be run by his constitution/moral principles and not by mob rule/other people's opinions, fears, doubts, whims, delusions, emotions etc. Again, you can find your own way of comparing a person and a particular social system..
  11. How would Capitalism, Mixed Economy, Socialism, and/or Communism act if they were people? And why do you say that? You can even throw in a mixed economy moving towards Capitalism/Socialism/Communism For example since a mixed economy is such a hodgepodge of controls and freedoms I think he would act like a schizo... I think history has shown that as well. What do you think... Would Capitalism act like Mark Zuckerberg?
  12. I can't make full sense of this quote but I like it for some reason... I'm looking for an interpretation that would sound rational even if it wasn't intended to be that way Tupac says, "Though things change, the future's still inside of me" What could he mean by, "The future's still inside of me"? Here is the context of the quote: In this game, the lesson's in your eyes to seeThough things change, the future's still inside of meWe must remember that tomorrow comes after the darkSo you will always be in my heart, with unconditional loveIn this game, the lesson's in your eyes to seeThough things change, the future's still inside of meWe must remember that tomorrow comes after the dark Again, I'm looking for an interpretation that would sound rational even if it wasn't intended to be that way Radiohead also said something similar: "The future is inside usIt's not somewhere else"
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