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  1. The Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song. Ultra heroic and uplifting. I like to start my day with it.
  2. Ragnar Danneskjöld always seemed pretty metal to me. Not all metal is good. Some is trash. Alot of it gets portrayed as being anti life and nihilist, but the majority of what I listen to has a "kick ass as an individual" feel. Of the many metal sub genres, power metal and the sub-sub genre, "hero metal" portray the most objectivist sense of life. But I also think that it comes down to being a generational thing as well. Since music hits your emotions first, different generations will naturally appreciate music differently since there are very different life experiences between them, regardless if they share the same underlying philosophy. I wouldn't expect my grandfather to like metal, regardless of how much we agree philosophically. He likes military marches and swing jazz. Horns vs. guitars. Go figure.
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