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  1. No problem Superman123. It's all part of the process of learning about Rand's philosophy, it's a really exciting time because people learn so much about themselves that they didn't know before. Let me know if I can be of further help.
  2. So much for not getting pulled into this again, eh EC? Even if homosexuality is a choice, and I believe it is, and I'm also homosexual, you have not proven your reasoning behind the idea that this choice should be judged as morally wrong. Further, this thread has gone entirely off topic from its origin, as these threads normally do. To the OP, I would like to say welcome to OO.net. Objectivism and homosexuality are mutually compatible, there are many gay Objectivists. If you have any questions about the philosophy as you continue to learn please don't hesitate to ask, I'm sure someone wi
  3. I think there's a pretty common trend among people in chat to label someone a troll for some very minor comment, the labeling is automatically taken as true, and then the people in chat all become antagonizing to the supposed "Troll", creating a situation where there was none. If we're going to be kicking people for being a "Troll" then the standard of what a troll is will have to be much more than "Somebody saying stuff that I don't want to talk about right now."
  4. I'm sure I don't have the post count or steady activity to be considered for a moderator position, but since David asked for fresh ideas for the direction of the forum I thought I'd post. Hopefully some eager mod or future mod will take this to heart. About a year and a half ago ObjectivismOnline.net became my first Objectivist community. It was here that I began to make friends and acquaintances that are Objectivists. I began to notice two phenomena as I looked through the posts. First, that there are eager trolls going around starting posts on subjects they know will quickly rouse posters
  5. Yeah, Wikileaks is mostly doing what it's supposed to do in this case. I have more of a problem with the soldier, and the idea that what he did was totally alright. I don't think the fact that the military is inept mitigates his blame in this case. EDIT: I definitely agree though, it's absurd that the military didn't stop this guy, and the Ft. Hood guy.
  6. http://www.dailytech.com/Taliban+Murders+Afghan+Elder+Thanks+Wikileaks+for+Revealing+Spies/article19250.htm ...Yep.
  7. Most ships have crews to keep them afloat. All ships need a captain to set the heading.
  8. I love it. I'm already a fan of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica show it is based on and this feels like just more awesomeness for a fan. I wonder how people who didn't watch BSG are enjoying it though. It has a good cast and very interesting characters.
  9. I think that soy milk is probably worse for you than any candy wrappers that probably have 0 effect on the contents of cow's milk.
  10. House is a Straw Vulcan: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StrawVulcan He may be likable to us, and is probably meant to be a generally likable and fun Straw Vulcan, but at the end of the show the writer intends the viewer to say, "Well it all works well for House because he knows everything, but in the real world we have to make due with trusting our intuition/emotions over being constantly logical."
  11. I just wrote a post for the Modern Paleo blog about just your question in fact. Here you go! And the blogs I've linked and this Modern Paleo blog are really good blogs for you to read if you're interested in the paleo diet. Modern Paleo is specifically run by Objectivists who eat this diet and they've done a great job so far.
  12. Would you read a book simply because one of your friends told you it has Objectivist values? What kinds of things do you look for when considering a book for reading? How often do you venture outside of your preferred genres? Would the recommendation of a good friend cause you to read something outside your genre? Or do you completely disregard the recommendations of your friends?
  13. Of the Objectivists I know who follow the paleo diet, I have met none who made the decision to eat this way unconsciously. Other than those Objectivists, I know of none who vocally advocate eating organic foods or grass fed beef or raw milk. I also don't know any Objectivists who agree with the Environmentalist movement or any of its subsets. So if your post is not directed at Paleo Objectivists, I do not know of any Objectivists to whom it could be directed to. Perhaps you could give an example of persons or stances you've seen previously which led you to believe there are Objectivists bei
  14. The Paleo Diet movement in Objectivism is wholly separate from the Environmentalist movement. In fact, most of the people in this thread who say they prefer raw milk enjoy eating the flesh of furry creatures for health and pleasure. As one of these supposedly "Environmentalist" Objectivists, I can tell you that I hold no such principle as: "Natural = good, artificial = bad." I follow science. I have read a great deal of well founded research on why the current pasteurization processes (which use chemicals, not heat radiation like Louis Pasteur) make milk less nutritious and sponsor allergies t
  15. Ayn Rand approved of McCarthyism insomuch as it was a movement by the government designed to root out members of the Communist Party of America which had by that time already sabotaged the security of the country. It was a matter of national security to discover its members and investigate them. Is Islam much different? Can you stop the Muslims from building or expanding their mosque right next to the WTC? No. What can you do? Post your disgust about it on the internet. Amaroq did not say 'We should go out and protest this' or anything of that kind, all he did was voice his disgust at the i
  16. Cuba needs to start its own revolution, not be handed one by bored Americans. Since the government of a country must depend entirely on the philosophy held by its culture, and since Cuba is definitely not near holding any kind of rational individualistic and rights respecting philosophy, to go and fight in a war against the government of it, or create such a war, would only serve to end lives needlessly and wouldn't bring any kind of good republic to the country. South American countries have revolted against communist dictatorships before, and have gotten worse ones in response. Find a
  17. Tonix: The problems Branden and David Kelley have with Objectivism are problems of their own creation. Peikoff and the ARI are quite 'hip' enough to bring true actual Objectivism to the masses without compromising the essence of the philosophy to do it, like Branden and Kelley advocate. David Kelley is shining a laser pointer on Leonard Peikoff and you're chasing it down like a cat. Peikoff already opposes "Orthodox" and "Dogmatist" Objectivism and Objectivists and frequently points out what he dislikes about "Orthodox" Objectivists in his podcasts, which could all actually be described as Leo
  18. To Lasse: I loved the movie, I thought it was even better than the first one. On the subject of needing to look to comic books for industrial heroes, how is that different from looking to science fiction novels for them? Fiction has always been a source for spiritual fuel in the form of heroes that will always stand the test of time. If you found a hero in Tiger Woods, you were probably disappointed. John Galt will never disappoint you.
  19. I'm glad you've recovered from veganism. I agree that you should definitely check out Modern Paleo, I've been eating the paleo diet for a year or so now and have lost over 60 lbs and feel better than I ever have. Never feel guilty for eating meat, lions sure don't. EDIT: To avoid redundancy I also wanted to add This site and This one Hope you enjoy.
  20. Self-centered, Twit, Prat, Lame, Idiot, Dickhead, or my personal favorite, "Hey come back here with the chips!"
  21. Phone up the NY Times and tell them to stop using so many periods so less people will die.
  22. I would not care if the same amount of rapes would occur in a free market. Perhaps a prison where rape goes on is a good incentive not to commit crimes.
  23. I would define masculinity and femininity as outward social mores, personality traits and aesthetic ideals assigned to you by your parents and communicated to you from infancy. From the very first time your parents buy you a 'blue' jumper instead of a pink one, you begin to observe that there are two types of humans and that one of them shares similar characteristics with you and so you begin to act like them. I do not believe any part of a person's personality or psychology is deterministically (as in, unchangeably) decided by the genetic code. So yes, I think they are exclusive to outward
  24. You are already making generalizations and assumptions and hiding them under the word 'psychology.' What specific effects does homosexuality have on the psychology of a person? Are you assuming the person is going to be effeminate in some way? As far as I know homosexuality has no causal relationship between my subconscious and my personality. I do not believe I was 'wired' to be gay and that my brain is 'just different' than straight people. I chose to be homosexual based on value judgements made over a long span of time during my youth. Most people make those judgements earlier and more auto
  25. Intrinsic non-value of homosexuality is arbitrary. Homosexuality is not a floating concept. What if you met a man who has a girlfriend and loves her and has a healthy relationship with her but then tells you privately that he is homosexual, or that he used to be homosexual and only got with this girl because she is a special case? Would he immediately turn you off? Or is it the act of having a girlfriend/heterosexual thoughts that turns you on? What if a person strives to appear attractive -to people- who see him? Why does the particular audience bother you? Furthermore why is it more impor
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