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    Other objectivists; especially those of a entrepreneurial bent
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    Hello. My name is Chris. I love life and am trying to apply o'ism to my life. I am not perfect and dont claim to be. i think I am a decent person. I would rather talk and hangout with others to get to know them.
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    I have read most of the O'ist corpus and own in paperback most of Rands fiction and nonfiction as well as Piekoffs works. I also keep up with o'ist blogs and sites such as Capitalism Magazine, Dr. Hurd, Voice of Reason, ARCTV, The Undercurrent, Objectivist Answers etc. I am a member of the North Texas Objectivist Society..
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    factory worker, writer, poet

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/nicepeter#p/u/0/zn7-fVtT16k These is the Youtube page for user Nicepeter of Epic Rap Battle of Histoy Fame. For the fun of it I have made a list of ten Rap battles I would like to see. 1. Al Gore vs Captain Planet 2. Prophet Moe vs Prophet Bahaullah 3. Cyrano de Borgerac vs Guru Nanak 4. Godzilla vs Barney 5. Marilyn Manson vs Mr. Rogers 6. Lion-O vs He-Man 7. Ayn Rand vs Immanuel Kant 8. Chucky Cheese vs Splinter (from Ninja Turtles) 9. Mum-Rah vs Tutankhamen 10. The "Im a mac/Im a PC" guys from the commercials
  2. I have ran through these..it horrible that a lot of these are legit actions that get thrown in there with the evil things he has done. It still eye opening either way and shows just how bad this fool really is. Horrible. I need a bath now.
  3. I had a idea for a Objectivist oriented V-Log (or V-Blog) that would be a talk show kind of like a o'ist version of Rachel Ray or The Late Night Show... I am interested in suggestions and maybe someone would like to collaborate on this? This could be something good? I hope to hear from you all out there.
  4. I am not a paedofile and I do not have children so its not my problem.
  5. I was reading a book wherein there was a chapter which describes the authors opinion on the West Memphis Three. I didn't know what he was talking about so i looked it up and found the subject fascinating. Has anybody else on this forum heard about this case? Here is the link to the West Memphis Three support group web site. My link The reason why I made this post is I thought it would be interesting to get my fellow O'ists take on this case. I honestly have been studying this peicemeal and from what I have seen there is no evidence that the West Memphis Three is guilty and that really the courts can not really make a case agaist anybody et al and should just declare mistrial and free them. But I may be speaking out my yin yang i honestly don't know all the facts. What do you think?
  6. I would think so. Though I used to own a Kia. I think you should not sanction your own own destroyers. Boo on Hyundai!
  7. I would love to see some of these that attack all the rest of the religions...ha!
  8. I read the "24 Types of Libertarian" and they did not even get the Libertarian viewpoints correct thus misrepresenting their viewpoints. Notice how from what I could tell, and if I am wrong point it out to me, that the "24 Types of Tyrant" shows the real motivations of people. The liberal poster (the original) was a smear. Disgusting! Though I have to say that I want both of them side by side hanging on "my" wall just for the humor!
  9. Robotech....are you a woman...i love you. I love that show!!!!!!1 :pimp: :pimp:
  10. William James is a good example of a bad philosopher.
  11. That second video is a perfect proof of Ayn Rand's rejection of conservatives.
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