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  1. Here are finally my notes for the Free Congress Foundation e-book. Fair use limitations were a big problem while preparing notes for Minnicino's Fidelio articles, and necessitated my use of abbreviated markers instead of complete excerpts. But as the FCF states that "We encourage other organizations to make the text of the book available on their own websites", I probably don't need to abbreviate the FCF's textual passages here, as I'll be just doing what they suggested on the next page: See: http://www.freecongress.org/centers/cc/index.aspx You may find here some overlap with my earlier
  2. Here are my notes for Michael Minnicino's first Fidelio article New Dark Age: Frankfurt School and Political Correctness. It is, in my opinion, very important to find out the exact words from the books which had been Minnicino's sources while he was writing his Fidelio articles, so that one can easily verify whether Minnicino had used these source books accurately. Of course, I can't know definitely whether I've really found the same original source passages that he had been using in every case, as his articles didn't include bibliographical notes, so this is mostly just pure guesswork, but
  3. This conspiracy theory was unfortunately based on uncorroborated speculation without verifying the facts. It apparently tries to make a case that the texts of Western Marxism as a whole (or Cultural Marxism in the conspiracy theory parlance) had been originally intended to constitute a blueprint so that their supportive readers would carry out a cultural revolution, and also claims that calculated manipulation by these supporters to push the offshoots of this blueprint to a wider audience has been central to the formation of the worldview of very many cultural rebels since the 1960s, which
  4. Only now did I realize that Leonard Peikoff has written about this topic already in his 1982 book The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America. http://www.amazon.com/Ominous-Parallels-En...832-1479047-907 (The page numbers given below are taken from a later edition of this book called The Ominous Parallels: A Brilliant Study of America Today.) http://www.amazon.com/Ominous-Parallels-Br...r/dp/0452011175 In fact, Peikoff writes on pages 278-279 of this book about the Frankfurt Institute (sic) and its influence on the rebellious American intellectuals circa 1970, as well as m
  5. > Posted by lidryn: > Lind, William S. The Origins of Political Correctness: An Accuracy in Academia Address by Bill Lind. > n.d. retrieved 29 May, 2007 > http://www.academia.org/lectures/lind1.html. This particular version of the FCF's historical account of Western Marxism, which goes under the name The Origins of Political Correctness: An Accuracy in Academia Address, is, in my opinion, much superior to the versions I listed in my own posts. In this version Bill Lind has finally been careful enough to exclude the most uncredible claims regarding the pre-1960s dissemin
  6. I just re-read my earlier posts, and as I can no longer edit them because of the time limit, here are a few errata worth mentioning. The necessary corrections are given below as they are supposed to look, with all the changes from the original posts underlined. --- At the top of post #7, I forgot to give what's most important, i.e. the name and URL of Minnicino's first Fidelio article which I was reviewing in my post: Michael Minnicino — New Dark Age: Frankfurt School and Political Correctness http://www.schillerinstitute.org/fid_91-96..._frankfurt.html --- The task of the
  7. --- Here are my notes to Minnicino's second Fidelio article The Evil Philosophy Behind Political Correctness: Why Lyndon LaRouche Is The Only Antidote (printed in The American Almanac, February, 1993). Some of these have been copied directly from my notes to Minnicino's first Fidelio article for the sake of completeness and simplicity. The Frankfurt School was founded ... his various elaborators. Even though Susan Buck-Morss outlines in her book many kinds of influences that Georg Lukàcs had on the Frankfurt School, it's definitely erroneous to say that he founded it. One could say th
  8. I had too much time on my hands last weekend, as well as access to the full texts of a couple of books on which the conspiracy theory was based. So I used the search function to find the corresponding specific original source passages for a great number of claims made in Minnicino's Fidelio articles. It is, in my opinion, very useful to know these specific original source passages, so that one can easily verify whether Minnicino has used his source books accurately. Of course, I can't know definitely whether I really found the same original source passages that he was using in every case, s
  9. Here is a fresh link to the Free Congress Foundation (the FCF) e-book: http://www.freecongress.org/centers/cc/pcessay1-3.aspx For another version of the same historical account, see Gerald Atkinson's article What is the Frankfurt School?: http://www.newtotalitarians.com/FrankfurtSchool.html According to the bibliographical footnotes in this Gerald Atkinson's article, there exists an even earlier historical account written in 1996 by Raymond Raehn (Critical Theory: A Special Research Report, 1 April 1996), which I suspect is similar to Raehn's Chapter II in the e-book. I original
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