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  1. The ex-CEO of PayPal is spending a fortune to prove you can build rockets faster, cheaper, and better.
  2. Singapore's senior minister of state for law seems to have ample time on his hands to dabble in such trivial and ridiculous matters. His efforts to modify citizens' behaviour: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1261902.cms
  3. The point would be, whether the plants volitionally act to gain water? Do the plants have volition in this matter(or in any other matter, in fact)? I believe to volitionally act to gain water would be to "seek" water, in the present context. However, in the case of a man, one who seeks things/values, but does not act to gain them, does not value them.
  4. I would like to have your views on this movie, based purely on its aesthetic value and the sence of life it portrays. (Neglecting the obvious allusions to something bigger out there and the obvious concept of angels)
  5. Chicane's Saltwater(original) anyone?
  6. (It was not that I could not speak at the interview, I could not speak as they wanted me to.. and I did feel that it was better I did not get the job cause I would not have been happier doing it...I had to give it a try) I know that i should start working at something and build up from there...which i have to, someday or the other I am not being practical now, but still : Show me that such an achievement is possible, that such a life can be led and such a workplace does exist - in the absolute sense - and I would be happy to start out as worker, a labourer, a mason or anything there.. and I am talking about a real place or person in India...Give me promise enough... I wanted to do so much when I was a kid, but I lost the will somewhere along..Since then I could not permit myself to be single mindedly devoted to anything..I did try but the will was not there... It may seem that I used her work as means to be an escapist...I dont know... I have never seen a person who has realised such a life in the absolute sense.... but I do want to... Dont ask me to hang on..give me a name, an address..
  7. I am posting this message with great reluctance(i dont know why)... I am an engineering student(in india), in my fourth year.. Campus placements have started in our college.. I am a chemical engineering student and well, that was my first treason with myself - I took the course not cause i was interested in it but because it was the best option available in terms of aquiring jobs... I was too small then to understand then.. i was introduced to ayn rand only in my third year.. I attended two INTERVIEWS recently.. both in SOFTWARE companies.. and was rejected by both.. The reason - i could not speak at the interviews.. the interviewrs were HR(human relations) ppl.. and I was expected to speak, speak anything, lie but convince them that i can decieve ppl.. I go blank at the interviews.. This is my first attempt to reach out... I am expected to have a decent earning JOB, i come from a middle class family and cannot afoard to follow my own convictions(i am not sure i hold any, now).. at the same time I have to find some economic means to support myself... I desperately want a way out, or a way in to a place where i can maintain my self esteem, integrity and start out from scratch.. This all may seem immature rambling to you.. but i am facing a situation, a real tough one... another company comes on tuesday and i am afraid of the same thing happening again and again.
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