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  1. Nada, are you familiar with Orphaned Land? This one is for you!
  2. Maybe we can relive the topic? I'll be the first: My best friend is traveling in India at the moment, this song makes me think about him and about journeys in general. The youtube video is great.
  3. I don't like the term "central purpose in life", it sounds like some outsider entity (God? State? Philosopher?) is asking for tags. Nice! What do you mean by "Life"? Philosophy? Natural sciences?
  4. I am an Objectivist from Israel. It's nice to hear about you Nada, specially when I think about 2006. I graduated the same high school Yaron Brook did. By the way, there were few pupils from south Lebanon in my class. Perheps you can write a blog in arabic? I can spread it among some arab acquaintances of mine. Sandmonkey (Egypt) is not an objectivist as far as i know, but he writes very well. Leonid: The New Liberal movement is not an Objectivist movement, though there are Objectivists among the supporters. Boaz Arad is one of the founders of the movement. Isn't it odd for Americans to hear about Objectivists supporting Liberal movement? here the semantics is different.
  5. What do you mean by purpose? It sounds too schematic. My main purpose in life is to be happy.
  6. By the way, Clinton was very popular in Israel (unlike Obama). I don't know much about the political situation back than in America, but it is still weird for me to see Peikoff supporting the Democrats.
  7. I apologize for the late of my reply. *I don't know the case of major Catalan clubs who refused to buy non-Catalan players, i do know Espaynol which related to the spanish crown and therefore the combination with the white colour - just like Real Madrid. *There is definitely high number of Catalans in the team: Valdes; Puyol; Piqué; Xavi; Busquets; Bojan, all of them were raised in La Masia. *"Los Blancos" (Real Madrid) use the method of elections just as well, is that what Castillia is all about?!
  8. Them Croocked Vultures Gunman Mind Eraser (No Chaser) Elephants
  9. I think it's a good time to open a thread about the most popular sport in the world: We know all the teams who'll be playing in the world cup and their groups; we passed a boring group stage in the Champions' League and know how the round of 16 would look like; we passed a very interesting Super-Classico in Spain and there's the premier league christmas in front of us. This is how it looks like: 2010 FIFA World Cup Group A South Africa Mexico Uruguay France Group B Argentina Nigeria Korea Republic Greece Group C England United States Algeria Slovenia Group D Germany Australia Serbia Ghana Group E Netherlands Denmark Japan Cameroon Group F Italy Paraguay New Zealand Slovakia Group G Brazil Korea DPR Côte d'Ivoire Portugal Group H Spain Switzerland Honduras Chile UEFA Champions League Stuttgart v Barcelona 23 Feb 17 Mar Olympiacos v Bordeaux 23 Feb 17 Mar Internazionale v Chelsea 24 Feb 16 Mar Bayern Munich v Fiorentina 17 Feb 9 Mar CSKA Moscow v Sevilla 24 Feb 16 Mar Lyon v Real Madrid 16 Feb 10 Mar Porto v Arsenal 17 Feb 9 Mar Milan v Manchester United 16 Feb 10 Mar La Liga (Spanish League) League Table (week 15) 1 Barcelona 39 2 Real Madrid 37 3 Sevilla 30 4 Valencia 29 (Link for full table) Premier League League Table (week 18) 1 Chelsea 41 2 Manchester United 37 3 Arsenal* 35 4 Aston Villa 35 5 Tottenham Hotspur 33 *missing match (Link for full table) Premier League Christmas matches Saturday Birmingham City v Chelsea Burnley v Bolton Wanderers Fulham v Tottenham Liverpool v Wolves Manchester City v Stoke City Sunderland v Everton West Ham v Portsmouth Wigan Athletic v Blackburn Rovers Sunday Arsenal v Aston Villa Hull City v Manchester United Monday Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland Chelsea v Fulham (Fulham's Bobby Zamora,) Everton v Burnley Stoke City v Birmingham City Tottenham v West Ham Wolves v Man City Tuesday Aston Villa v Liverpool Bolton Wanderers v Hull Wednesday Manchester United v Wigan Portsmouth v Arsenal) The way things are going it seems promising for Chelsea, but without Essien and Anelka this is a wonderfull time for Man UTD and Arsenal to get something for Boxing Day! I'll try to keep this thread alive, it would be nice if all the football fans around the forum will introduce themselves and the teams they support, I'm a Barca fan by the way. Happy Christmas!
  10. Open question for everyone: I am a fan of FCBarcelona, a proud Catalan football team. It has a unique philosophy: "mes que un club" (more than just a club) and is proud of its way of building a community among the football club weather it would be the fans or the players. I am not Catalan but I am happy when the club is winning and I am sad when the club is losing. Does anyone see anything wrong with it? Needless to say I don't.
  11. Why two people's rational interests cannot conflict? I don't know this prinicple and i don't see how it relates to egoism.
  12. I meant to write a message for two German musicians I met because I wanted to share my strong feelings and my deep appreciation for the fall of Berlin wall. I wanted to share my admiration for the German people that were uprising from collectivism and became a model of civilized country, both from a political and cultural aspect. But than I thought that if I want to share my positive feelings which should make my friends proud of their country, and if I belief that authentic connection is the only type of connection I am willing to make among my friends – than I might make them feel shame of their previous history – the Nazism. Just the thought about it made me feel arrogant and hypocrite. Making someone feel unearned guilt makes me feel like a sadist. I know how to solve this one philosophically and psychologically, but I want to hear another experiences and thoughts about the issue from an objectivist point of view.
  13. I'd like to recommend on this work by the Irish economist Edmund Shanahan. you can download it directly from the link. I have strong feelings about the Irish case. There should be no doubt that the first to be blame are the "Brits", but just as David said it's an old story and what looks like a big issue from an Irish perspective might seems almost trivial from a British perspective. The term Irish-republicanism is so wide that there cannot be one answer for your question.
  14. C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon touch me baby The Doors 1967 LA, Jim was sober enough to give a good gig. My favorite not-19andsomthing American band.
  15. it's not and i didn't try to claim differently. But i would like to defend my suggestion by your examples, the categories are painted in orange: Reservations anyone?
  16. In my opinion this example should be categorized under morality. If a friend of mine would do something which is to be considered immoral I'll expect him to feel guilt about it, emotions are the most honest indicator for one's judgment.
  17. What is the United States Constitution if not a social contract? So how about giving up school?
  18. 10/10 on a philosophical scale but not on a psychological scale, I still didn't eat something that is not kosher. Dawkins got a case, his methods are not good enough (or maybe too good scientifically).
  19. In a world where children have no rights, parents or anyone else may beat, enslave and sexually abuse children just because they are not mature enough by some twisted standard. How can right be inalienable if it is by definition social? Right is an outcome of an agreement weather you like the philosophy behind it or not.
  20. this is for the match this sunday: Manchester 4 Liverpool 0 Past the Pub who saps your body And the church who'll snatch your money The Queen is dead, boys And it's so lonely on a limb All your dreams are made When you're chained to (your) mirror with (your) razor blade Today's the day that all the world will see Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro I don't dig what you gotta say So come on and say it Come on and tell me twice I'm no clown I won't back down I don't need you to tell me what's going down Down down down down da down down down
  21. As long as "God" have no free will or any kind of interference with man's life this is not a theistic statement in a mystical context, but a failing metaphysical theory.
  22. Ifat, I read the all topic and i find your writing once again insightful and intelligent. If I understand correctly, after you declared your basic claim (the term" deserve" only has meaning from someone) our job as advocates of objectivism is to find in which contexts and under what kinds of standards we should use the term "deserve". I'd like to suggest four: 1) Law We deserve our rights to be respected by the principle of the "Social Contract" (Du contrat social / Jean-Jacques Rousseau). Not necessarily the objectivist social contract (which is the American constitution) if we talk about other western approaches that came out from the same base. 2) Economy Nothing but contracts to be respected. 3) Culture By the standard of the american culture "The Best Man Win" with an aspiration for the highest-quality, uncompromised credibility and respect for the state's law. It might be hard to understand for anyone who didn't spend a serious period of time in a mediterranean culture, but none of this is necessarily coordinated with egoism or capitalism. 4) Morality I deserve to base my relationship with other human beings on my own selfish standard. I might be wrong, as we already saw semantics tend to be slippery.
  23. Whenever you face a problem which you want to solve with a pure logic method you must be exact with definition. I'll be able to take the challenge as soon as you'll answer the question "Who (or what is) god?" You don't need science to proof religion wrong. Every axiom in every area is based upon Parmenides' axioms, and he was a pre-Socrates philosopher.
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