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  1. And these, which didn't make it through on the last post. These are all details from the same painting. It's nude, so I'll include it as a link and not a picture: Link.
  2. Here's an idea: I believe that modern art is an attempt to make art "un-human" and "scientific" and "objective", by trying to reduce art into principles of composition and visual design rather than meaningful content. Those same principles of design were present in past generations of art. Things like repeating rhythms throughout a piece. so modern art tried to make it as if the narrative, emotions, people etc' were not a real part of the meaning of a painting, but the shapes and colors are. They started going into this messed up view that really, the only thing that truly exists is the canvas. So it can definitely be a result of a philosophy that does not trust the mind and claims that the universe exists but that humans can't know it. Also, the impressionists started a new way of looking at the world which may have also led to this. Before the impressionists, the artworld focused very strictly on form. The impressionists started looking at the world as fragmented blotches of color. At first they were laughed at, but later gained respect (justly so, but that's another topic) and I imagine this respect opened the door to all bunch of hoo-ha's trying to make a quick buck by being an "innovative genius". Once you abandon the need for skills of drawing forms, everything goes. So.. That may have contributed also.
  3. And these, which didn't make it through on the last post. These are all details from the same painting. It's nude, so I'll include it as a link and not a picture: Link.
  4. Hi, Been such a long time since I've posted here. Stumbled upon a post from this forum tonight and decided to check my old thread. I've recently finished a few paintings. I'll post a couple that do not have nudity and one detail shot from the painting with the nude so that the picture doesn't catch anyone at work off guard. I'd appreciate it if anyone is interested and wants to follow me if you visit either my blog &subscribe or my Facebook page and 'Like' it. I post a lot of sketches, pictures of work in progress and various thoughts about art philosophy on both. I also write about art philosophy a lot on my blog and my page and I enjoy feedback. So here are the links: www.facebook.com/ifat.glassman and www.ifatart.com or www.ifatart.com/blog Here are some Latest artworks. Cheers, Ifat
  5. I'm in the mood to share this drawing I created. 8''X11'' Graphite, the drawing was done from imagination. I named it 'Dancing through Fire'. (I post a lot of artwork and studies on my Art page on Facebook, if anyone is interested, visit and 'Like'. )
  6. Thanks James and Greg. I very much enjoyed doing that portrait of Ayn Rand... I didn't remember or think that the file name was going to be visible once I posted these. It is actually the name I gave it for my own sake to distinguish between the different pictures. The name of the painting is 'Observing', which is the closest name I could think of for that. 'Even light' was to distinguish it from the other pictures I had of it where the lights had greater contrast. OK take care, all.
  7. Hi JASKN. Nice to see you here again after so many years... Some of my paintings take over a year as I take a long time to figure things out, some of them take several weeks and some are just a few minutes. The ones I posted here are: 2 weeks, 3 hours a day for the glass bottle still life, 3 days for the woman in the forest portrait, about 10 hours for the forest trail one, The portrait of a Chinese woman took 2 weeks, 3 hours every day and I was working from life and the last sketch took about 20 minutes or so and was drawn from imagination. I have a couple of long projects that I've been working on for the last year and those have countless hours of work put into them and studies to do them. I'm expecting to be done with them by the end of the month. Fingers Crossed.
  8. Hello. It's been almost two years since my last post, but I thought I'd stop by and update this thread. I post frequently to my Art page on Facebook; a lot of studies, sketches, imaginary drawings as well as paintings and major projects. You're welcome to visit and 'Like' it to see the content Here or you can also subscribe to my website at: ifatart.com for the more philosophical content (I write about the philosophy of art and my thoughts about my own work and other artists' work). So here are a few highlights from the last 2 years (and the last one is a tiny sketch from imagination I did last week). Enjoy and if you like it, please visit/ subscribe to my Art page on Facebook. :-)
  9. Prints are available for the current cover of The Objective Standard which I drew. Please visit This Link for details. The prints are of the drawing itself: see the drawing Here. Cheers, Ifat
  10. If I remember correctly, you were rather insulting to me when I posted here several years ago. So no, no "thank you". Please don't turn this thread featuring my art into a personal discussion. Some neat new stuff: I'm currently working on anatomy at my school. We draw models and then draw their skeleton and muscles based on our knowledge of anatomy and what we see. Here are some sketches:
  11. Hello Peeps! I have some news. One is the cover of TOS which I see someone posted about above. Another is about my blog, ifatart.com It has a significant amount of posts about the philosophy of art. You might find it interesting. You can subscribe via email or via Facebook. I normally post once a week, so I consider it a mild amount, not a flood-your-inbox type. On my Facebook page I also load images of all sorts of sketches and paint studies I make. This is my third year at Georgetown Atelier which means I will be doing mostly color paintings (full palette) this year. My blog is basically kind of a diary recording my artistic progression. -Ifat
  12. A 4-week portrait painting in Oil. If anyone is interested this painting is offered for sale as well as the rest of my student work. I will be using these greatly needed funds for my tuition and art supplies. You have all the info on my blog: Link.
  13. My early paintings and drawings were from imagination, I wasn't using references at all so yeah... they were very much off in a lot of ways. An experienced artist would make far better imaginative figure. I definitely appreciate my atelier training and life drawing practice and realize now how valuable they are. You have an atelier, that's great! Link please? Also, what is your name or website so I may view your work?
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