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    I am currently studying Objectivism in greater detail. I am not an objectivist as such, though the differences between my philosophy and that of Ayn Rand appear quite small in the overall scheme of things. I believe that there is an objective truth, but I am pretty sure that Ayn Rand did not discover it perfectly. At the moment, I am in particular dealing with three problems. Firstly, I feel that Ayn Rand's position on abortion can only be arrived at with the addition of unspecified assumptions. Secondly, I am troubled by Leonard Peikoff's cataclysmic errors of judgement regarding Islamism and foreign policy analysis. If you think that AR or LP are infallible, it's probably best we avoid communication because most likely we will not be able to understand one another. Thirdly, I am wondering what actually constitutes an objectivist, and if the act of defining this is not an inherently subjective act? If you can help me with either of those two problems, and you believe as I do in free thought and free expression, then I'd be very glad to hear from you.
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    Read my blog - it will tell most things you want to know. If you're still unsure, ask me a question.
  1. Does anyone know if there are any counselling services offered by people who practise objectivism, or at the very least rational egoist people? What is necessary is discussion of problems such that the counselled person might be better able to order their thoughts and integrate them into solutions/course of action. Many thanks
  2. I am more or less committed to spending some of my time over the next few years studying and coming to terms with objectivism. At the point I am at now, I would like some feedback on how to get a full handle on it. Ethically (and therefore politically) I disagree with very little of what AR said, and at the other end of understanding I agree with her three basic axioms and much of her epistemology. Getting from some of that, to some of her views - most notably abortion, is something I am having difficult understanding. So it occurred to me that possibly I'm not being methodical eno
  3. *** Mod's note: Merged with a similar topic. -sN *** First some facts: 1. To date (10.35pm GMT+1 on 25th November 2009) I have never described myself as an objectivist. I still consider myself to be in disagreement with many objectivists I have spoken to on a great deal of issues. 2. I am still working through the vast body of objectivist thought and writing, and am willing to accept that my knowledge might be incomplete to make certain judgements yet. 3. I have witnessed some quite worrying disagreements in philosophical discussions between people who both (or all) claimed to be o
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