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  1. I made my request to be a citizen a few days back so is there anyone I need to talk to direct?
  2. Cool I am in the country and applied to become a citizen and I even looked up some Svensk anything you need me to do now?
  3. K. I might get a ticket and fly over there soon.
  4. Just read some of the posts just now and it makes sense to me. If someone does not sell me a house soon I will be looking for you guys. Any Oists who can make me a citizen? Do they speak much english there?
  5. You guys made a party in socialist europe? Why not make a party in US or CA?
  6. Hey guys. Good to see other reasonable people been playing Erep. I am living in alberta trying to save up for a house and political party by workin for land jobs. Anyone want to start a party with me or selling a house? Erep is a good place to spread Oism cause it gives us a place to show people how its done. Socialist canada has a centre right libertarian party but they do not have the right frame of mind when it comes to taxes and freedom. Hit me up in game. Name is Broseph Joseph
  7. Last month I started playin a game called Erepublik which is a game you can have your own company and fight in the army. I would play Modern Warfare if we had good internet at my house but since I dont I just end up playing Erep at the shop. Anyway you can get into politics and run for the government and etc. You work and fight once every day so it takes a long time to get used to. The political party I joined is Centre-right, Libertarian and its the closest I found to Oism. Hit me up if you want an invite cause we need more rational people playin this game and I really want to start a company and own a house. Really good game to play during lunch break..
  8. Yeah I definitely think you are right about that. Countries like the US and Canada are good for the individual which is the most important. Not only that but look at how bad other countries have it when the governments tell everyone what to do instead of letting them be free. I dont get how some people can put up with governments telling them what to do all the time.
  9. Hey Chrlbrooks good to see you have found a new place to call home. I feel what you are going thru. My family raised me catholic and even though the message is good and everything just one day I just started feeling wierd about all the old traditions. A few months back one of my buddies told me to read Atlas and it changed my whole view on everything. It was strange cause like I said I am cool with catholics like my family but I felt like Atlas Shrugged was something that made sense to me. Its hard to explain but thats why we are here to find answers. I dont really go to church anymore cause I have been busy but I know if I told my family they would freak out and it makes me mad cause we all have the right to be independent and free to do what we want and I dont want anything to hide from people I care about you know? So I know what it feels like. Be strong and feel good. This is my 1st time here as well so hello everybody. This is a nice website.
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