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  1. The American Values Network has set up a web page attacking conservatives who have been praising Ayn Rand (primarily Paul Ryan and Rand Paul): Christians Must Choose: Ayn Rand or Jesus. It includes this video:
  2. In case anyone is interested, Adam Curry of the No Agenda Show did an interview with Gary Johnson three days ago. It's available here: http://garyjohnson.nashownotes.com/ It's negative that Gary Johnson doesn't sound passionate about anything. He's very monotone and dull-sounding - even moreso than Tim Pawlenty. He often looks half asleep. A presidential candidate needs to be able to inspire people and fire them up. I'm fairly certain the nominee will be Rick Perry or Herman Cain, assuming Chris Christie or Paul Ryan doesn't run.
  3. To social conservatives, it's partly a matter of personal responsibility. If you engage in the act of reproduction, and reproduction takes place, you bear the responsibility for it as you were fully aware of the risk and possible consequences. It all comes down to whether you believe in God or not, though. According to religion, all life is holy, and killing an innocent life would be a vicious way of avoiding responsibility for your own actions and promiscuity. I personally don't share this view as I'm not a religious man, but I do respect that people of faith are morally opposed to abortion, and don't think that hatred is involved. Incidentally, Ron Paul does not want the federal government to ban or restrict abortion; he merely wants it to be decided democratically on the state level. This is not an ideal view, but it could certainly be much worse.
  4. Fawstin himself writes on his website that "overall, I was fine with the segment, and it was definitely funny."
  5. It's not settled yet. "You want Atlas Shrugged playing in a theater near you? This is how to do it."
  6. Here's a few movie reviews. Review of premiere event and review of movie by John Sexton from Big Hollywood Review of movie by David Kelly Review of movie by Matt Welch from Reason Magazine Review of movie by Barbara Branden
  7. I'm impressed; that scene was exectuted perfectly. I especially liked the meeting between Rearden and Phillip. My expectations of the full movie have increased. Incidentally, I think there's something oddly sympathetic about the actor that plays Paul Larkin. Can't put my finger on what.
  8. Here's an excerpt from a National Review article on Bolton. It sounds very promising. Also, I submit that this video, where John Bolton states his views on the United Nations, would make any Objectivist deeply aroused. Unfortunately Bolton's uncompromising and confrontational attitude, and his strong "hawkishness," is unlikely to resonate much with independents and moderate Democrats. I doubt he'd win in the general election.
  9. Donald Trump has been the most successful and applauded speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) so far, and seems very sincere about running for President. I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on him as a presidential candidate. Here's his speech: It will be interesting to see whether most Objectivists will back him, or rather someone like John Bolton.
  10. I love the look of those. Very fine work. I don't suppose you have any of them in higher resolution?
  11. I agree with the criticism you've made, though the thing that annoys me the most is probably the inconsistency of the wonders that may be created. As an example, if I'm running the U.S. government and am in the process of building the Hoover Dam, I might suddenly get a message that the Russians have completed it, thus nullifying my efforts. Similarly, seeing Germany build the Great Wall of China is very annoying. Due to issues like this, I vastly prefer strategy games to be set in fictional settings (like Alpha Centaury was). Civilization V has implemented a new major feature which seems interesting. Now, you make your civilization more distinguished/diversified by specializing in a number of social policies. As an example, you can unlock scientific revolution, freethought, secularism, civil society, constitution, mercantilism, sovereignty, republic, meritocracy, etc. You can also unlock more reprehensible things like communism, protectionism, police state, theocracy, etc. However, there are some irrational bonuses associated with each of them. As an example, communism increases the production of each city, a planned economy reduced the unhappiness in each city, and socialism reduces the cost of buildings.
  12. I've just purchased the new strategy game Civilization V, and was pleasantly surprised by the main background image. It features the Atlas monument, and part of an Art Deco skyscraper. In fact I might like to use it as my Windows wallpaper, if I can find a version without the menu table. I hope I'll be able to enjoy this game, without being too annoyed by any negative political or economic aspects. If you've played it, please share your experience of it.
  13. While I have some concerns with Ron Paul, religion isn't one of them. The last time I remember him commenting on religion at all, was back when he said something like "If fascism comes to America, it will come carrying a cross." There's a good reason why so many of his supporters are atheists.
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