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  1. I am not a regular, and I usually just drop by occasionally to read what appear to be the most provocative threads; this qualified. Being a young, hormone-addled adolescent, I felt the need to throw in my 2 cents. I am still studying life; I am still studying Rand. However, I see the value of my life and the independent nature of existence as intellectual primaries, foundations that are urgently required for any man that has chosen to stay on this earth and fight. I am a man of self-esteem, and while young, and capable of stumbling and falling on occasion, I have always found the wisd
  2. No. His half-war is infinitely more disgraceful. http://www.capmag.com/article.asp?ID=3982
  3. Bush is keeping people in the military after their contract has expired. However, any standard contract (excluding the two year deal that the Army now offers) stipulates that four years must be spent in the reserves following four years of active duty.
  4. Very good questions. I think the (correct) answers aptly demonstrate the lack of a real choice in this election.
  5. Which is why one should not vote for Bush, Kerry, or any other candidate that that doesn't see such transgressions as a breach of individual rights.
  6. There is a non-religous aspect to some of the GOPS FOLLOWERS, but very, very few of its leaders are not religous. Otherwise, the second part if the quote is ABSOLUTELY right. The only way the Republican party can change is if it realizes that it can only hold onto power by advocating Capitalism. Continually voting for candidates that are not the best advocates of Capitalism (until we can get a Republican candidate who is an advocate of Capitalism) is a SELF-DEFEATING proposition. Under the system we have now, your vote is your message, and if you believe in Capitalism, you are only throwing it
  7. I know this topic was dead and buried, but I felt the need to resurrect it. I agree with Betsy... in the long run. But the Socialist third parties did get somewhere. Through their growth and influence in elections, they became better enabled to infiltrate the Democratic Party, whose rising dominance led to the socialization of the Republicans. I would never "support" or donate to any ideological/political group today other than ARI. I will, and recommend to others that they also, vote for the libertarian candidate. He is BY far the lesser of the three evils, and OPENLY s
  8. Superman could still desire Lois Lane and the pursuit of a Romantic relationship, even if he knew he would live forever; the alternative then would be an eternity with a value or an eternity without it. I think it is apparent that some values are not dismissed merely by the absence of a ticking clock; Superman could still enjoy eating hamburgers because they taste good and provide him with comfort, even if he didn't need them to live. That taste buds are ostensibly the product of natural selection and a guide to "survival" is not what is essential or relevant; that it brings him comfort and sa
  9. Or maybe you could do better than that. It was acknowledged above that Rand indicated not only survival, but the enjoyment and fulfillment of ones life as the standard of value. Is the standard of all value contingent upon the ability of humans to die? Are all of our feelings the result of our destructibility? I don't think it takes a Psyche degree to see the issue from a lens encompassing the many facets of man. Even an immortal human faces an alternative: a life of joy, or a life of monotony or despair. Why does he face the potentiality of monotony and despair, despite his being immortal? Wh
  10. Talk about missing the point. Fine, lets throw out any hypothetical alterations to our modern concept of a robot for the sake of illustrating a philosophic principle; obviously, thats too much to ask for. How about Superman? Lets say there is no kryptonite left in the universe, and no being powerful enough to destroy him. He is basically immortal, but still possesses a rational faculty and the ability to feel pleasure. He is simply far too powerful to experience physical pain in his environment. Now can you address ethics in regard to this being? It is a simple question; I don't see wh
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