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  1. I recently had a peek into the fresh new world of American BioScience. I took an advanced class on bioinformatics programming taught in Maryland where the biosci community has a large population. I learned that there are many more such biosci communities in New York, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, and of course southern California. BioSci is on the verge of a boom, much like the tech boom of the 1980's-90's. The BioSci boom is poised to change medical care in ways that many people cannot conceive in terms of new treatments for disease, and new ways of thinking about healing, quality of life, and li
  2. Will John McCain's campaign use the college student vote to jump start his campaign? His last campaign was very big on attempting to use college campuses as springboards for launching his campaign. His message of 'reform' against the old generation of corruption strikes home with the college student crowd. Many college students do not understand more knowledgeable older people enough that they can dismiss much of what they do not understand as phonyness, as seen by their strong support for John Kerry. The test is if they are cynical enough to buy into the McCain campaign fu
  3. I had heard that part of the break had to do with a sort of 'primacy of economics' view on Reisman's part.
  4. Regarding the news of Echinacea not being a valid treatment for the common cold: MSNBC: Echinacea fails to treat or prevent colds in study The most telling comment was this: “Our study ... adds to the accumulating evidence that suggests that the burden of proof should lie with those who advocate this treatment,” wrote Dr. Ronald Turner. However I believe people will continue to believe in Echinacea despite evidence, primarily because distrust of scientific evidence is becoming part of popular culture.
  5. Many critics pointed out that there was not enough plot regarding Anakin's turn to the dark side. If they had shown more of an internal struggle and more motivations then it would have made more sense. <spoiler alert> Anakin simply choose to become this completely evil person, killing his former Jedi friends and children, based entirely on the single promise from a person he just discovered is a Sith Lord. His complete change in self-identity was too extreme to convince any psychologist or decent script writer. Why would he even believe the Sith would deliver on his promise? He went
  6. One major thing that might improve the US military is that if Congress and the President did not have to worry about socialist programs like Social Security and Medicaid, they could focus more energy and money on improvements to our military (not to mention winning wars). The fact that Bush is collapsing into socialism will do a great harm to the War on Terror.
  7. Actually I've noticed that a lot of people that are unhappy are drawn to Objectivism because they think it will make them happy, or they hope it will help them become happier. Sometimes it does. Do you have some philosophy that will make people even happier? Then tell us about it! (It better not involve hitting yourself in the head with a big rubber ball like in 'I Heart Huckabees'). ...Ditto on the 'sex with the girlfriend' thing that MasterSwig said.
  8. I'm wondering if this kind of person sounds familiar to anyone here: They are somewhat educated and intelligent and hold a job that requires a certain level of intelligence. They lack ambition. They spend a great deal of their time worrying about how their employer, or "transnational conglomerate corporations" are taking advantage of people. They become interested in campaigns to sue Microsoft, or efforts to pass employee costs onto corporations, in which they hope to share a small part of the booty. They are good with money, and make smart investments. They do have some valu
  9. I don't know much about the dominant philosophies, perhaps someone here can help me out with that. I know A. West posted this on Chinese ideas last fall: Analysis on China I have heard that Singapore has many competing religious and political groups, but all are held in check by a strict government that operates with a mix of Chinese and English law. I know the Chinese do not have respect for Western court traditions that protect the accused, and I am sure that is an element in Singapore. When I wrote, <i><b> the only criticism </i></b> I should have written
  10. I've been very curious lately about Americans and Britons who choose to live in Asian countries such as Singapore and Taiwan. I've met some Asians from there and also chatted occasionally online with some Expats living there now. The big selling point seems to be the relatively free markets of Taiwan and Singapore, and their British influenced culture. The downside would be that many services that we take for granted in the West are still expensive and scare there. But lack of services has not stopped American companies from continuing to relocate there. From what people from that area
  11. "The Passion of the Koresh"! What a great nick! Your comments on Dune are right on. The Lynch movie made it almost impossible to have a Dune Messiah sequel that would not have been contradictory to the benevelent divinity.
  12. My thoughts.. The movie was interesting, from a slice of life perspective, in showing how the environmentalists function and rationalize their views. (I know that was not the intention of the movie, and environmentalism is not the theme, but the ideology of the main character and his "pair" and the underlying philosophy beneath environmentalism is the same as that of the movie) “All things being connected” is the sort of anti-principle that makes environmentalists believe that people driving SUV’s can cause poverty in Africa and winter storms in the US. (They even had a character that
  13. In Arizona government involvement in housing has created an inflation in home prices and at the same time as prices climb the anti-capitalist talk increases. People who bought homes for $80K are now selling them for almost $200K. Land is at a premium with most of the undeveloped land surrounding the Phoenix area belonging to government or preserve land. Also home builders have increased costs due to requirements for public works and other fee increases. This is hidden inflation that Alan Greenspan cannot prevent by holding steady the cost of milk, eggs, and butter. People that are blaming
  14. Tom- Yes, I agree that on some levels there is hope that we are reaching a turning point philosophically. It is especially hopeful that the framework of the education system is changing such that people no longer trust public schools. Also people are starting to see dynamic ways of learning outside the government monopolized higher education system. We may have some hard years politically, upcoming under a McCain presidency, but eventually laissez-faire will triumph. However, I personally do not want to live under fascism. I am already frustrated by the limits placed on my life now.
  15. I didn't feel like this topic merited posting on the blog, especially since it is likely to be rambling as I am fighting off a cold and other distractions this weekend. However the topic is extremely important to me on a personal level. Also blog postings should be finished articles, and this is something that I would prefer discussion. As the war in Iraq continues and the discussion continues on television and in the public I keep returning to my original concerns that I voiced after Sept 11th and America's return to patriotism. I saw then that many statist politicians suddenly became g
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