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  1. When I said "website" I meant the one from which the book list was taken, not the forum. Furthermore, many people (obviously) consider Nietzche to have given birth to the Nazi's ideals (even though he died in 1900, which I was aware of, thank you). These people are mostly misinformed and react strongly to Neitzche without ever having read him. And Yay! You, too can take quotes out of context!
  2. The Nazis loved Neitzche because his sister Elizabeth kept track of all of his note books after he went crazy. Elizabeth was a Nazi and let them pick and choose out of context quotes to support their ideals. They mostly just liked "Thus Spake Zarathusrta" because of the style in which it was written. It had a biblical prose, which the Nazis liked, because that meant that it was easier to take slogans from the work out fo context. It's great that this website tries to make it seem like Neitzche was a Nazi. In fact, he rejected racisim. But that doesn't stop anyone from making misinformed bla
  3. Hi, I, too, was raised a Jehovah's Witness. It's great that you were too, so I won't have to clarify the jargon. I was essentially raised by my grandparents on both sides; my mother and father are divorced and both disfellowshipped. I lived with my grandparents on my mother's side since I was 16 for about two years and my grandfather was the Presiding Overseer of the local congregation. I was studying with an aunt (who I was very close to) and had become an unbaptized publisher when I started having questions about he origins of man. It all started with Genesis 3, where Jehovah doe
  4. For starters, kiddo, you shouldn't post things on the internet you usually wouldn't want people to know. Also, you're a little misguided. Let me ask you a few questions: What is the purpose of sex? Is it just physical pleasure, or the celebration of the achievement of value? What kind of men are aroused by women of low moral character? Who are the type aroused by a woman's body instead of her mind? Obviously, one cannot come to know a woman's character through a pronographic medium, thats kind of the point. Its a way to let those too low to achieve the value of romantic love experienc
  5. Hi Andromeda, Remmeber me? I was the jerk from your last thread. Sorry about all that, now that I see you REALLY want to imporve yourself, I have to say I'm a little proud. Good job! This makes me happy. Anyway, I think with all the mind power in this forum we can help you solve your problem. I think it would help if you started thinking superlatively as opposed to comparatively. First of all, what do you want from life? Why do you want it? How will you get it? I know this all seems unrelated, but once you answer these questions, I think you'll understand your problem more compl
  6. I think one basic tenent of happiness, according its nature is that a person must make themselves happy. Objectivism itself cannot make anyone happy, its whole purpose is to provide one with a correct system of integrating life and thus living it so that he may make himself happy. You can't expect to "convert" (what a word) and then see the light and live thus forward in eternal joy. You must use the knowledge you've gained to do those things that will provide for your happiness. If you're not happy, its your fault, not Objectivism's.
  7. What is it you want Andromeda? Do you want us to tell you its ok to have non chalant sex with women, and tell you how to better achieve it? You keep saying that anyone here who's disagreed with you has clearly misunderstood. But you have stated clearly that what you want is just sex. No realationship, you just want to get "laid". You come to us, who profess a philosophy you respect, to give you advice on seducing women. If this is not your purpose then, please, state it explicitly. Let me start by stating this: Ladies (yes, we still exist) cannot be seduced. Ladies are values to be achieve
  8. Thank you Kevin for stating what I was thinking all along. Why is it that we feel we have to be so generous to those who are obviosly not rational, who come here and spit trash at us to analyze. NO ONE who comes here and asks for advice on how to get women to go to bed with him without any kind of emotional attatchment deserves any kind of reasoning or generous response. As an objectivist, but foremost a woman, I can say to you, Andromeda, you are disgusting. You don't deserve any woman's time, and any woman you do "lay" will essentially amount to a whore. You cannot have a respectable
  9. Moose, I had the same general type of reaction the first time I read The Foutainhead during the scene in which Steven Mallory attempts to take the life of Ellsworth Toohey, this, of course, is near the beginning of the book. Later, as it has been suggested here, the philosophic context of the action taken with the actions and premises of the lot of charachters in the story cleared up the confusion I felt earlier. This is what I feel to be one of the masterful aspects of Rand's writing. She sets her readers up, and by doing so exploits (if you will) the deviant sentiments felt by the rea
  10. GC, Wow! You speak my language. I never got into FX, but DX, OO, PO, and LD were definately my events. My partner (known to you all as lowentropy) did CX, and FX in high school. Your idea of inverting *conventional* logic is an excellent idea. Although come of your idea are a little extreme for a debate round (in that it would be difficult to convince a judge in an hour), I did like your transportation privatation suggestion. I'll think about that a little more, it may just be workable. Jennifer, (you have my name in your avatar) It's a little harder than looking in a newspaper
  11. Good day, I have recetly joined the Parlimentary debate team at my university. I used to participate in Lincoln-Douglass debate in high school, but new resolution was provided by the National Forensics League every two months. Parlimentary debate requires that you write your cases on a topic you make up. (WHAT?!!) I'm stuck. My partner and I have one case affriming re-instatment of the gold standard, but we need one more. The case can be about ANYTHING. Infact, the 1st case I debated at Temple was that Brittany Spears ought to divorce her current husband. Please....You are all of able
  12. Why? we're all here for the pursuit of truth and knowledge, and if you believe that you have uncovered some truth about anything why would you not wish to share it? If the points are indisputably valid would we not conceed? Do you really think that Objectivists, people understand that reality cannot be uncovered by means of evasion, would themselves evade for the convienience of thinking something that is not true? If someone could prove indisputably to me that Ayn Rand was an insane Russian psychotic bent on world domination I would conceed, but the fact is that any such claim is simply untru
  13. Hello, My name is Megan Robinson and I am an undergrad history student at Temple Uniersity in Philadelphia. I plan to pick up a double-major in philosophy, and go to grad school to earn my Ph.D in philosophy. I haven't had as much time as I used to for the forum (between classes and being hooked on Atlas Shrugged), but the urge to discuss interesting issues with the most intelligent people availible is nearly magnetic. I would tell you that I am a great admirer of Ayn Rand, but that would be redundant, would it not?
  14. The name of this book is The Ayn Rand Cult by Jeff Walker. I have not been able to keep up with the wirlwind of new forum rules, especially in regard to posting links. For this reason I will neither post an excerpt or a link, but all those interested can google this above information. It is fairly easy to locate in a Google search.
  15. I read a very small portion,or rather, I skimmed through a book describing Objectivism as a cult (I have since forgotten the name of the book) once in a Barnes and Noble at the time that I was first learning Objectivism. Even in my fledging judgement I could see that the attacks were mostly ad hominem and foundationless. If I remember correctly, The author devoted a whole chapter to the claim that all Objectivists condemn having children, because none of the characters in The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged ever conceived a child. He also cited an antecdote in which Peikoff was giving a le
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