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Blind Side - Movie Review

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I would give Blind Side 10/10 stars. The movie is about a borderline homeless large black kid who gets picked up by a wealthy family on the street and thrown into a private school. He goes on to obtain football scholarship offers to literally every college. I really don't have to sum it up beyond this - but the boy learns to do well in school beyond just learning to annihilate opponents on the team with brute strength. Near the beginning and end of the movie there is an NCAA lady who is interrogating him about how is new family is just rigging his acceptance at a college they attended and with plans to feed him to a university as a star player. He takes this seriously and runs away, though comes back to find his new family wants him to choose which university he goes to. He says that his mom used to tell him just to close his eyes and everything would be alright when she would shoot up drugs - and since then he had ran from his problems. The end of the movie shows him getting graduating and getting drafted to the Baltimore Ravens and playing with legendary Ray Lewis. The movie was great...I definitely had to hold back tears, which doesn't happen very often. Go out and see it!

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