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Grand Theft Auto V

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Just finished it. Brilliant game play, world design etc, but I would love to hear a review of the game from someone better versed in Objectivistic aesthetic theory. From my rudimentary understanding of it, GTA V is probably one of the most worthless, if not evil pieces of art ever created.


GTAV consists of watching evil sociopaths doing horrible things with no remorse. The story follows three protagonists, who have no character arcs, in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles filled exclusively with massive exaggerations of vapid Los Angeles people. These three horrible people start out in a bad position which gets progressively worse as they try to use crime to dig themselves out of trouble. Finally, they decide just to kill everyone who poses a threat to them and that's it. The story ends. Nothing is learned. One of the characters remarks that it all meant nothing and nothing will change. Utterly depressing.

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I always thought of the GTA series as very tongue-in-cheek. No one who plays it ever views the crime as a realistic reflection of their own lives, and neither do the game developers. Even the contrast of how much care goes into creating a quality game world with the outrageous "stories" within suggests an inside joke. The radio stations are always humorous and usually make fun of legitimately awful things about our culture. I also don't think the developers intended to or believe they have created "art."

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I have played GTA4 (and some of 3) along with Saint's Row, etc.  I can understand how the sandbox, open gameplay is appealing.  You get to do things nobody can in reality.  In fact, it is in such contrast to reality that it is absurd and that's the fun.  Yet, overall I really don't love playing the games that much, I do seem to have some philosophical qualms.  That said I don't see the harm in a mature person enjoying the game as a game.  If we play chess we really don't think we're knights and bishops murdering each other.

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