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Paradis Sparkling Apple

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Forget a good crunch - this apple has a built-in FIZZ: Experts create sparkling fruit that bubbles when it's bitten into


The new breed has taken years to perfect. One of the two varieties used to breed the new apple is called Resi, an East German specimen known for its sweet texture.
After being allowed easier access to the East German apple, a Swiss fruit nursery visited the former Soviet Bloc country to breed it with the variety Pirouette.

The experts from the family firm Lubera spent years perfecting the breed until they achieved the fizziness of the Paradis Sparkling apple.
Ok, it's not the Reardon Metal of apples, but I can only imagine the hours invested in its development.

'It is definitely different to any other on the market and the texture is something that people have ever eaten before.

'It has a soft texture but a heavy crunch and very big cells that open up in the mouth, releasing a lot of acidity and sugar that gives you a feeling of having a fizzy drink.

'The juice itself is not sparkling, if you press it it is still. It is just the feeling you get in your mouth.'

Mr Maierhofer said the breeding process involved repeatedly selecting the richest apples produced from a tree to cross-breed with.
Kudo's to the Lubera team responsible for this novel apple. I'll have to try one, should they reach the markets here.
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