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This Atlanta, Objectivism, sub-site was active in the past, but faded away  My name is Jack, I am retired in NE Georgia and I have spent a lifetime, not only reading, but studying Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff.  If there are still locals who want to investigate and study in the geographic area north of Atlanta, I'm here as a resource.  My email address is [email protected].

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I'm not certain about what you did, but I sense it was for the benefit of myself and local people who want to share ideas about Objectivism.  So, thanks a bunch.  If you think it would help me communicate, you might want to educate me about what you decided to do, that resulted in you posting in this thread.

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I'm not certain about what you did,... ...

Sorry, my post was so cryptic, even I wouldn't understand it in a week :)

What I meant is:

There's a post in this "Atlanta" sub-forum that appears right at the top, because a moderator has "pinned" it there. It is titled "Introducing ATLOS".

The Atlanta Objectivist Society (ATLOS) is one of the few in the country that organizes its own annual weekend of meetings/conferences. Your post reminded me of them, and when I checked the pinned post I noticed that the URL was wrong.


If you'd like to connect with them, you could try their Facebook page.

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