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  1. Hey Thinkers I hope the small handful of thinkers that remember my presence and posts about a year ago - people who seemed to appreciate my take on ideas in metaphysics and epistemology - ideas strongly influenced by Ms. Rand and Mr. Peikoff - will comment, and perhaps criticize the following ultra-basic observation that may have implications for the debate over the primacy of existence over consciousness. People like Boystan, Jankns, SoftwareNerd, Eiuol, Nicky and others (my memory of the spelling may be wrong). OR, I may have failed - this may just be a cute observation that is a play
  2. Hey Folks, The following is a post I wrote inside a FB thread about caring about people. I know it's an uphill battle to separate the reality of duty and selfish pursuits in a world that does not recognize the reason of self interest based on the accurate identity of human existence. Some of you will not understand the last statement. But I wanted to test my enclosed post - there are great thinkers on this sight and I can learn from them ripping my post apart. I hope my friends will cut me up. ***************************************************************************************
  3. SL has, as usual, exposed the real issues, not the things that are just fun to debate. Metaphysics/existence is primary while ethics (and the epistemology upon which it is based) is secondary. Ignorance of this truth often causes thinkers to ask the wrong question or ask a valid question in a way that makes discussion difficult. I would suggest the original poster stop and think of a simple question he/she has an interest in, even if it requires a "concrete" thought experiment. Txs, Jack
  4. The link between the Aristotelian/Axiomatic certainty of the laws of existence, identity, and causality (certain because as basis of all it requires their use to disprove) and the basis of property rights in ethics/politics requires an ethical axiom - a self-sustaining human life has a right to exist. That's a strong statement I hope my peers will support or analyze. The fact that a thing exists is independent of the countless issues of human property rights.
  5. Hey Folks, You know I am a Rand Scholar with emphasis in Aristotelian metaphysics and Rand/Peikoff's epistemology . Many have emailed me to read Richard Dawkins and I have now done it. Thank you. Hey, it took me about 6 months. My personal advanced education was grad school at the time 1978-1986. I read so much and took notes in categorized volumnes. . I knew the accepted methods were flawed. Some scientist who has internalized the philosophy of Aristoltle/Rand/Peikoff, who can integrate Neo-Darwinism. Can some intellect combine the science knowledge of evolution with the cognat
  6. Hey friends, First, I could and, perhaps, should have posted this in metaphysics because the unspoken core of this essay is the connection between science and philosophy, but here goes. I've been aware of Richard Dawkins for years, but having left the evolutionary biology area of academia in my 20's, before his fame, I assumed (incorrectly) he was just a modern, more scientific, atheist. I've always wondered why anyone would spend time arguing against the nonexistence of an entity without identity claimed by others. I just read his latest book, Brief Candle in the Dark . . . Most of it was a
  7. I get your point, but I used the word "few" not the word "no." Also, I hold to the position that, a post-Kantian philosopher who seems to have an ethics/politics supported by nothing but a meaningless variation on Platonist metaphysics, has not created a comprehensive philosophical system. If we listed the post-Kantian German idealists and romanticists (rationalists), I wonder how many we would agree spent much effort on metaphysics or epistemology; and when they did it was based on the principle that consciousness is primary to existence (not by specific description, but as a consequence of
  8. Ms. Rand became famous for her ideas in the philosophical branches of ethics and politics. Unlike most of her predecessors, Ms. Rand's ideas and conclusions in these derivative areas of philosophy are supported by her later work in epistemology and metaphysics. To me, what makes Objectivism, objective (and unique), is that its derivative conclusions are supported by ideas about existence, identity, cause/effect, the volitional nature of human consciousness, the primacy of existence over consciousness, the nature of abstraction and concept formation, and many others. Thomas Aquinas tried to
  9. I have found that reading historical fiction, if written by an author obsessed with research and primary source information, can add a unique understanding to the knowledge already gained thru nonfiction sources. It's time consuming, but enjoyable. To test this method, pick a specific historic period (US Civil War or revolution, Europe during the Reformation, Decline of Roman imperialism, etc.), study the history through nonfiction sources until you have really internalized it, and then read period fiction from one of the authors described above. For me it revealed an interesting relationshi
  10. *** Post copied from previous version of forum. - sN *** Two things of interest happened to me today. First, on another general philosophy forum, in a thread about issues with Objectivist Epistemology, I answered three posters whose objection to my summary of concept formation, was to complain about Ms. Rand's severe attitude and scathing adjectives and adverbs in commenting on the social consequences of mysticism and altruism. What a waste. Later, in the evening, I was assembling a new set of nice (but cheap) small dressers my wife and I bought on the Walmart website. While working I p
  11. WOW. So many leaders with not a clue about principles, but who talk only in principles. Contradiction you say? Their principles are almost all floating abstractions - they're principles, but they have no referents - they are using concepts as if they existed only in human minds, not specifically based in reality and learned by sense data. Trump is popular because he has been more concrete in a way that alleviates the anti-life, altruist-held guilt held by many people who know that we should get rid of bad people who are not citizens and compete economically with other countries that don't s
  12. I suspect the direct problem is not the movement of US debt from one holder to another - the debt load to the lender does not change. The real problem is (and if you know more than me about this, please jump in) no one will buy the new, current debt instruments that are used to pay off the old ones and fund the domestic programs. Logic tells you at any level of earning and spending, you cannot consume more than you produce forever. What will happen is the US will not be able to find buyers for new debt. Then, we must produce wealth to be taxed to pay off the prior debt that can no long
  13. The currency creation process is not widely understood. The Treasury will print for two reasons. To supply dollars to the domestic market to cover value loaned by private institutions, or to create currency to support government debt in bonds and notes issued. Yes, the specifics are way more complex. But what Americans don't know, is that the amount of currency floating in the world economy is based on government and private debt because it is these factors that are the basis for printing over and above physical currency replacement. So, our currency is not based on wealth created or a pr
  14. Folks love their currency and have no idea about the relationship between wealth creation and money, a relationship that we use to mimic by linking currency creation to precious metals as a brake against government. Only one solution - hold a percent of your assets in precious metals and don't ignore old junk coins of 40-90% silver.
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