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Ted Leo + Pharmacists

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I've recently discovered Ted Leo. He's been around for years, but for some reason has escaped my attention. He's amazing - both musically and lyrically.

Here are a couple of samples of his lyrics:

"We went on as were on a mission, latest in a Grand Tradition

And oh, what did we find?

It was Ego who was flying the banner, and me and Mia, Ann and Ana

Oh, we’d been unkind

But do you believe in something beautiful?

Then get up and be it "

"As i walked to kendall square,

and crossed the river basin there,

the charles was black, the sky was blue,

the view was old, the bridge was new.

and past the flow's constricted mouth,

commercial lines flowed mostly south,

or east across a boundless sea,

where rising soon, the star would be.

the tides are moved by sun and moon.

the spring will last from march to june.

the red line train will pass behind,

as long as bridge joins stream and sky.

and from that point where i did stand,

i wondered at the works of man.

i wondered how this walk began,

til red line train came round again.

but it's not the time to ossify.

it's not the end of wondering why.

it's not in your faith or your apostasy.

it's not the end of history."

All of his music conveys the kind of triumph over existence that helps me remember that the world is worth living in. I'll direct you all to the iTunes music store for more. This band is too good to pass up.

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