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Introduction to Dan Norton and his work advancing Ayn Rand's ideas

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I have a Ph.D. in philosophy (University of California, Davis, 2019) and studied many years at the Ayn Rand Institute in the undergraduate and graduate programs of its Objectivist Academic Center.

Since completing my Ph.D., I've been working to advance Ayn Rand's ideas online. I've mostly been active on YouTube (youtube.com/DanNorton1) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dan.norton.1428) and have also recently started posting on Twitter (@dannorton111).

I invite you to check out my work and, if you find it valuable, support it by subscribing, following, liking, sharing, commenting, and/or donating (patreon.com/DanNorton).

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Hi Dan, I subscribed to your YT channel some time ago when I searched for Objectivists. I'll be checking out more of your content. Maybe you could post some links to individual videos in this thread.

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A few months ago, I received a very nice message from someone who discovered my YouTube channel earlier this year (someone who books guests for a much larger YouTuber). Here is part of what he wrote to me:

". . . your channel features some of the most interesting conversations/debates I've seen on YouTube. I am continuing to peruse your back catalogue, and am constantly surprised and impressed by your personal style and the variety of discussion content. . . . you deserve more 'clout'. You are vastly undersubscribed."

I would certainly like more clout and subscribers (I have 433 subscribers at present). If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to check out my channel and consider subscribing: youtube.com/DanNorton1.
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