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Self-Sufficient - being Smart, Strong, and Straight

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[This was written as part of a message to my grandson for his recent 10th birthday. He is an intelligent, articulate, and athletic free learner who doesn't go to government school, won''t eat animals, and is a healthy, happy individualist.]

Self-Sufficient - being Smart, Strong, and Straight

Being Smart is
Knowing clearly what’s real and what’s not.
Discovering what exists, what it does, and what goes together or not.
Learning well your words, numbers, pictures, and sounds.
Understanding deeply who you are, where you’re going, and why.
Seeking with reason what is true, what is good, and what has beauty.
Being Strong is
Working smart and working hard, using your mighty mind.
Spending all the energy and effort it takes to get it done.
Making the best and most of your life, not settling for less.
Never giving in to fear or despair, holding tight your love and joy.
Fighting for your rights without surrender, with goodwill constant.
Being Straight is
Staying smart and strong, pointing always at your shining star.
Keeping on your true course until the end, unbent and unbroken.
Moving up and forward – free and flexible, curious and caring.
Honoring your principles and promises, having solid integrity.
Aiming proudly for your noble purpose, striving for romantic happiness.
Image: "Out of the Box" by Bryan Larsen


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