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Philosophical-political Line...or Triangle?

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Originally from The Charlotte Capitalist ™,

Charlotte blogger Ogre has a chart:So, to help anyone who reads my posts or comments, here's my perception of the left-right chart of politics. The standard left/right scale is illustrated with the far left side being the far-lefties, and the far-right side being the, well, far-right. The donut in the middle is the middle position between the left and right.

Hmmm. Is the philosophical, and thus ultimately, political structure a line? Or is it a triangle? I say triangle. Ogre's line reflects only Plato's influences on the right and Democritus' influences on the left. The third angle is...Aristotle.

Here are some concretes among the three groups:

People of Reason: represent objective reality, primacy of existence, reason, logic, objectivity, Aristotle, Ayn Rand, The City of Man, Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, The Age of Enlightment, science, The United States of America, rational self-interest, capitalism, individual rights, Atlas Shrugged


People of Faith: represent two worlds, idealism, mysticism, primacy of consciousness (supernatural version) faith, intrinsicism, revelation, Plato, Augustine, Kant, Hegel, The City of God, The Dark Ages, the Holy Roman Empire, sacrifice, theocracy, serfdom, The Bible, The Koran


People of Force: represent force, materialism, subjectivism, skepticism, primacy of consciousness (social version), Democritus, Marx, a gun or a club focused upon your head, Communist China/former Soviet Union, duty, Nazi Germany, totalitarianism, taxes, environmentalism, The Communist Manifesto

Where are you? Most Americans are pretty much in the middle of the triangle. Lots of history here.

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