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I just picked up Company of Heroes - a World War 2 themed real time strategy game. The single player campaign starts with D-day and follows the invasion up to victory. I've played only 2 missions from the campaign but the game is simply fantastic. Graphics are stunning, unit and enemy AI is great, terrain actively affects combat (and all terrain is destructable, you can shell an area an then have your infantry use the crater as cover!). If you like RTS at all, this is a game you have to play.

Warning: The game is quite demanding processor, memory and video wise. Also, ATI cards sometimes have some issues with the game.

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I tend to like RTS games, so maybe I'll check this one out. How much is it? I generally wait until games have been out for a while, so I can buy them for $20 as opposed to $50.

This is relatively recent. I bought mine for $50 because I was only in the USA for 2 days, you can get it for $40 if you shop around, I believe.

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