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  1. Confucius Institute

    I'm not sure this is ethically wrong on China's part. There are Objectivist professors whose employment at a university is sponsored by some outside source of funding. I think Tara Smith's position is due to the bank BB&T from back when John Allison ran BB&T. China can afford a more full featured program. It may be "propagandistic" but if there is a problem with academic standards or objectivity that is on the university accepting the money not China.
  2. What has happened with the government of the Ukraine is indeed more of the same regime change bullshit that has been American foreign policy for some time now. American foreign policy had been captured by an ideology of globalism. Crimea had been conquered and subsequently settled by Russians in the 1700's and has been directly administered by Moscow from that time until a bit after World War 2. Stalin decided to reassign it to a larger Ukraine regional political district in a purely administrative move that did not reflect any change in the language, culture or governing political ideology of the Crimea. Crimea has been part of Russia for longer than Texas has been part of the United States. It was completely valid for Russia to re-annex that part of the newly neo-fascist puppet government of the Ukrainian region.
  3. Ask Julian Assange what the prospects are of him identifying his source. I don't think there is a chance of any other method working after this much time has passed. The FBI was never permitted to examine the servers, so there is no evidence now beyond the files themselves. Assange has been coy about using the unfortunate Seth Rich as his source. But Assange could as well be using Seth Rich as a cover for the real source which he continues to protect. We can't know until Assange comes clean in some way that is reliable testimony and not trolling.
  4. Universals

    "Attributes are existents" is fine. Propositions of the form "All S is P" do not imply that also "All P are S". But yes it is correct that "Attributes are a type of existent".
  5. Universals

    Thoughts or "mental entities" are, strictly speaking, attributes of an entity: the person having that thought. Attributes are existents.
  6. The Law of Identity

    There do exist people compiling data on this subject. I generally never read more than the abstracts of their papers when a noteworthy one comes to my attention because it isn't my field. But if psychiatry isn't your field either then how much can we accomplish by discussing this topic? I guess we can exchange authorities. Let me hand you off to ... Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences Executive Summary Lawrence S. Mayer, Paul R. McHugh This report presents a careful summary and an up-to-date explanation of research — from the biological, psychological, and social sciences — related to sexual orientation and gender identity. It is offered in the hope that such an exposition can contribute to our capacity as physicians, scientists, and citizens to address health issues faced by LGBT populations within our society. Some key findings: Part One: Sexual Orientation Part Two: Sexuality, Mental Health Outcomes, and Social Stress Part Three: Gender Identity
  7. The Law of Identity

    Impulses come and go, one's self conception ought to be based on what is consistent. But some features of the self are caused by DNA and are consistent, in which case there is no reason to seek differentiation. There no particular Objectivist stance on procreation as far I know. If you have an idea of what you think it is please elaborate on it. Objectivisism does recognize productiveness as one of the primary virtues. Certainly raising a child to be civilized, independent, and an otherwise virtuous person is an accomplishment and example of productiveness.
  8. What is Subjectivity?

    Why would this present moment be different from a past moment, a past moment in which you observed something and then learned of its relationship to an objective assessment by others? Once you learn the potential idiosyncrasies of your own perceptual faculties there is no reason to believe they change on a daily basis or moment to moment (unless some particular circumstance occurs which could be a reason, such as you got bumped on the head resulting in a concussion).
  9. Well hello to Adam Carter and welcome to this forum. I don't know you nor had I ever heard of you before reading about this story and had not issued you any invitation to come here, so how did you find out about this forum and thread mentioning you?
  10. You don't need to trust it. As Freitas wrote, "The Forensicator has worked carefully with the limited set of data available, providing the means necessary for anyone to reproduce the work and analysis." You either have the background knowledge to understand his calculations to the point of being able to check them or you don't. At some point the data was transferred to a USB memory stick. It cannot be proven where or when in the chain of custody from the DNC to Wikileaks that happened but the inference that looks most plausible was when it was removed from the DNC's possession or its backup server location.
  11. It is not my theory, credit to Forensicator. Freitas hesitates to go where Forensicator does but can't rule it out either. Meanwhile, it appears what little malware was reportedly found the DNC server may have been planted by CrowdStrike, the computer security firm that was hired by the DNC. Full story here by Adam Carter. At any rate, whether or not that story pans out we get dates laid out for when CrowdStrike was involved relative to when the Wikileaks data was liberated. The latest dates of Wikileaks emails were 25 May 2016 but CrowdStrike were on the case and getting paid for it before then. Rebooting a backup server with a Linux distro on a USB stick and copying the data to that same USB stick would then be safest way for an insider to get the data out. A remote hacker wouldn't care about leaving evidence in logs pointing to a compromised user account but an insider would. Rebooting a backup server from a USB stick bypasses user account controls. That scenario of an insider rebooting a server from a USB stick is Forensicator's, I am just claiming that it makes sense.
  12. Really? Which sentence was that?
  13. The Law of Identity

    "Dramatic" shouldn't matter in medicine. I don't think sex changing is medicine. It is a medical procedure but so are face lifts, breast implants, liposuction, etc... . Surgery for a psychological conflict, we've heard that before with the frontal lobotomy procedure. And yes I do think there is an ideological push behind transgenderism, and it is not concerned with the health of individuals but sees transgenders as fighters for an abstract cause.
  14. When a thief steals from a thief it is a kind of vigilantism.
  15. What's telling is that there was no point arguing what the facts mean until you could understand and accept what the facts were. Freitas is certainly not the only guy with credentials weighing in here, and the topic at hand is simple enough (dividing sum of file sizes by time elapsed) that credentials hardly even matter. I included Freitas to show that objectively even a subject matter expert that won't make the same conclusions and inductions as Forensicator could understand and agree that the methods used by Forensicator were sound, accurate and not unintelligible.
  16. Lots of discussion and critique has centered around Forensicator's conclusions but that it is "deliberately unintelligible" or has "absolutely no meaning" is not a serious response. All that is required to understand what is discussed is familiarity with the file systems used and archiving software that makes .7z formatted archives. Even I have that. Elizabeth Vos understood it well enough to write up a story about what it implies. Adam Carter understood it perfectly fine and has written about it. Steve McIntyre of ClimateAudit.org understood it fine. McIntyre has relevant experience to this case from going over the leaked ClimateGate data archive. An extended back-and-forth about this issue was hosted at The Nation. A Nathaniel Freitas was drawn into the discussion and he offers this: There is enough evidence in the file archives to rule some things out (Russians, Guccifer 2.0) but not enough to positively prove much. Your complete dismissal is not credible.
  17. The Law of Identity

    Transgender surgery to make the body conform to the mind is one way, the other way is to reinforce the existing sex with hormone supplements and behavior modifications. For example to help males feel more at home with masculinity and its various secondary sexual characteristics give them testosterone, and have them lift and join Fight Club. But there is little money, fame or glamour in helping people be more healthy as they are compared to a dramatic sex change.
  18. The data turned over to Wikileaks was a single large compressed file which preserved a hierarchical directory and file structure with individual files having their last modified times stored as file metadata. An analysis of those files and the times they have leads to some Sherlock-style deductions of how the files were transferred. Of all the reporting done on this angle to the story there is really only one original source which is The Forensicator website, a wordpress blog. Read up on what is there and you will know all that I know. The short version is that it appears there was a transfer of the data to a USB storage device , which means someone on site did it.
  19. The Law of Identity

    Ever pull back for moment and try to perceive the bias, or the drift of a discussion? Not just here, but in other media. A contradiction between physical gender and psychological gender is apparently a real thing. It is curious that there are two ways of resolving this contradiction and only one is the subject of extended discussion because it has such energetic advocates. So what is really going on here? To which dead straight white male philosopher are advocates for transgenderism enslaved?
  20. The Law of Identity

    Ah, the old "identity is slavery" canard. Total freedom is the abolition of identity.
  21. Julian Assange denies his source was Russia. It was an inside job by a defector, probably a Bernie bro. At any rate the effect of this "hack" was to reveal the truth about the inside workings of the DNC. I welcome such hacks and wish for more of them. It helps voters make better decisions.
  22. I haven't watched it either but since that didn't stop you from posting about it I'll post about it too. There is no danger whatsoever. The whole Russia thing is a collective exercise on the part of the Democratic party to attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the last election while simultaneously helping them continue their psychological denial of responsibility for their loss.
  23. (Definion 2)The concept of "anti-reference" refers to all pairs <C,r'> such that C is a concept with at least one non-referent, and r' is not a referent of C. The anti-referent(s) of the concept "anti-reference" are all concepts C with their referents r. Anti-reference applied to itself is a double negative, so non-non r is simply r. The anti-referent of the concept "anti-reference" is the concept "reference" by definition 1. "Reference" refers to itself without contradiction.
  24. BitCoin

    I disagree, but since we already have handed down to us a pretty good tort and contract law and associated judicial case law that is a moot point. We will see what danger the world-wide fiat monetary schemes can cause.
  25. BitCoin

    It's Official: Bitcoin Surpasses "Tulip Mania", Is Now The Biggest Bubble In World History Central banks to blame, infinite currencies chasing a finite asset. The price of gold is not set by its utilitarian value (and "utilitarian value" is the only sense I can make of Greenspan's use of "intrinsic value"). Bitcoin has no utility except for its trading functions. Its trading functions are quite valuable in a world of floating fiat currencies. Its only a bubble after it pops.