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I recently purchased a Rex S-scale (1:64 scale) 2-4-4T ‘Suburban’ and have decided to letter it to be one of the “old steam engines” that Dagny Taggart sent to operate on the San Sebastián Line and then add that, as the Socialist Government of The Peoples State of Mexico was nationalizing the line, the crew of this particular locomotive made a successful run for the border.


Here's a picture of one of the unfinished models (not mine);




I was hoping to use the Taggart Transcontinental logo I’ve attached with the words ‘San Sebastián Line’ wrapped underneath the logo and following the same contour.


Unfortunately, I’m not that familiar with text wrapping and was wondering if one of you might be willing to help me create this logo.


I'd be really grateful for any help any of you could provide and will send you pictures of the model once it's completed.  However, given the complexity of this kit, that probably won't be for at least a year.


BTW; The graphic comes from Proud Producer.  I’ve purchased several of their shirts with this logo and others and am NOT using the logo for commercial purposes, merely on my model train layout, and am therefore not violating the spirit or (as far as I know) the letter of their trademark.



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