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There has been another clash with the Speech Police in Canada over the use of illegal pronouns. First it was psychologist Jordan Peterson who became famous for defending free speech against Bill C-16. Now it's grad student Lindsay Shepherd, who merely played a TV debate involving Peterson for her grammar class. Read her story here.

Shepherd, a TA at Wilfrid Laurier University, wanted to expose her students to the ongoing debate over using "they" as a singular pronoun, referring to one person only. And for this sin she was summoned to the newly formed Diversity Inquisition and reprimanded for general evildoing. Thankfully she recorded the meeting, so we can experience firsthand the nonsense she endured at the mercy of the Speech Police.

Apparently a trans student complained about the Peterson video and felt "their" rights were violated. The Inquisition agreed and accused Shepherd of harming the student. Shepherd said students should be taught to be strong enough to deal with opposing views. But then she retreated after an inquisitor implied that she was calling the complaining student weak.

Shepherd is a confused liberal, and not a very good defender of free speech. But the hardened advocates for censorship and safe spaces have become so ridiculous and absurd that even emotional, non-intellectual grammar TAs look good in comparison.

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Wilfred Laurier University is a disgrace.

They are likely not very different, however, from many other universities.

The entire inquisition is a joke, Bill C-16 is about discrimination... you don't need to be a lawyer, in fact you need only half a brain to realize nothing on the original debate nor in the presentation of the debate in class constitutes discrimination in any form.


Complete intellectual FAIL by administrators of a supposed intellectual institution.

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Jeez could this guy get any more obnoxious? Say "problematic" one more time... At the end he goes ahead and demand she submit her lesson plans to him for review prior to class. Yes, make sure the censors approve of your work before you teach. This should serve as a great example to others, always record your interactions with the thought controllers to protect yourself.

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15 hours ago, 2046 said:

Jeez could this guy get any more obnoxious?

He wrote an apology to her. But it's one of those obnoxious apologies that are more about saving face and making excuses than expressing remorse. The ultimate insult comes near the end when he arrives at his great SJW epiphany.


Finally there is the question of teaching from a social justice perspective, which my course does attempt to do. I write elsewhere about reaching across the aisle to former alt-right figures as possible unexpected allies in the struggle to create a better more just society for all. But hearing all of the feedback from people and looking at the polarized response I am beginning to rethink so limited an approach. Maybe we ought to strive to reach across all of our multiple divisions to find points where we can discuss such issues, air multiple perspectives, and embrace the diversity of thought.

Yes, more diversity. That's the answer. Because it wasn't the cause of this entire train wreck in the first place.

I also like how it never occurs to him to apologize for interrogating her over a ridiculous student complaint. No, he's only sorry that she was "intimidated" by the three-person committee, when, in fact, she wasn't intimidated. She was threatened.

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