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    Question on Value and Ultimate Value

    By VWA,

    Reading up on Objectivism Ethics, at the moment it seems to me Rand arbitrarily designates Life as the Ultimate Value/End Goal.

    If I understand correctly, her reasoning seems to be that since every choice a person makes ultimately makes a difference in whether or not he lives or dies, those objectives/goals/states that are pro-life are then Values he should pursue.

    But by the same reasoning, I can argue that every choice a person makes ultimately makes a difference in how many lambs he can sacrifice to his favorite deity within the next month; those objectives that increase the amount he can sacrifice are then Values he should pursue.

    It makes sense that once an Ultimate Value is selected, all other lesser Values can be objectively defined based on the standard of whether they will contribute to achieving the Ultimate Value.

    But how do you objectively choose what goal should be the Ultimate Value?

    That choice at the moment looks completely subjective from where I am standing.

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