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    The Drive

    Zhuge Niu
    By Zhuge Niu,

    Why have there been so few great female mathematicians and physicists? My theory is that it is somehow related to sex drive. Math and physics generally require a single-minded, obsessive focus that seems analogous to libido.

    Isaac Newton and Leonardo are two prime examples of male geniuses. One thing they had in common was abstinence from sex, which I suspect has something to do with their successes. Then, in AR’s fiction you have creators like Roark and Rearden who pursue their narrow interests with an all-consuming drive. Dagny’s talents seem to be of a very different nature, integrating a big picture to manage a company effectively. AR herself seems to fit under this category as well.

    It seems that that male drive can be diverted into creative energy. Personally, I have noticed a psychological difference after more than two weeks of complete abstinence—I’ve had more energy and focus in doing my work. Is this something other people (male or female) have noticed as well?

    Note: I’ve intentionally omitted the names of previous people who have proposed this theory so as not to prejudice any readers.

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