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  1. The Art of Thinking - Peikoff Objective Communication - Peikoff Introduction ot Logic - Peikoff Principles of Grammar - Peikoff Say's Law - Ridpath The Philosophic Corruption of Physics - Harriman Unity of Vitue - Lewis Productiveness: The Key to a Life of Success and Happiness - Lewis Objectivity in Writing - Tracinski Contact me via email at (kendalljobj at gmail dot com)
  2. Today at his final lecture of OCON 2010, Dr. Leonard Peikoff announced his formal retirement from philosophical work. There will be no more books, lectures, courses, or long treatises from him. He will continue to issue podcast episodes as he indicated that this work is a great enjoyment to him as a way to deal with the practical day to day application of philosophy to everyday problems. In essence he enjoys being the Dr. Laura of Objectivism. He received a standing ovation that lasted several minutes upon completion of his lecture, and I suspect that many others in the room were as emotional
  3. It’s Wednesday morning and Session 2 has started at OCON. I’ve got a few minutes before the General Session starts and I thought I’d dash off an update. Session 2 finished strong. It seems that one or two of the lectures in each class for me contain the “ah-ha” points, and the lecturers are so good at essentializing their analysis that when those moments of discovery come, they are very forceful. You’ll many times exit a class, talk amongst the participants afterward and they all agree that a particular lecture was very impactful. The energy around those lectures is palpable. David Lewis
  4. OCON is off to a roaring start this year! I’ve got a little time before the next lecture; I’m lounging by the pool as a hot desert wind seeps across the Red Rock resort in Las Vegas. The venue this year is one of the best I’ve seen for an OCON yet. Yesterday consisted of the opening banquet, and general catching up with old friends. Each year I come, the handshakes and hugs become more numerous, stronger, and the excitement of seeing old friends wells up greater. So many this year… OAC classmates, fellow Obloggers, and friends I’ve made over the years of interaction with Objectivists onlin
  5. I'll be there. Kel! What's the plan?
  6. What are you calling Primary Values? MBTI is predictive of behavior, but not sure that it's predictive of values.
  7. Thanks, handsome! I was disco incarnate on NYE!

  8. Ellen Kenner in Rhode Island, and Dr. ? Hurd. However, there is no "Objectivist psychology", or Objectivist Physics or any other science. However, I sense that they do evaluate methods from a rational perspective.
  9. Woops. I did find it. Although it's after Cortland was BLOWN UP, which would have made if very difficult for it to be material to Toohey's influence toward the decision to BUILD it.
  10. I'll take that back. I just read through it. Everything you say here ammounts to "Architecture is art, therefore the artist example is the only one that applies." Yet you've not made a case for why architcture has some aspects of art and some not. I think I've distinctly shown when it might be considered art and when it might not, and that includes an answer to the "Milli Vanilli" example which bring up again and which I already said would be an example of fraud. (intrestingly MV didn't have to write their own songs, they just have to sing them... What sort of artistic fraud is that?) None of
  11. Oy, you asked for a specific sort of description. I gave it. You want parrallelism. Patents or trademarks that have been licensed have the ability to have the original patent or trademark holder to sue third party infringers. I'll get to the rest later.
  12. I've already analyzed the government as buyer, but you are making a big mistake here in lumping together wealthy private investors and government entities as buying entities. Everything you say about wealthy investors is completely true; however, it is not correct to characterize government this way. Governments don't pay top dollar for leading architects (at least not knowingly as matter of policy). They commonly portray themselves as servants of the people, and stewards of tax dollars, and they commonly buy frugally specifically in terms of aesthetics. There is no reason to believe that t
  13. As a follow on to Jonathan. You've posted a response while I was finalizing my last post. I've addressed most of your key issues in my follow up so I'm not going to go point by point through your post. The ones I didn't address go more to your understanding of what I said, and I'm not going to reitereate those things. YOu havne't actually asserted something contrary to the argument I've made, just thrown in a quip that while it might lead to an objection, isn't one. Make and objection state your case and I'll address that point. As to 3rd party lawsuits, Here is an example: I buy a car
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