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    I've read a little of Rands work but I loved reading it and love reading discussions about it I named my account after my favorite pokemon (I'm so mature) tyranitar
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  1. I first read atlas shrugged my freshman year of highschool. My brother had the book for a good while but I never payed it any attention. I had already read the sword of truth series in middle school but I never payed the philosophy any attention. After I read atlas I became interested in philosophy and thought.
  2. What does Thor have to do with stargate?
  3. Except for house elves like Dobby himself all just snap their fingers for magic to happen.
  4. No wonder my uber catholic aunt and uncle keep their kids from Harry potter.
  5. On Warcraft 3 someone made a gamemode that was a demo for diablo 3. I played it for a while and it was fantastic they had aninventoru menu and You could choose from the witch doctor, barbarian, or the sorceress.
  6. I only played civ4 until it broke. I would always do police state to keep the people happy. But that was way before I got into objectivism and philosophy
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