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  1. Hi. I'm a philosophy student and don't take Rand's work seriously but I am fascinated by Objectivism and the community around it for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. Anyways, in some discussions I've had with supporters of Objectivism I've had various questions, concerns or criticisms relating to language but the other person always seemed hesitant to say much and never pointed me toward anything which could serve as a response or clarification. Are any of you aware of any writings on Objectivist theories of language? If there aren't any, that confuses me because of the explosion in lin
  2. Hi everyone, I didn't know this was going to turn into this long of a thread. Let me just say, I don't intend on debating any points with any of you. All that this was intended to be was an honest call for someone to explain, from the Objectivist perspective, what was going on in the situations I described in the orginial post. I have no interest in massaging my ego by "winning" online debates, I'll leave that to any of you here who wish to do that. Thank you to those of you who responded before my second post, it did actually clear some things up for me.
  3. Gramlich, let me address each of your comments in turn. I’m disappointed that you chose to write with an air of superiority so don’t be surprised by the tone of my response. Your assumption that respect is expected when dealing with philosophy in an academic setting is correct. I’m also well aware that most Objectivist’s are not academics. I’m aware of this for a few reasons: for the most part, Objectivism is not taken seriously at the academic level for a host of reasons, every Objectivist I’ve talked to who I’ve also asked about their life has not studied philosophy academically, the way
  4. A couple of things first, as far as my analogies go, I'm not using them as perfect matches of what happens. They are analogies. I'm using them in the hopes that it will make my point clearer, regardless of their necessary imperfection as analogies. Featherfall, I mentioned that I'm aware that this doesn't apply to all Objectivists and the fact that I have an Objectivist friend to whom this doesn't apply should show that I'm aware of this. Saying that every conversation I've had was like this was obviously an exaggeration. That said, thank you all for your responses. This does help make sen
  5. Dream_weaver, logic would be predicated upon and therefore constructed through experience.
  6. I’m aware that the following won’t apply to every person who considers herself an Objectivist but my experiences with Objectivists have almost always been perplexing for the following reasons and I wonder what any of you might have to say about this. 1. During every discussion I’ve ever had with an Objectivist, the Objectivist has always resorted to ad hominem. I’m not an Objectivist, I’m a philosophy student and I really enjoy debating ideas. Often times, when I raise an objection to something, the Objectivist will say something like, “You are being irrational,” “You are incapable of grasp
  7. Marc, I'm not saying that you contradicted yourself. I was answering dream_weaver's question.
  8. From an empiricist perspective, which is what MarcT is claiming to be, logic would be predicated upon experience.
  9. As someone who previously identified as a liberal, I just want to clear up what I think are some mischaracterizations. None of what I’m saying is meant to be taken as me saying that liberals are in any way correct. I just think you’ve missed the mark with regard to the approach that liberals are taking. For simplicity’s sake, I’ve left out examples but I’d be happy to provide some for each point, if you’d like. 1. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. To the extent that the typical liberal agrees with this, it also seems to be the extent to which an Objectivist would agree. This is targeting th
  10. Hello, everyone. This will be my first post on the forum. If you want to know more about me you can look at my profile. While reading the first essay in "The Virtue of Selfishness," I often wondered about Rand's epistemology. Basically, I'm wondering if someone could explain to me how we acquire knowledge and what is the nature of knowledge? I'm wondering how it is that knowledge is objective, for example.
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