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  1. Does anyone have a video or a transcript from Ayn Rand's appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show? According to IMDB, she figuratively stole the show in her first appearance.
  2. He's just shy of an Objectivist, and I remember seeing Atlas Shrugged on his recommended reading list. However, he must have skipped some of Galt's speech, as you can see in this article he wrote defending his Schiavo position: http://www.townhall.com/columnists/nealboo...b20050324.shtml.
  3. Is there any way to fill in columns like Entries, Views, Last Entry, Comments, and Last Comment for external blogs? If there isn't, I would recommend that people with external blogs write the title of their latest post in the description field. Also, how do blogs with 0 posts end up getting more views than exceptional multi-post blogs like Software Nerd's Blog and d'Anconia Online?
  4. A lightbulb is turned on by one of three switches, but you cannot see the bulb from the switches. How can you determine which switch turns on the bulb if you only want to go from the switches to the bulb once? Assume that the switches are clearly marked indicating which orientation is on, that the lightbulb is an ordinary household incandescent bulb, that you do not have assistants or apparatus such as mirrors available, and in general that this is not a trick question.
  5. King of the Hill - It is funny, and it is set in Texas; what more could you ask for in a show? One of my favorite quotes from that show is when Hank tells Bobby, "There better be a naked cheerleader under your bed" after seeing Bobby holding a cheerleader's uniform Third Rock from the Sun - It's funny. All of the characters are amusing. The New Yankee Workshop - That guy has got tons of tools in his workshop. The Red-Green Show - I don't think that they are making any new episodes, but it was great while it lasted.
  6. See if you can figure out this one: Let a = b a² = ab a² - b² = ab -b² (a-(a+=b(a- a+b=b 2b=b 2 = 1 Lifted from absolutereason.com
  7. Beating the crap out of someone with an axe handle isn't an initiation of force if both parties are consenting adults. Saying that it is initiation of force is like saying that sex is always rape. The benefits of hazing through beatings are that you can tell quite a bit about someone's loyalty by the degree of torture that they will endure. If nobody is getting killed, and there is no lasting damage, then I can't see any reason why it should be considered immoral. By the way, and off the record, the Corps uses beating hazing too, you just have to know where to look.
  8. Moose, What is wrong with physical damage? As long as you aren't initiating force, I can't see anything wrong with it. For most groups that don't have the ability to keep their members captive like the Corps has (dorms, for example), psychological games become much harder to play. It is much easier to beat them with an axe handle then to keep them in the dark about things or whatever else y'all did.
  9. I was referring only to age-related hoopla. As for his being awkward with women, a good philosophy won't solve that problem, so it shouldn't come into play when considering his abilities as a moderator. Drinking should not be cause for a moral condemnation. He said that he only drinks occasionally; I doubt that it has ever interfered with his moderating abilities. My "ironic criticism" was based on the premise that moderating ability is not determined by age, or what happens on the weekends, but by the ability to judge good post from bad. There are far too many posts on this forum that add nothing to their respective topics (for evidence look back on this very thread). Those posts by Stephen Speicher probably should have been deleted. The only issue here should be the method NIJamesHughes used when doing away with those posts.
  10. It appears as if all of this hoopla about NIJamesHughes being 19 is now irrelevant. If he entered his birth date correctly, the boy turns 20 today. Happy Birthday James, and you may want to be careful about recording tonights "activities" in your on-line journal. If the past is any indication, those things may be held against you.
  11. In Bible class we sang a song titled "Consume Me."
  12. I would like to see Jennifer Garner as Dagny.
  13. I saw something on 20/20 about people who didn't pay income tax on the grounds that it was a fraud. All of them were prosecuted and many of them went to jail. Schiff even pays taxes, although he encloses a letter of protest along with his money. However, he's fighting a losing battle because he isn't attacking taxes on a moral basis, but getting into a petty argument about the definition of income.
  14. Please explain what is so hard to understand in "All the Pretty Horses." At the beginning, he does throw you right into the middle of a story, and it seems like it is impossible to understand, but after you get into the book, you will see that it is not hard to understand at all. Cormac McCarthy may write down words like he is Gertrude Stein (doesn't abide by laws of capitalization or punctuation), but he writes his ideas down like he is Ayn Rand (justice, love, individualism, entrepreneurship, will to succeed, etc.). -Daniel
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