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  1. Or he declassified the material while in office and took 'hardcopies' and any actions by DOJ or FBI to force him to return would blow up in their faces and he let them blow up their faces. Garland already had to go on tv to explain that AG don't talk about this stuff and this stuff isn't over yet .
  2. As to conspiracy, the fact that public pro-depopulation figures are instrumental in if not policy making at least promotion of policies put into play doing the pandemic is notable, at the very least. But noticing only brings scorn from proper people.
  3. The part I liked the best in the essays was where the author was discussing how the west’s reaction related to changes in the societal zeitgeist, philosophy and how it shows the weakening of Lockean based view to a more Hobbes focused frame.
  4. dw The title of the piece is not the part I found fantastic, it was the essays cited in the article. The results of the study you referenced claimed in the Backround portion to be unclear, so not definitive. Thst study also used participants that had symptomatic disease for 7 days, the effectiveness of an anti-viral as prophylaxis or early treatment after exposure could not be evaluated in such a study. Picking that as a 'rebuttal' , makes the 'meat' of the article I linked, more prescient.
  5. https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/ivermectin-why-is-the-administrative A fantastic piece .
  6. Did you read the article? Or you’ve decided that it is not worth looking at or using your own judgement on their conclusions, because Wikipedia ?
  7. The aricle includes a link ( this first "clickable" thing) that directs to this https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/deathsregisteredweeklyinenglandandwalesprovisional/weekending22july2022
  8. Here is an article that purportedly follows the official information from the UK government . It appears vaccinated people in all age groups die more than the unvaccinated cohorts. https://expose-news.com/2022/08/07/pfizer-docs-official-data-covid-vaccines-causing-depopulation/
  9. My claim was government health institutions were claiming the vaccines were scientifically evaluated to be safe and effective. The safety of vaccine implies knowledge of long term effects. There was no data to verify the validity of those repeated statements, they were lying and people were persuaded aka propaganda.
  10. Yeah, Who are the people that 'keep' voting for someone so corrupt and unpopular. She just keeps winning and winning and winning and winning and winning her district over and over again . Every two years , she must be popular.
  11. CBS is doing their part to combat propaganda , their own . They took down a documentary that followed the flow of aid and money into Ukraine and reported that only about 30% made to the end users so to speak. The 30% figure was referring to the aid in April, it’s been fixed since then , any bets if they post stories or explanations on how it is now really close to 100%?
  12. I am flummoxed at the idea that I am blaming or attacking the idea of protecting individual rights. I am saying there is a drooling beast loose in the world and it is devouring the world and its effects are showing up the west. Oist theory of history on the importance of ideas and philosophy and how they shape or drive society is a theory I believe. I’m saying it’s later than we think , the universities were captured by the marxists/neomarxist/Pomo leftist rot at least two generations ago and have been attacking and weakening the ability for our society to provide an environment for the practice of human flourishing aka capitalism.
  13. Looks like they are just gearing up actually. https://www.uchealth.org/today/new-mrna-flu-vaccine-testing-launching-now/
  14. So the annual flu vaccines are mRNA based? Or they developed a safe product , that at least for covid is less expensive to manufacture but it is not used ? The tangent is coming off the idea that western media coverage is manipulated and propagandized to control the public for the regimes ends. My point , without specifics about the jabs , was that the idea that they are proven safe is false. That false idea is being spread by an institution that until yesterday regarded mass vaccination campaigns in a population recently exposed to a novel respiratory virus was a less than sub optimal action. So what changed ? As to evidence , there seems to be an uptick in all cause mortality globally. I’ve seen a report that claims in Alberta Canada in 2019 there were 500 ish deaths listed as no cause or cause undetermined in 2021 that category has a 3000 ish total. Weird right ? Probably more propaganda.
  15. Are you saying that five or seven years ago they had volunteers for a covid vaccine trial that showed high incidences of heart damage and they lowered the risk , not eliminate ?, and then rolled out a safe formulation in the last two years ? Or are you referring to the studies since the ‘identification’ of the virus conducting on humanized animal tissues that showed biological damage and were reformulated ?
  16. I’m just curious when Patriot Front is going to commit arson or worse on a random federal courthouse for the Dear Leader .
  17. How did they find the time between kidnapping governors, tracking down grandmas and Epstein’s clients , the IRS should take notice , do more with less!
  18. FBI raided Trump , the same FBI that protected the provably corrupt Biden.
  19. There are no long term studies on mRNA covid vaccines, none. You are no different than people who place blind faith in institutions. Fear is a mind killer , you are fully boosted , right ?
  20. And as you say this isn't a new attack. In the refutation you linked is a link that directs to a discussion in 2013 here on OO and in that thread is a link to a similar discussion from 2010 on OL. Your refutation link should help reframe the 'issue' for any parties worth being concerned about.
  21. Biden's corruption and the 'media's ' actions regarding the evidence thereof was/is the example of propaganda to which I was referring. The FBI had Hunter's hard drive recovered from the repair shop where he left it while Biden was on stage at a debate with Trump and 'they' allowed him to say that the intelligence community determined that the 'laptop' was Russian lies. Isn't that state controlled media manipulation aka propaganda ? "Safe and effective" was/is propaganda, there is literally no 'science' that exists to make that claim, but the government did and the media echoed it , anyone who accepts the safety of the covid vaccines was duped by propaganda. I'm not even making the claim, though it may prove true that covid jabs adversely affect the innate immune system, that the covid vaccines cause harm. The specific claim I am making is that it is knowingly false to claim they are safe in the absence of proof and yet that is the claim made and repeated ad nauseam on 'media'. The mRNA vaccine platform is unlike any previously used platforms for vaccination, equating the two is a form of propaganda. It's like saying penicillin and chemotherapy to treat lung cancer are the same thing. And the system or process used by the FDA to determine safety of chemical compounds and medical devices is driven by and based on the data the agency receives from those seeking approval an inherently nonobjective method to determine safety. Recent examples include the recommendations for SSRI s use to treat depression and anxiety , amyloid plaque reduction in Alzheimer treatments, Vioxx as a safe chemical treatment for pain , the 'non'addictive nature of synthetic opioids ect ect Those are all 'fine with ' you ?
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