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  1. Illinois is the first state in the nation to adopt no cash bail legislation in July of this year I believe. Not being familiar with the extent of the bail system and how this legislation affects it's operation, on the face of it , it seems a mechanism that allows those accused of crimes (even violent crimes?) to be remanded on their own recognizance pending a future court date. Perhaps the nondescript attackers are due in court soon and will be stopped.
  2. Nope, 'all cause' , I think deaths attributed to covid or covid adjacent deaths are in the lower single digit range , maybe 2 percent range. Who is dying 'of covid'?
  3. So the author thinks the political institutions in the country are functioning on principle and 75 million fellow countrymen(at last 'count') are drooling morons. Much intellectual firepower on display!
  4. All cause excess death still above the five year average in most western countries , virtually no media stories as to any possible theories on cause/s. Blank out, mass evasion of reality.
  5. Man always strives for an answer to causation , and that a conscious agency is always posited. “We” never seem to have ever “started” with materialism. Whether animistic or polytheistic and monotheistic consciousness and disembodied agency is/was that which is most potent and primary. Perhaps an artifact of projection of our self conscious nature.
  6. Unless the authorities declare an emergency.
  7. Planned Parenthood , not abortion mill, good one!
  8. I'm sure he was speaking hypothetically ... but what a boon that much fresh tissue would be on an open market.
  9. I think his statement subsumes the process argument re thermodynamical and information-theoretic reasons. As concept it seems 'all-knowing' would be akin to 'unicorn' , eg the concept is valid as its referent is 'knowingly' not really real. I don't know anything about limitative theorems of logic , but intuitively it may point to the idea that a theorem or other could posit that a complete set of 'all the facts in existence ' could not be determined to be logically consistent in 'itself' based on some rational that determination of logical consistency requires some interaction with null sets and or the possibilities of unknown unknowns. I think there is also a need to distinguish between information and knowledge. It may be tangentially related that one of the ways 'they got' the chatbots to 'produce' more intelligible responses was to tweak 'up' the randomness of the relevance weights(?) , not sure what they did algorithmically/software wise but there seems to be a sweet spot for randomness at least for the results to appear more 'inline' with natural language comprehension.
  10. They all sure were. ‘Everybody’ always does, that observation is itself curious, no?
  11. I read the piece I recommended as commentary on historical attitudes and practices of abortion from pre Christian paganism through to Christiandom. So in the main the subject through that lens would seem to be focused on the sexual practices and consequences of heterosexual relations, I didn’t read it as smearing of sexual revolutions new or old as a main intent of the author. From what I gather about male sexual aggressiveness unwanted pregnancies would by tempered only by the percentage of men of stature or rank enough to enjoy their proclivities among the percentage of females available to them for such purposes coupled with whatever level of pederasty was practiced by the ennobled males. I’ve read through the suggested alternative slightly more than skimming , but have stopped at the question at how much intellect to divine from the conclusions of the authors ,when the piece contains statements that equate defective fetuses and fetuses of mixed parentage. I’ll go over both again and try and discern the pagans from the lion food. I think I’m apologizing
  12. More interwebs serendipity , an interesting cultural/history piece , and at least tangentially germane https://www.firstthings.com/article/2023/10/we-are-repaganizing
  13. Stephen Along with link Jime Henderson provided here is another that indicates where there are no statutory limits on abortion, which I presume to mean that abortion is legal up to live birth. https://www.kff.org/womens-health-policy/state-indicator/gestational-limit-abortions/?currentTimeframe=0&sortModel={"colId":"Location","sort":"asc"}
  14. Several states and DC have and have had no term limit abortions as legal procedures even under "Roe" , so it seems a legal scheme such as with Roe doesn't protect viablity attained potentiality from intentional harm.
  15. I fear we are past the point of budgetary questions , as debtor inflation is “good” being a creditor is the downside of the equation especially during inflationary periods. Perhaps a better second question would be “ do you support a law that limits the total currency supply to an actual physically possible amount of species” As to abortion on demand as a federal constitutionally protected right , I’ve always been fairly agnostic , stemming from an ambiguous personal position on deciding between the right of a female to carry to term or not and the right of a third party to kill a fetus. Call me emotionally driven, but wanton destruction of potential humanity as a form of post conception contraception doesn’t feel quite right and should not be encouraged in a civil society,imo. There should be legal remedies to terminate forced pregnancies and medically necessary procedures that result in termination of a pregnancy should not be unlawful either. Is any abortion ‘non’ elective , what does elective abortion mean in the context of ‘trimesters’?
  16. VDH gives some fine examples of specific actions of the political 'left' and the damage it has doen to the Republic in the recent past. https://victorhanson.com/the-frightened-left/
  17. In your system is this a recognition akin to Cartisian dualism , res cogitans/ res extensa? As far as I understand Rand , a line segment would be a mental entity and not 'really real'. So for your system likewise, potentiality (or actuality) is not a state(s) that would apply to mental entities , but that such an action as describing , or imagining , a bisection ( a conceptual or computational act) performed on a mental entity is really only "possible" within 'the maths' ?
  18. I see “being at work” as describing the sense that an existent is exhibiting the quality of “being” , is a part of the sum of the totality of existence, ie situated ‘in’ the universe. I can see abstractions of being , as well as abstraction of categories of existence connoting static ‘states’ that pertain to actual existents or entities , but the actual enjoyment of ‘being-ness’ by an existent feels more active than passive.
  19. If what McCullough is saying were true , you'd expect to 'see' stuff like this , no ? https://www.steynonline.com/13744/who-making-the-variants
  20. I thought you were describing participation in society in today's political environment as being victimized by what Rand referred to as the 'drooling beast'. Showing results of living in a culture slipping into collectivism after formalizing altruistic dogmas and policies, as a literary exercise. I think now the only comment I could extend would be change your living arrangements and and perhaps find a business opportunity that would resonate better with a clientele made up of perhaps a more willing or eager group as opposed to unsolicited sales.
  21. Not everyone around these parts is able to see what you are doing, they think the red pill is the conspiracy
  22. Another possibility he didn’t list is the suspension of elections. Of course that scenario would actually be the end of the US as a legitimate government but one that no longer seems beyond the pale. As it should be recognized by objective observation the Covid pandemic was used by the powers that be to exercise near complete totalitarian control of society and as far as can be demonstrated no safeguards have been implemented legislatively in any western nation to thwart the exercise of that power so the use of that power as precedent is now ‘on the table’ and the possibility of further future use is a ‘legal’ and realistic possibility.
  23. I’m sure if they ever have to suspend elections it will be for a really good reason, like probably to protect democracy from fascists.
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