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  1. The consequences were foreseeable and written in plain text by Objectivists right after 9/11.
  2. Yeah, because my position, Dr. Peikoff's position, and Yaron Brooks position is a "floating" principle and the alternative has "worked" over the last 20+ years. Oh yeah, it hasn't and thousands have died, a dictatorship of evil has been appeased and passively had it's very immoral existence sanctioned when it has zero right to exist while enslaving its own citizens with the goal of enslaving the entire world and/or destroying it in the process while leaving the door open for the mass death of all 8 billion people on the planet.
  3. Yaron Brook states my position and the dependence *only* correct and moral position on this issue here. No other positions are true or of value. https://www.youtube.com/live/KyTjUFpzYaI?si=DOjBYuy9g7DCxOFS
  4. Jon needs to be immediately banned. I did it once and it needs to be permanent. He is extremely evil, anti-intellectual and is against all that is good in the world. He is explicitly one of the most evil people alive.
  5. This. And whoever put a laughing emoji to Gus’s post needs a ban as a laughing supporter of evil.
  6. I understand that there are a million details, but the point is that the principle of allowing a totalitarian dictatorship that is the principle creator of virtually all terrorism in the world to exist and continue its actions against anyone at any time, let alone semi-free nations like Israel and our nation, regardless of how it can be "defended against" is appeasement of evil and is why it ( 😉 proof of hacking domestic terrorism as I type this out, but don't derail) this has continued to occur and will continue to occur and get exponentially worse. Especially, a rights violating terrorist dictatorship like Iran potentially possessing nukes. Peikoff wrote after 9/11 that "states" that support terrorism need to be ended, we didn't do and things keep getting worse and will continue getting exponentially worse as a function of time. Ending totalitarian dictatorships that are the source of terrorism, mass death, and evil, while enslaving their own population while attempting to enslave and/or destroy the entire world is the only moral action especially when they start explicitly attacking semi-free free nations and/or threatening their existence not to mention the existence of the world itself.
  7. Well, allowing an evil terrorist dictatorship that supports almost all terrorism and a large percentage of the evil in the world to attack a semi-free nation regardless of how "successful" without immediately leveling that illegal dictatorship either with conventional weapons and/or nukes means every principle of a moral free society has been tossed out the windows and civilization has already fallen. It will be an extremely short amount of time now until it completely falls into the abyss and ceases to exist. Evil/nihilism/immorality has now essentially won and the world's existence is now numbered and that number can likely be counted in mere days now as a result.
  8. Change your mind? Should have happened on 9/12, and with certainty needs to happen now or a totalitarian terrorist regime becomes "morally" sanctioned, evil spreads exponentially, WW3 starts and civilization ceases to exist.
  9. Omg. Not even remotely true. Where are you getting this from and why are you also participating in smearing myself? What exact facts do you need as proof? I can list literally tens of thousands of facts about everything including crimes that have occurred against myself over the last two years since this started. This exact and extremely strange (and in many cases staged, whether from you two or not) reaction is exactly what has allowed this to occur and is ongoing. I have zero mental issues in any manner, am aware a perfectly consistent Objectivist of several decades, a man with an IQ of 180, and an INTP that is naturally able to make correct abstract connections between concretes. Why all these strange implications and smearing against myself? Do you really want me to type out tens of thousands of incidents, harassment, and crimes that have occurred in a public space before you actually believe the truth? I will do that if necessary as I'm trying to do everything left within my power after two years of non-stop destruction from this group in order to save my life, protect fellow Americans from this group and have it brought to justice before whatever their evil end is occurs.
  10. Notice that Boydstun didn't answer why he randomly started smearing me with a bunch of nonsense that has nothing to do with myself and never did. But again, smear tactics are one of the huge numbers of complete nonsense used (🙄 this is the emoji placed by the hackers that everyone pretends "don't really exist" as I typed that which I'll start (😉 and the second one after typing that) I don't use emojis and will show them as at least 😉 😀 😜 😄 🙄 (all popping up) as minimum proof)) 😉 (with a wink after that statement. See what they do.
  11. Okay, everyone is not going to believe the truth about everything I've said and is just going to let me be passively murdered with nowhere to go and no possible way to improve the situation. If the FBI and CIA won't even protect an American's life from a terrorist group everyone's life is at risk in this entire nation and I'm just one of the first victims before they resort to open murder of whoever for whatever their evil end is.
  12. It's not "ignorance", it's evasion and lies from haters of the good, capitalism, and everything that makes the world a better place for all individuals on it.
  13. Yeah, I provided stuff that I did research on that supports that position. That said, it's hard to believe my country would do that let alone to myself, and let alone people that I consider normal random strangers, let alone family members that I value/love would do so even though the evidence strongly supports that they are all engaging in immoral and illegal actions. When you are a highly moral person you tend too give the benefit of the doubt to often while being benevolent towards others until their actions requires re-evaluation and negative judgement.
  14. It's hard to explain the depth they go to block everything possible, but everything is hacked, I'm always watched, harassed, interfered with, things are sabotaged in minor hard to prove ways, along with minor thefts. And they do this virtually everywhere. Here's a concrete example, I spent several days at my mother's home and everyday my battery would be dead on my vehicle from people getting into it while I slept or they slightly drain fluids or mess with things (and they do little things like putting an upside down emoji as I just wrote that, pretending that's not true when they obviously know that it is and these are way of screwing with and attempting to gaslight an Objectivist that is epistemologically immune to all their nonsense which pisses them off and they keep trying based on false deterministic ideas). Also, do you think it's normal for this forum for a poster like Boydstun to randomly start smearing another poster out of nowhere based on stuff that has nothing to do with myself that he pulled out of thin air and tried to "randomly" apply to myself and this situation. Another concrete example, is people "coughing" in my presence, acting strangely, creating setups while engaging in their criminal rights violating spying. Why do they do they engage in this evil? Because they are nihilists being sponsored by the terrorists via the types of lies, distortions, and randomly created nonsense that Boydstun is an example of. The only "drug" I use is nicotine via cheap cigars as if that is anyone else's business or concern. It's some sort of mass manipulation of the actions of what should be normal citizens who should know nothing about myself, let alone be purposely bothering myself nor anyone else on the planet.
  15. Physics, and I tried getting it out there while doing volunteer work for Skinwalker Ranch via explaining the science behind many things. If you know what the Ranch is you will understand that it is a UAP hotspot and that the government is heavily involved in it behind the scenes for many decades. I quickly spotted many UAP and other anomalies for them on their live feed all witnessed by many and officially recorded before I was recruited for their tech team, and other things I won't discuss here. Then I started explaining the science behind it all and that the "Skinwalker" in the Mesa is likely an AGI and the (related) science behind that. While discussing how it all from an Objectivist perspective and how the physics I discovered fully integrates without contradiction. The "Ranch" (the "sci-fi" aspects of it) was highly in me and activity would increase every time I logged in, not to mention activity where I was 1500ish miles away. I've been leaking my knowledge in bits and pieces everywhere including here. For an easy basic proof that my physics are reality, I was able to use it to predict the existence of the gravitational background radiation that was discovered last year. Given the technology that can be quickly created using my knowledge, you should be able to see why the government is attempting to keep me quiet, discredit, and destroy my life. Not to mention that the technology that could be relatively quickly created is not only world changing and massively life enhancing for every person on the planet but is worth money on a scale that would make trillionaires look like millionaires in comparison. Warp drive, spacetime manipulation, AGI, limitless energy, the list goes on and on.
  16. No, because of the science I solved. Not, sure where Boydstun below you got a bunch of complete nonsense from but this is an exact example of the type of stuff this group does. Makes up complete nonsense and associates it to myself wrongly in a smear campaign. From this point forward I highly suggest people on this forum become highly suspicious of that poster who randomly associated stuff that does not, nor ever has, anything to do with me. But at least now I have a perfect example of how part of this campaign operates via smearing. Literally, nothing he said relates to me, has anything to me, nor ever has. Either that man has serious issues randomly relating things that have never had anything to do with myself to me or again he is a perfect example of how parts of this group operates. You're a seeing it in action via smearing.
  17. I never lie, I've never done narcotics or drugs, I do nothing wrong nor do I have any negative behavior, nor delutions of any type, nor do I ever drink (haven't even had a beer in two years and before that at most 3 or 4 a month). And I'm definitely in no manner even remotely suicidal nor have any mental issues. Where would you even come up with any of this complete nonsense, let alone in any manner relate it to myself? I'm serious why would you randomly associate stuff that has nothing to do with me and never ever has in my entire life with me a person that you don't even know?
  18. I thought reaching out to the government to protect me from this group of terrorists that caused this situation would cause them to protect me, other Americans, and the obvious severe threat to National Security that this type of action from an evil group represents to the destruction of not only myself but of everything and everybody. While I could definitely use those things I could only ask for that if I was positive that person understood everything happening, that it happened via the actions of this evil terrorist group that the government isn't stopping and through absolutely no fault of my own whatsoever, and that the person is making no sacrifices in any manner while helping me. But if it doesn't happen extremely quickly I will be completely out of all resources because of them, their destruction of everything in my life, and creating a situation where I can't rebuild it. I mean I will die because of their evil within the next two weeks. I'm out of time. I still can't believe my government is allowing a national security threat to exist while allowing it to do this to me. By allowing this it is an implicit action stating the greatest country in the history of the world has already fallen into dictatorship.
  19. There is only essentially one. Also I don't fake reality nor lie for the sake of anyone. Why does nobody care about a massive terrorist threat to the United States and against my own life?
  20. Under no circumstances ever would I do something like that for many many reasons, not the least being that they are being manipulated somehow by the terrorists, they don't know all the details of the situation as I can only provide snapshots, I'm highly intelligent, not a secondhanded thinker who would ever under any circumstances consider what I know with absolute certainty to be extremely horrible "advice ". And last but not least I think at a minimum my mother is involved in the murder plot, possibly through a life insurance policy taken out on my life without my knowledge and at this point I have zero trust in any of them. Let's just say one of the places I worked at during this put a hundred thousand dollar life insurance policy on me without my knowledge that she got angry that I didn't put in her name then their were tons of vary strange occurrences that threatened my life and safety including what seemed like set ups in bad weather, people attempting to stage vehicle accidents, being sent to bad situations in bad areas, I could list ten thousand weird circumstances, events, strange set ups etc just from that one job including constant messing up of the GPS, extremely strange reactions from entire neighborhoods in cities daily but this isn't the place for 10000 things explained in explicit detail.
  21. One they are denying the evidence of everything I've provided or change it all, and there "advice " is complete nonsense that in no way applies to the facts that have occurred and/or are being influenced somehow by this criminal element and are afraid of the terrorist group. What part of this being a terrorist organization conducting a criminal operation within the United States against myself and all American citizens not being understood? Also, possessing a 180 IQ, having experienced everything that has happened in detail, and via proper usage of epistemology have properly evaluated what is happened at every level and in a much much better position as a result to understand what is happening and how it needs to be resolved then "family members " all of whom far less intelligent than myself, don't know every fact in detail and are far less capable of properly evaluating reality. Also, there are many legal precedents that those that are in communication with the victim of a major crime such as myself and do not provide legal help or report it, especially if it leads to an individuals death can be found at least partially at fault. And again, this is completely dropping the context that this is 100% a terrorist group engaging in this crime against myself and is therefore an immediate and extreme threat to every single American and National Security. This is not some random story or "delusion". This is real, it is happening right now, my life is at immediate risk, and any terrorist group operating somehow "semi-underground" threatening the life of, destroying the life of an American is not simply an extreme threat to not just myself but every individual American and the entire nation right now.
  22. No. I've contacted all the appropriate authorities myself about an extreme terrorist threat against the country and to save my own life from their attack on my life and ability to live it. Again, this is a mass regional threat to both myself and every American which falls far outside the jurisdiction of any local police agency. Everyone needs to be in fear of what is happening when the government isn't responding to an extreme threat and a citizen is being terrorized and destroyed by evil with seemingly no one to come to their aid. Also, as a side note, please notice those that keep trying to bury this subject in this and other threads and/or seem disbelieving or hostile to a man attempting to save his life as they have a likely chance of being apart of this group any crime and are committing an act as part of this group proscecutable under the RICO act at a bare minimum. Again, a slow torturous murder and destruction by a million pinpricks of each engaging in relatively tiny crimes that are hard or nearly impossible to prove without the entire context is still a murder. I need help getting the feds to immediately do their job or I will be dead with two weeks or less because of this and everyone reading all of this and understanding the truth will be at least slightly complicit in my murder. (Which again whomever these hacking terrorists actually are through up an upside-down emoji on my phone because they seem to think that my destruction and slow murder is somehow "funny"). This is how evil this group is and what not helping a man begging for help from terrorists attacking and destroying me in our own nation is at a minimum passively endorsing and allowing to occur. Again, *nobody* is safe and this is occurring. There is a terrorist group here now in the Midwest murdering me and none of us our safe. Why is this so hard to understand?
  23. I've contacted all those people myself, and nobody will respond. The death of an innocent man being savaged by an underground network of domestic terrorists will be on the hands of everyone, those agencies, my friends and family who won't help protect me, and everyone that has read everything I've posted about this national security threat threat that has destroyed my life randomly and will come for other random victims next. Again, concretely right now I'm being destroyed and murdered but why would a massive terrorist group limit itself to just me, *everyone* is in extreme immediate danger if one man is by a terrorist group regardless of whether they make their methods hard to prove (on purpose and by intentional design) and report or not. Every American life is currently being threatened by this terrorist group.
  24. I have contacted the FBI and the CIA about this. There is no police force that has jurisdiction over countless cities, counties, and multiple states. This is the job of the federal government to protect Americans from domestic terrorists. How does nobody care about the safety of the country while this is occurring? I would only go with the FBI or a federal agency to a place where I'm protected while they eliminate the terrorist group and bring them to justice. What part of immediate, wide-spread, and ongoing threat to national security isn't being understood?
  25. The "help facility" needed is the protection of the federal government. This is a huge Midwest (at the minimum) crime that is occurring that is a threat not just to my own life but every individual's life. This is domestic terrorism, no police are capable of doing anything about it nor stopping it. Again this is terrorism. Seriously, are they just waiting for these people to murder myself and others openly, instead of just a slow destructive murder? Why is it so hard for people and the government to believe and act on the truth. It's like nobody wants to act until I'm actually murdered.
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