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    Instagram: mega_manly Commenting daily on @atlassociety and @yaliberty

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    Going faster. Profile pic is a still from GoPro footage of my 2018 Pikes Peak Hill Climb on my 2004 RC51. I love warning points from Karens and the big stinking piles of crap written to justify them. Shows how this place is actually run better than anything I could say. To anyone interested in a place with people who like Ayn Rand, you should try Atlas Society Instagram. They post about four times a day and there are great comments from users. No one gets trumped up points against their posting privs. No one gets censored. And there are not too many comments, its not a sea of dumb comments. Most comments and conversations are quite good. Socialists and sundry leftists post a lot. Just block those accounts and you won't even see them.

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    United States
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    At-home Dad, raised two daughters. Real estate.
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    Co-President (with Adam Mossoff) of The George Washington University Ayn Rand Institute-supported Objectivist Club.
    Attended various Jefferson School seminars and ARI events over the years.
    Started reading Rand at 14, read all of it several times by 17.
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    several, self-employed

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  1. Is this the seventeen thousand four hundred eighty seventh attempt to finally, totally, once-and-for-all, get that bad Trump, or am I forgetting one? But this time will be different! This time they’ve really got him! This time it isn’t about lies they made up! This time he messed up real bad! Such excellent entertainment.
  2. The manner in which you are discussing the raid and the Biden Crime Family, is propaganda. lol
  3. And ... "It is pretty hard hitting and many of my friends are asking me about it." What specific questions are friends asking that you could use help answering?
  4. The best refutation is to say it is simply a hateful hit piece. Refutation is for people of reason and good will, not for scribbles on bathroom walls or the equivalent. Don't be goaded into dead-end discussions framed by the enemy.
  5. The manner in which the crimes and corruption of the Biden Crime Family is discussed, is propaganda. Now that's the funniest thing I have seen this year! Thank you for that.
  6. "Orderly election process" is the funniest thing I have seen this year. Thank you.
  7. Of course. And you could also, very quickly and easily. But first you would have to want the truth.
  8. The US and indeed the whole world is in great danger because Biden and his son have their hands in so much corruption, especially in Ukraine. He has sent them US weaponry that they then hawk all over the world to raise cash. Zelensky has the goods on the Biden Crime Family and he seems able to force Biden to do just about anything he demands. What won't Pedo Peter do to avoid facing the consequences of his family's crimes? None of us are safe. Hopefully Putin can wipe Zelensky off the face of earth soon, eliminating one of Biden's puppet masters. NPR notices that the Biden regime has been evading decades of corruption in Ukraine and they seem to think it matters: Corruption concerns involving Ukraine are revived as the war with Russia drags on : NPR
  9. If only we had a word for that. If only we had a concept for when the executive makes up new law for purposes of thwarting judicial branch rulings and undermining state law. If only we had a concept for when hospitals' continuities are explicitly threatened if they don't succeed in pressuring staff MDs who may not wish to comply with the "new law."
  10. Take heart — that's not how people behave when they know they have the facts on their side.
  11. Cue the ObjOnline Evade and Distract Brigade.
  12. Got that Tony? They murdered tens of thousands of their own citizens with years of shelling and military assaults. But they are NOT authoritarians and suggesting otherwise would be absurd. Have fun talking to these clowns.
  13. Thanks. Likewise, I'm sure the ladies at The View and George Soros and so many more are even more proud, of you.
  14. This is a very strong clue for anyone aspiring to an objective epistemology but apparently it flies right over the heads of some.
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