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  1. Sure, I struggle to fully understand Objectivism but to my understanding its about humans and their right to a peaceful living, among other aspects. Keeping my taxes as low as possible sure gives me peace and I would like to share this with others.
  2. Chicken Genius just released his take on Coinbase as an investment, making an interesting point. He fully recognizes its ability to grow in business and market cap but warns about it being a mere CEX, a centralised exchange. The very problem Bitcoin came to solve. Fee less decentralised exchanges, DEXs seem to be the obvious choice in the long future, thus Coinbase losing its USP.
  3. I had to look up the meaning of economies of scope. In short meaning combination advantage. Reasons for a company to split its production over several factories usually stems from hitting production bottlenecks, cost savings and or convenience like in logistics. I would say both are as likely given the insufficient information stated.
  4. Prior to writing I made a search on the subject but the information I could find in English was very sparse, for obvious reasons. The forum sub category is labelled "Economic theory, business, markets" which seems to be on topic? Please enlighten me if I am wrong.
  5. Haha, sort of. They do not get paid for their eggs right? If not domesticated all animals would be free as in working for themselves. I do not want this to be a discussion about animal rights but I do support every measure that can make the lives of laying hens at industrial scale, less miserable.
  6. Hi guys, this is my first day here and I just wanted to share some knowledge. Opposite to popular belief Sweden has a very beneficial system of private asset taxation. This post is my best effort of explaining our flat-rate asset account ISK in English. ISK is an acronym for investeringssparkonto. First of Sweden still have its old, classic or standard way of private asset taxation like almost all countries and territories where you only pay tax if and when you made a profit. That tax level is 30 % on gains and enables tax deductions between 14.7 - 30 % of a loss. The deduction perce
  7. A continuously raised wealth and income inequality is a force similar to the laws of physics. We have to counter it but also accept it as a simple result of compounding. This is as long as we want to live in free societies and end extreme poverty.
  8. What's your source? From what I could find on the matter Californian chickens are already required to have 9,3 cm² (144 square inches) of cage room starting on 1th of January 2020. Then be cage free from the 1th of January 2022. https://apnews.com/article/7caa07ba411e4a53afdc7498fd573950 The supply will obviously be lowered especially considering all eggs sold in California will have to comply with the same animal welfare conditions, to my understanding. With lower supply the prices will be raised. However with eggs being a typical generic product business competition is always fierc
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