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  1. Of course I listened. And of course anyone can say anything, just selectively not conservatives and some libertarians on Left-owned social media. What bothers you especially about Hawley? I want to know why he is so alarming by contrast to what the Left are doing in power and will do more of. Rather ironic, you think that the embattled conservatives want a "safe space" which has been the creation and feature of frightened Leftists. I think you enjoy them getting muzzled.
  2. Those mystics who laud God and the Soul, chased off in the wrong direction. Put in "existence" to replace "God" and man's consciousness for "soul" (and that "each individual meets" or apprehends reality, alone, and judges for himself by that standard) and there is something Objectivists might relate to as an interesting exercise.
  3. 1. Show me where, in that belief system, one's soul is considered the collective property of other 'souls'. Do you get that (in that belief system) each individual meets his maker alone? Let that notion sink in for a moment. Right off, there's the simple cause of much more self-responsibility from the conservatives. You will never hear the word "character" from leftists. 2. You go by one speaker mouthing off about breaking up big tech as your insight into conservatives and ignored the substance of what I said about clamps on freedom of speech directed at the conservatives - and anything I
  4. I've gone about as far as I care to, supporting the religious-conservatives. I have not implied they are objectively right and moral, I say they are better by far to deal with than the alternatives. "Duty"? The left-collectivists promote "your brother's keeper", on steroids. That is their total metaphysics, ethics and politics, right there. 1. Other people - the standard of value. 2. Exacting control over others' lives and minds through the state. The reason is this, I think. The complete collectivist is necessarily a total determinist. Here, one is predetermined by physical factors, xyz,
  5. "We the people"? At about 80% - 20 % I might estimate is the ratio of leftist collectivism to rightist collectivism, and varying widely with the latter. The left are locked into anti-individualism; it's their entire nature and modus operandi. Reckon further, about 5 - 95 is the ratio of Left to Right individualism. So one avoids over-generalizations, all S is P - yet, can infer where lie the predominant or overwhelming characteristics. Summary: The conservatives have individualism by a huge margin compared to the Leftists. You have been looking for identity-equivalence of
  6. Omigod. Run for the hills, the nationalists are coming. They are going to emphasize us to death. No the large corporations have probably committed no crime, not initiated force, but some are amoral, anti-capitalist corporatists.
  7. >When it is proclaimed in collectivist terms<. Therefore when "we" as individuals in a group (of sorts) are being named, targeted and publicly ostracized by vengeful collectivists, would speak out or resist the treatment, qua group, "we" are now equally ... 'collectivists'? Tarring the victims with the victimizers' brush. And what would you have the conservatives do? Meekly submit to their virtual elimination, self-sacrifice? You know what - I am beginning to think that's what militant anti-Christians actually wish for.
  8. And I ask you again. What are these "national conservatives" going to DO about what they think or believe? What are the logical actions that follow from God, Nation, Constitution, Family? Impose one's beliefs on others, by forced conversions? A theocracy? Invade neighboring countries? Put dissidents into camps? Or what? "National conservatism" is meaningless or benign: So - one is conservative and has high regard for one's nation. How does it hurt others? This goes for many/most citizens in every country, give or take.
  9. He is a politician - yes, they think in terms of the mass of people and pander to them, and yes, power and politicians go together. If that's the sample you know of conservative thinkers you are barely touching the surface. What we are viewing is an attempted fight-back by conservatives to re-assert themselves against initiated attacks from the leftist-collectivists - and - you take that to be 'nationalistic'? The "cancel culture" put in motion by big tech, politicians, media and entertainment, in education, business - etc. - is real, or is this something you missed? It has been blatantly
  10. A conservative writer who can see clearly: https://americanconsequences.com/trish-regan-the-left-cancels-america/
  11. I have no idea about his mercantilism, while I believe you. But this is minor. If V D Hanson were an integrationist of individualism with laissez-faire capitalism - this would be moot, he wouldn't be up for discussion. His "ethical-psychological" individualism, I'd say, is of high standing: his thoughtful rationality, body of work and background tells that he "...thinks and judges independently, respecting nothing more than the sovereignty of his mind". Except -- there's God, competing with his independence. (He is a Protestant I read, but nobody claims he's of integrated mind-body, as th
  12. btw, Victor Davis Hanson is a brilliant -conservative - scholar and historian. Ive read several of his articles I concede that Conservativism could well be "not grounded in individualism" as you say. But are conservatives themselves? I have a different approach to the formal, scholastic, top down method you prefer. I observe and read the people, and one like Hanson and -many- others are as individualist as they come, I reckon. Irrelevant, what they are *supposed to be* from their ideology/religion/ethics/etc. backgrounds. People have free will.
  13. I said it "was good as far as an intro into the divide". For the rest I thought and still do that it was a misplaced and mistimed hit piece against religionists. A pretty soft target. When, at this stage, I think it should be a full out intellectual assault by ARI on leftists. "Purges" - "Authoritarianism" - "A betrayal of America" (Journo)-- all, more fitting to the Left-Dems as to Trump and the 'nationalists', and he's not around any more. It seems as if no one thinks like Bernstein, for one, appears to (and me too) - that this is no time for equally disparaging both the religious righ
  14. From "Capitalist Review" - Probable author: A Bernstein In President Trump’s 2020 Fourth of July Speech, for all its flaws, these paragraphs stood out: “1776 represented the culmination of thousands of years of Western civilization and the triumph of not only spirit, but of wisdom, philosophy, and reason. And yet, as we meet here tonight, there is a growing danger that threatens every blessing our ancestors fought so hard for, struggled, they bled to secure. Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoc
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