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  1. I don't have any conviction in that, Jon. What matters for the longer term is that the handover, when it comes, is acted with self-restraint, casts the Republicans and Trump supporters in a more decently dignified light than what those others have been doing.
  2. Trump got ~this~ close to stopping "the Left" dead in its tracks, maybe permanently. One more term and Trump's further successes, domestic and foreign would likely have the effect of breaking up the disordered Left into its fractious elements, Democrats, Socialists, Greens, progressives, post-modernists, neo-Marxists or whatever. And then some sanity could have prevailed. Now in victory, they are solidly cohesive - a bloc. And having learned their lesson, that an upstart could have derailed their ambitions, they will be prepared, will entrench and expand their grip on power by any me
  3. There are certainly some Objectivists who think, by way of Rand's insights, that a country, as an individual, needs to be strong in order to be gentle. In order to practice kindness and assistance to others, undutifully and non-sacrificially. "Strong" that is, rationally, morally and intellectually as well as physically-materially. The process has never been reversed, tail wagging the dog - one evidently doesn't gain such strength through compassion (etc.) but fritters both away. And do you know what? If you look only at the essentials of his actions , what is clear is Trump per
  4. The death of American democracy? As opposed to the Democrats who not for a moment paused in their ludicrous attempts to discredit, invalidate and overthrow Trump's presidency? (Some in Africa had a chuckle at that hypocrisy by self-labeled 'democrats', having been there ourselves in many contested elections, often fraudulent). This recent crop of Democrats displayed the petulant outrage of little children who didn't get their way. Who could never accept the outcome of a free and fair election. Trump also could have moments of petulance, and the unjust onslaught against him could excuse this. B
  5. What?! Where have you seen or heard of those Objectivists, Don Athos? Not me for one. The "coup", in a sense, was already carried out by the Dems, unless you can make a counter-argument against mine: that they effectively and immorally exploited existing emergency circumstances, encouraging the race riots, the severity of the pandemic and life-destroying lockdowns to their advantage. Feeding conditions of fear and havoc that could only tell against an incumbent Administration. Immoral although legal and democratic, I'd say of their "coup". Sacrificers I detected them to be, 5-6
  6. Would anyone dare call Biden or Obama "xenophobic"?** Does anyone recall that Obama was briefly called the Deporter in Chief? (Not to be heard again). Trump conversely was forthright - candid - about his intentions on border control and paid the price in a bad public image all over the world. But never Obama! That's the power of the media's "narrative", what you are allowed to hear, what you don't hear, what you see/don't see, what you selectively remember and what is believed and felt create an image of a person or an issue. From an article by Chris Farrell, "What a Biden Admin
  7. How does one "find" someone? The choices of candidates are out of our control. And are we political activists ... or active philosopher-intellectuals? One tries to influence the philosophical grounds which are consequent to the political. Never by duty but in conceived value/self-interest. But next time round, it would be nice if Objectivists were in accord and distinguish (identify/evaluate) better. This party from that one, this individual from that - is the better path to improved, at least sustaining some freedom. While that route will lose freedom.
  8. You're missing the bigger picture, methinks. Look past Trump. The Democrats won by fostering a climate of fear. They had all the essential tools in their pocket: a monolithic media, the movie industry, Silicon Valley billionaires, a controlling social media, the embedded Leftist intelligentsia, many scientists, etc. - doing their part to promote ... you name it: 'Runaway' global warming, the Covid virus and deaths and lockdowns, racial discord, street violence, Western cultural shame, "Right Wing fascists" .... And before someone cries "Conspiracy Theory!" to add, those elements
  9. This logic is confounding. I.e. Trump was effective in some/many ways and meeting goals so should have been effective at the last hurdle, re-election? That's apparent "perfectionism" coming up. Reminder: "Good? for whom and for what purpose". The perfect politician will never exist, just good for the period and context. And how does one 'stop' one's opposition, without recourse to authoritarian or under-hand and unconstitutional means? damned if he does ...etc. Apparently he wasn't "good" enough for most voters. Results weren't enough for them, perceptions took prime position. That's
  10. Is it moral to deceive the immoral, those clearly out to get you and more to the point, what you hold dear? I think so. The alternative is self-sacrifice to sacrificers.
  11. All quite right. The higher the value placed in the other person, and they in you, the deeper will be the emotions and hurt at their betrayal. Nathaniel well knew that and hesitated to come clean, I gather. How do you tell the woman or man you admire more than anyone, and still cherish, and know their love of you, that you've been unfaithful? When these two had relations which began as mentor and student and rose almost to intellectual equals, they went well past the normal experience of close intimacy. I guess the mistake was in the rationalist presumption that the intellect can initiate the
  12. At one level it's apparent he hasn't contained his reactions and emotions (inferring his "value-judgments"). We read his Tweets seeing - exactly - what he thought/felt at that very moment, about anyone and any issue. Not passing this off as his "honesty", mind you, but it's been in stark contrast to the career politico who picks his words, arranges his facial expressions and hedges with double-speak forever aware of his mass image, telling the public practiced lies they want to hear. I found Trump's off the cuff impulsiveness a refreshing departure even if I cringed a little, knowing how his
  13. My endless fascination with that curious combination of gullibility and cynicism, heard at large and even among O'ists... How about this scene: The Press has lied, deceived and groomed the 'news' towards its agenda of a continuing Obama legacy and the ends of directing the control of power to the self-righteous Left through dividing the nation. I.e.. Divide and rule. (Quote: It's your minds they want); while President Trump, appearances, erraticisms and his tactical deceptions to the contrary, has been the honest man, one who didn't try to "manipulate the media". (if there'd been any
  14. For causes best known to themselves, ARI has come down on the wrong side of history. It has appeared for the last years more Left-libertarian than the representative of Ayn Rand and Objectivism.
  15. Yes, and the "Iran Nuclear Deal" looks likely to be back. Return to appeasement of the country which is the largest supplier and supporter of war and occupation in the M.E. Would anyone trust them with nuclear 'power'? Remember the Syria war and al-Assad's mega-civilian deaths? The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic are close strategic allies, and Iran has provided significant support for the Syrian government in the Syrian Civil War, including logistical, technical and financial support, as well as training and some combat troops.
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