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  1. BryanG

    Meet Mr. A!

    See if you can find the video "The Masters of Comic Book Art" from 1987, hosted by the smirking ass-hat Harlan Ellison. Ditko has a approx. 5 min monologue on Mr. A, Ditko's motivation as an artist, and pretty thorough condemnation of the modern anti-hero in comics. This is a snippet from the IMDB page for the program from a clueless reviewer. "The video is limited by what material could be licensed for the feature, which does not include the Marvel work of Kirby, Ditko, Adams, or Miller. Ditko does not appear on screen; but, rather reads a statement while images from his Mr A comic a
  2. Did you add the single point sling, or was it CA military issue? Just curious, I think it's a personal item for most US forces.
  3. The story is that Hubbard made a bet with Sci-Fi writer Joe Haldeman at a convention that he (Hubbard) could invent a new religion and never have to work again. Apparently the dates don't match up though, Hubbard was already involved with Scientology (mid 1950's) before he met Haldeman (mid 1960's).
  4. BryanG


    What Jaskin said. We had a guest instructor one day who was a successful book illustrator doing YA fiction covers. She had a portfolio dating back to her first art class. It was fascinating to her progression from an awful (and I mean AWFUL) beginner to a very skilled painter.
  5. Just to throw another question in to the mix on the "fairness" of using steroids etc. If I have a genetic advantage over other athletes (better lung efficiency, muscle/leverage advantage), is that "fair" to the other athletes? I did nothing to "earn" this advantage. Does my participation in a sport that I have a genetic advantage for create an un-level playing field? I have my own answer on this, but I find it a nice monkey wrench
  6. If your developing software, might it be a good idea to hold on to the PC for testing purposes? The low end IMac should be fine for your needs. Getting up to speed with the Mac OS is pretty easy. If you know your way around a PC the Mac will be a no-brainer.
  7. BryanG

    Admirer or Stalker?

    Roses as a follow-up to getting popped in in the nuggets? He didn't even try to explain his outrageous behavior, he just continued with his romance fantasy? This guy has some serious issues. Since you know this guy is leaving roses under your windshield wiper, I would start by leaving a note under your wiper telling him you are NOT interested and if he does not cease the law will become involved. Be direct, let him know you are serious. I don't think a face to face is a good idea unless you have someone with you. As far as your personal safety, you might want to get some pepper spray
  8. I took (and passed) the Michigan drivers test at the end of my MSF class. I've talked to other people who didn't have to take the same test I did when they went to the DMV for their test. One guy I talked to just went around the DMV parking lot and stopped a couple times and got his MC license. I always wear a helmet, gloves, textile jacket (mesh for summer), and good MC boots. I have pants too, though I usually wear those on longer trips. If it's too hot for a jacket, I don't ride. Tenure, leather still is the best material for MC clothes. Leather specifically for MC jackets is usuall
  9. I very much second taking the MSF course, it's cheap and very helpful. Speaking of 3-wheelers, the Can-Am trike does not lean like a 2-wheeler, but the Piaggio MP3 does. It's kind of neat, though expensive. I just picked up one of these, and I'm really enjoying it!
  10. According to the police report they had him on the ground and had one handcuff on, but were unable to secure his other hand to get the other cuff on - due to him thrashing about. There is a potential risk to the officers when dealing with an unsecured handcuff attached to a thrashing arm.
  11. "They should have no right to decide which questions are relevant, or how much questioning is enough, having granted him the ability to ask questions in the first place." I don't think that was the motivation of the police officers. I could be wrong, but they looked to be reacting to his behavior, not the relevance of his questions. "Also your attempted distinction between arrest, escort, and securing for safety is philosophically meaningless." I was responding to this your description of what "arrest" constitutes as quoted below - that was all I was addressing. "As far as I know
  12. Apparently this person got into a scuffle with the police while trying to get in to the area where Kerry was taking questions. That was the reason why the cops were standing within arms reach of him when he was asking his questions. They already knew he might be a problem. The police removed him because he seemed to be getting agitated again when he was asking his questions. If you watch the longer version on Youtube, he began fighting the police as they were escorting him out (again, they had already dealt with him in an agitated state before he got in) and they put him on the ground. T
  13. BryanG


    It may have pro-reason themes, though it's not apparent from the premise of the game. Also, the game designer obviously won't want to give away why/how this "Objectivist-ish" utopia collapsed, as it may be integral to gameplay. I understand Dorian's motive (a desire to find positive value) maybe he can give a review of the game after he finishes it.
  14. BryanG


    Why wound anyone who supports Objectivism want to support this game? In the first question/answer from the Gamespot interview the designer states that he doesn't think there are (moral) black and whites. I'm wondering why this game, among other FPS games available, would appeal to an Objectivist?
  15. Congrats! Did you listen to music? Have a GPS with you? Sit in a bucket of ice when you got home?? I would be leery of taking my old BMW on a trip that long. I know people do take "vintage" bikes on the Iron Butt, but I'm not that mechanically inclined!
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