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  1. I too did not care for the blame being placed on Batman for the Joker's crimes. Sadly, Batman also placed it on himself, as is evident from when he said (paraphrasing) that he had too much blood on his hands already. The resolution of this issue is one of the major things I look forward to in the next installment.
  2. . . . goes to this line IMO. With everything around it, in full context, that line is side-splitting funny. (Not as funny if you haven't seen it yet, so don't spoil it for yourself.)
  3. I'm not convinced either way on whether to have another Joker in this series. On the one hand, how can that performance be equaled? My roommate says, and I agree, that the man with the best chance at it is Johnny Depp. The point on the other hand is who, upon being asked who they thought could give an all-time performance in the role of the Joker, would have said Heath Ledger??? Perhaps there is another hidden gem out there somewhere. I don't yet have an opinion on this point. There's something for your consideration.
  4. Precisely. I am on a completely different wavelength from someone who doesn't think that's funny. And more to your point, I wasn't laughing when I saw blown up towers on the news. I doubt most of the people laughing at the Joker were either.
  5. There was so much hype around this movie, and like others, I had been anticipating it for so long, so I went in with very high expectations. Though I still have a bit to digest, and I will see it again in the theater, I thought the movie itself was just good, not quite great. However, for me, Ledger's masterful performance makes it worth seeing again and owning it. His acting definitely lived up to the hype, and in not much time I think we will come to see it as an all-time performance. I think very highly of Jack Nicholson's acting talents, but to me this one is not even close. Nichols
  6. The real question here is what if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us? Just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home? Now that's a fantastic hypothetical.
  7. The implication that I am a sadist is just silly and I will not engage it. Personal attacks will get you nowhere in an argument or on this forum. Don't use them. The sarcasm is quite unwarranted also. In my current situation, I would contribute nothing. If my ideal government were in place, I wouldn't have to. Nobody would have to. First refer to the numerous sources that discuss funding government without taxes. Then consider the expenses that prisons could save and the revenue they could generate by putting the prisoners to work.
  8. David, I don't know if you were addressing me with this. I hope you don't mind if I respond as though you were. I don't know that the icky criminals get continually raped. For the perpetration of rapes against the general prison population, the studies I've seen report that it is more than occasional. I haven't examined those studies in depth, and I don't intend to, but the belief that prison rape is common is not without merit. As for criminals meting out justice, I don't think we should let them have free rein. Prisons should be set up to prevent and punish crimes committed in them
  9. I'd rather he spend the rest of his days in prison being somebody's girlfriend. 60 years of beatings and forced sodomy would be exponentially more horrible than sitting in a cell for a few years until they put a needle in his arm.
  10. The Office. The American version. I can't vouch for the original version, though I just rented it and will be watching it in the next couple days. The American version is great. Lots of great characters and acting, and the humor is great. It's a much different kind of comedy from the typical American comedy show. For one, it's actually funny. For two, there's very little in the way of the penis and fart jokes that seem to permeate. I'm not opposed to those necessarily, just that they're way overused and generally not well executed. Anyway, they do a great job at taking office situat
  11. Greetings, my Objectivism Online friends and neighbors! I am selling my beat-up van. I'm asking for $1200, but I'll listen to an offer less than that so long as it's reasonable. Here's the skinny. 1995 Ford Windstar LX. 127584 miles. 3.8L V6 engine with a 4 speed automatic o/d transmission. Features include A/C, cruise control, power locks, bucket seats, driver and passenger airbags, ABS, cassette radio. Has defects as I explain below. I'm asking $1200. I ran a Blue Book report which lists prices at $2715 for excellent condition, $2365 for good, $1950 for fair. It describes "fair
  12. PMO is opening for Red when they hit Omaha next month! Fans of the modern rock genre have likely heard Red. They were nominated for a Grammy in the Christian category, and have done their last two tours supporting powerhouse acts Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. The guitarist and I went to that show last year, and now we're opening for them! YAAAAAA!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? Here's the promotional flyer which is very nice: And on our MySpace you can hear the promo spots that 89.7 The River is running. I have listened to it approximately 27 times. /music fanb
  13. I'd drive a hot pink ice cream truck if it got 300 miles to the gallon.
  14. I was rather bored with it on the whole. Having seen the first one, I found many of the moments to be overly predictable. For example, as soon as Gates I'm with Moose on it being over the top. Many scenes simply strained the imagination. I do not require that a movie be completely "realistic," i.e. that it could happen in today's world. I can enjoy over the top, but other things have to come into play for me to like it. Consider the most recent Die Hard film. The scene toward the end in which John is really over the top. But that movie had something going for it that NT didn
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