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  1. Damn, I just logged on to post that same article. You beat me to it!
  2. I'll I have to say is two quotes from Mark Twain. "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it." Mark Twain "It is a solemn thought: dead, the noblest man's meat is inferior to pork." Mark Twain
  3. Damn, I live in Clark county Wa and Baird is my congressmen. I didn't know about the town hall meeting. Looks like I missed a hell of a show.
  4. Don't get me wrong I think the new stadium is impressive and a feat of engineering. However, I don't like the indoor stadiums. It feels like your watching the game in Costco. Real teams play outdoors!
  5. Just when I thought I had enough reasons to dislike the cowboys they go and put a giant f-ing tv in the middle of the field that gets hit by the ball during punts: Punter kicks into HD screen over field
  6. Found this article in the Telegraph: The release of the Lockerbie bomber was linked to trade deals between Britain and Libya, Col Muammar Gaddafi’s son, claimed last night. Apparently the decision by Scottish ministers to free the biggest mass murderer in British legal history was to form a deal with a corrupt terrorist state that has already funded murder on Scottish territory.
  7. Here is the transcript of the CNN interview with the official who released him. Apparently in Scotland "compassion" trumps justice and the perpetrators are to receive more compassion then their victims. What kind of disgusting and corrupt place this must be where terrorist have more rights then their victims.
  8. Obama requested that the Libyan government keep the homecoming low key and out of sight. Instead they had a huge celebration waiting for him. Here is a video of his homecoming celebration.
  9. Most families outraged at Pan Am 103 bomber's release Wow. What can I say except Scotland sucks.
  10. Damn, I need to choose my words more carefully. What I intended to say is after the "alleged incident". Thanks for keeping me honest guys
  11. The video is after the fact. Sorry, about the misleading phrase.
  12. "Here I go again" by White Snake.
  13. This is a little known news article that somehow has been ignored by the mainstream media: Disabled Woman Assaulted at Health Care Town Hall Meeting. It's a good example of how ACORN and the like don't really "care" about people. One of my favorite sayings is "show me a liberal and I will show you a man who is filled with hate" The whole thing is just sickening. Here is the
  14. No wonder Oregon has the highest unemployment rate in the country second only to Michigan.
  15. There was an article in yesterday's Colombian about how Oregon's new taxes is beginning to push business across the river and into SW Washington. I tried to find the article online but couldn't find it. I did find another article from the Colombian about wealthy Oregon residents moving from the state due to the new tax rate on the rich.
  16. Checkout the way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GStMLFMdRcQ. CNN doesn't wast time on nonsense like both sides of an issue.
  17. He recommends reading "Capitalism the Unknown Ideal" on his website.
  18. This is the full quote: As read in FairfeldcountyWeekly.com.
  19. Unfortunately I think its too late for that. We've retrograded too far to maintain the status quo. We've lost too much industry and wealth, our liberties have become too perverted. It's impossible to run a business here or generate wealth. We've become so far in debt that paying it off has become unfeasible. I'm not worried about the socialized health care because I believe the government won't be able to pay for it for very long. Most Demarcates are living in a dream world. Reality will come knocking sooner rather than later. I don't want gridlock because it wouldn't make things better and where we are now is intolerable. Unfortunately I believe things wont start getting better until they get worse. I just wish I wasn't on the ship while its sinking.
  20. Not to mention the government is persuading people to trade in their "paid off" vehicles so they can get a new loan. Just what the country needs more debt. It's a bunch of Keynesian BS.
  21. Dennis Kneale is a government tool. Watch here to see him get completely schooled by Peter Schiff.
  22. The only thing I could find about his stance on abortion was that he was against federal funding for it. This comes as no surprise seeing how he's against federal funding for almost everything.
  23. Based on what? I couldn't even find what religion he is. If he is a religious nut (which I doubt) he isn't talking about it, or anybody else for that matter. I you go to his campaign website http://www.randpaul2010.com/ you'll find he doesn't even mention religion once. If you do have sources for this claim I would like to see them. I think its good news because I cannot envision my personal liberties coming under attack from Dr Paul in the Senate. This is the only issue I care about.
  24. Rothbard left the Libertarian Party and became what he called "Paleolibertarianism" he can hardly speak for the entire LP and their leaders. Many Libertarians view themselves as the party of the founding fathers and the constitution. They view the American flag as the symbol of such. The idea of it representing oppression I think would meet with scorn by most of the LP.
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