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  1. Wow, So many things wrong in that statement I don't even know were to begin. !. "Government didn't cause Great Depression. Neither did free market. Humans caused Great Depression. Specifically working class. Market worked very well." First to say that the market didn't cause the depression and that humans did is rather funny. Who is exactly is the market then? 2. "Market worked very well. Economy was completely restructured by 1933. But there was 25% unemployment." No, the market was working miserably. In 1929 prices in stocks doubled. The fed rose the interest rates and the m
  2. What a bunch of BS, here is a good article from the WSJ: Putting the Brakes on the GM IPO Fervor
  3. But your theory falls apart in super bowl thirty where Dallas beat Pittsburgh. Dallas's offense ranked fifth in the NFL and Pittsburgh's defense was ranked third NFL. Yet the more dominant offense won out. Naturally there are many examples of dominate offenses and defenses winning games. Unfortunately you can't just wrap the whole thing in a neat little equation and say dominate defenses always win. There's too many variables in play.
  4. What about the Imam who's building the WTC mosque? Is he getting billed for all their police protection?
  5. \If your talking west coast offense and super bowls then you also have to include: Mike Shanahan's (former Walsh asst) two wins with Denver, Mike Holmgren (Walsh asst) and also John Gruden (Holmgren asst) with Tampa Bay. 9>6.
  6. I don't think Obama is dumb enough to let foreign troops on US soil. Could you imagine the outcry? This is just political grandstanding that has no merit. Obama just wants to point to the opposition and say; see the world agrees with me.
  7. I recognize their right to build the mosque. However, I think their jerks for doing so. Why do they have to build it right there? Really? Right next to the world trade center, in New York's financial district? That can't be coincidental. And how much did they spend to get that land? That location had to be expensive as hell. Its all in really bad taste. If the builders of the mosque want to improve relations then why do they insist on putting the mosque in such a delicate location? Plus, the name of the mosque is "Cordoba" which is the name of the Mosque that Islam created when they conquere
  8. Apparently he is in Minnesota now. I think he is going to play. My theory is he just doesn't want to be in camp. Walter Jones used to do the same thing every year to Seattle.
  9. Only about 100,000 people decide the Republican primary in Connecticut.
  10. Ahhh....Sweet vindication! Referee Bill Leavy apologizes to Seahawks for bad calls made during Superbowl XL. First Okung finally signs now this. Its a good day to be Seahawk fan.
  11. Do you mean the Hayek vs. Keynes video? Or is there another one I don't know about?
  12. Political atmosphere? How about a UK judge acquitting the "kingnorth six" from The Guardian: This shouldn't be a pissing contest about which country has the worst radicals. However, the environmentalist are holding the UK hostage, even at the judicial level. A persons property could be damaged or rights taken away by vigilantism which the UK's legal system is unwilling to prevent. Sorry guy, but that's much worse than Fox censoring their own cartoon.
  13. Greenpeace Shuts London BP Forecourts So a group walk onto private property vandalized it and illegally sealed off the business while impersonating its employees. And the London police just watched. Wow. I can tell you right now that kind of thing would not fly in the US. Not to mention the vandalized power plant awhile ago were the perpetrators were released by the judge because "they strongly believed in their cause". Does the UK have any rights?
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