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  1. These posts were split from the "fiancee trouble" thread, as they deal with the more abstract issue of having a relationship with a non-Objectivist.--JMeganSnow How can you ask for no lectures when what your dealing with is the irrational, have you not before mentioned that she is a religious person? ASSUMING you are an Objectivist, what youve done is compromised your values in ever thinking of persuing a relationship with someone that holds the idea that her purpose in life is beyond her but coming from a mystical 'god'. What makes you think things like this wouldn't happen in the future
  2. This seems to portray my recent/current situation, I am eighteen and have been experiencing this defeatist dread of action for fear of dieing before I could do anything about it. Something I am only now starting to see for what it is and properly introspect on it for once, thus eliminating it.
  3. Benevolence from charity is not alturism, the people that donate their earned money do so willingly in order to recieve an emotional value greater to them than whatever amount they donated. There is no "minimum" anything you can make someone pay from his earnings to provide for someone. And how is it that you assume that everyone cares for 'those around him'?
  4. It is this commonly held belief that citizens of an immoral nation can be seen as moral that cause so many of a morally superior nation's troops to be needlessly killed. You know that from everything you will produce as a working citizen and everything that you will purchase, will promote the continuance of your nation. Be it from your taxes or goods to be used by the more immoral of your fellow citizens. Is it not you who provided them with materials, services, and goods to promote their evil ways? Does this mean that you should stop? Hell no, for as most of you have already stated, y
  5. I believe it is referring to the fact that up until that point the people followed Richard Rahl out of faith and expected him to act as a God. He fled to the mountains because he realized that he could no longer do that for them, they would have to find it in themselves the reason to fight for their freedom without him. He later shows the collectivized masses in the city where he is held captice a statue that he meticulously crafted that provoked everyone that saw it to understand what it means to LIVE and be free, and thus they developed the desire for Life as individuals. Its been awhil
  6. In an LFC jurisdiction would not a "bank" be a form of business? And in that case could not both of the proposed banking methods be implemented that have thus far been addressed as long as no party issued CDs under fraudulent terms? Knowing that the CD (s) you held retained exchangable value for gold, but understood that A.) it is guaranteed to be backed even if every member of said bank was to cash in it's CDs (no matter how unlikely) at the same point in time, or B.) That the CD is LIKELY but not guaranteed to be exchangable for its gold equivalent at any given time. Meaning fo
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