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  1. We the living is the last book of AR I have left to read. It just so happens I have a fantastic example of bad parenting. This morning I was minding my own business lecturing on the immune system of all things to my class. A fairly random comment was brought up from a currently pregnant 22 year old. She states that her friends child at home who is 4 years of age has been suffering from bronchitis for that last six months. She wanted to know what this person could do to help her child other then the obvious and current treatment of antibiotics she received from her initial ER visit, and the following visit to the "free" clinic . Not even thinking I asked the obvious, does the child come into contact with allergens, something like cigarette smoke? She looked at me and paused, and said "Yes she smoke, but that isn't the problem, besides I (oops she slipped here) never do it in the same room, or usually anyways". I explained to her what smoke does to the mucus lining etc and she of course just got quite. Someone else in class piped in that smokers are getting a raw deal now, and that our parents parents smoked etc during pregnancy. I agreed stating it would be nice if we had to take a parenting test in order to have kids and the smoker question would be on it. The same girl who posed the question then said that "Who has the right to tell another person they can or cant have kids" "I do if I'm paying the health care bills" Not the PC response but its amazing the degenerates having litters.
  2. Best news of the day. I will be sure to put a pick up in the teacher's lounge today.
  3. Last time I checked there is no LAW stating immigration is illegal. Check out the INS and people taking English classes, learning some civics etc. They came legally and should be welcomed with open arms individually. The country and thus myself is better off with legal immigration by those who RESPECT the country they wish to live in enough to find the legal means to come. The slave law and this being used as evidence for open migration and the ‘Reconquista’ politics is frightening at best.
  4. I fail to see how hordes of collectivist thinking mob rule knowing uneducated people can do anything BUT stomp on my rights and the rights of my fellow individuals. Calling the law to protect our borders immoral is truly blind thinking. You cant be free in a society full of people not abiding but the fabric that makes this a fantastic country. Anyone who wants to me an American should be able to by following the rules that are in place to protect the individual rights of the rest of us. A land bridge gives them no more right then my people had to be here.
  5. New member. The war dog and I. Then My soon to be wife and I.
  6. You certainly didn’t require me to tell you this, but I’ll give it a go. He melded by being productive and able to carry on in a flawed society. Let’s assume he was Spanish. Do you think for a second he would continue to speak his native language and forgo the individual benefit to himself English would give him? Would he demand bi lingual education for himself and others? Throw rallies tantamount to socialist gatherings seen in places around the world? Na. That’s Ellsworth’s gig. The people who are running these for political benefit win the Ellsworth award in my opinion.
  7. I had heard of Rand’s work for years but never really found the time to dive into it. I was dating a girl in graduate school and we often would have very heated arguments over social issues. We happened to wonder over to half price book store on a weekend and I glanced up and saw THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I grabbed it and the barrage of negative comments from her socialist ideologies came pouring in. She told me I was too individualistic for a book like that. Then a bookstore clerk came over and started in on the whole Fascism thing and down with capitalists boo hoo stuff. I admit that I smiled and placed the book back, but knew from that moment on it was a book I wanted to read. Needless to say the girl didn’t last long, but Rand and I have. Vincent
  8. I am appalled that the thought process of letting millions of people into a country with many/most refusing to meld into society. Have you heard the reason many of the "reformers" are drumming up the marches? Because they want votes. And they know that appealing to non educated immigrants is like appealing to those attending mass, you just have to know how to pull the strings. Why would anyone be ok with pouring in felons and drug pushers by the droves that are blending in with those looking to make a better life? You have to have laws to process these people legally and orderly just like the rest of our ancestors. And unlike mine and anyone else’s that I know of, these Illegal are refusing our way of life and have no interest in becoming American.
  9. Nice work. Looks like a great dog you got your hands [email protected]
  10. I certainly like the position on social system reform being the great concern on your 2nd point. Worring about a third world, corrupt government such as Mexico’s feelings getting hurt over illegal aliens is the evilest of appeasement politics.
  11. Hmm Nice find. Very odd read.
  12. For your weight category I would suggest a shibu Inu! They are compact “little” dogs with a big heart and look like miniature Akita’s. I own an Akita named Turk who truly is the most spoiled dog I know, which is the only way to treat them I suppose. Good luck with the dog hunt!
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