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  1. Two suggestions: Lauren Bacall (esp. in Key Largo). As shown here She has a certain ferocity about her that I find very attractive. Jessica Alba (or as my friends and I always refer to her as - Jessica Hotba) As shown here Hotba reminds me of a kitten. A really hot kitten. A really hot kitten that I wouldn't mind dating. A really hot kitten that I wouldn't mind dating and,....uh, you know....
  2. So do I! I thought it was ok. I didn't Cooper as Roark though. He looked the part, I'll grant you, but he reminded me of a robot.
  3. I agree. However, the reason why I started this thread was because I said I would when I closed the "Personals" thread. The people posting on that thread began posting tips and such, and so I ended that thread and created this one.
  4. I don't understand what is confusing about this thread. Think of it as just a "Love and Romance" thread.
  5. Felipe yelled at me, so let me explain this thread. I closed the previous "personal thread" for lack of interest, so I started this one. Basically, this thread's purpose is to create a list of suggestions to the curious rational dater as to how to find a mate. Some possible questions to be answered: What should one look for in a mate? What is the nature of sex? Need one lower one's standards to find a mate, i.e. what are the essentials one should look for and non-essentials? Etc. Post your questions AND answers to these questions. (BTY, these aren't my personal questions, but rather sample ones)
  6. Thanks. I will check out your site (DPW). I would love to get involved in the "Objectivist Forum"!
  7. I am bored. I am trying to find essays or studies that are more philosphical challenging that the essays the Capitalism magazine or ARI puts out. I know Binswanger is a solution, and I have already order his book and pamphlets. (His audio lectures are rather expensive.) Can anyone offer any suggestions?
  8. I was lucky enough to find it at Half Price books. They have a nostalgia section (the books are in small plastic bags) and occasionally they have really great finds.
  9. Here is the thread on dating tips. Feel free to post your thoughts.
  10. What about "The Early Ayn Rand" ? That is my personal favorite.
  11. I didn't intend this Conference to be for any sort of activism - I wanted it for the reasons I stated above. (Please tell me if I have misunderstood your position). So, now that we decided to have this Conference, let's start working to make it a reality.
  12. No, but I was just curious as to who you were referring to.
  13. I wonder if you realize that the ARI website was this lecture for free..
  14. I really didn't sense any hostility in his post. I originally thought of this idea as yes, a social gathering (to see what everyone looks like), but I kind of expanded from there. I thought about it, and I would like to stick to just a "Conference". It is easier to organize, and less stress.
  15. I like you suggestions. However, on: I would have to say that I like the idea, but what sort of booths would we have? What attractions? ("The Man is Great" theme was a joke (an ancronym), but it works!) I chose Conference because of the lecture idea.
  16. I would like to start a thread brainstorming some ideas for possible things that could be done at said Conference. I assume it could be held in the summer of 2006 - probably in Chicago, but who knows. So, to start out - - Organizing a publication for the forum - Holding lectures created by members (what are some possible topics for this?) - Social time to meet other members Some practical concerns include- - Hotel Booking - Place to hold lectures - Price (of transportation and Conference) - Getting anyone to show up
  17. I understand what you are saying, but we don't (didn't) have exactly the same context for nihilism. Basically, I would think -"What is the purpose of my existence, where did I come from, where did the universe some from, etc?". I would sort of think of that for a few seconds, then I would feel serious pain, almost a migrane - as a result of my nihilist views. In other words, I believed nothing had any value because it didn't have any implicit value, value unto itself.
  18. You guys have gotten me interested. Can someone tell me what is going on currently - so I can jump into the show?
  19. Oh I see. Is there someway of combining all three into one, or what did you have in mind?
  20. It looks like the Midwest is pulling ahead (for a possible location for an OO.net conference). If you voted for any of the locations in the previous poll, then feel free to vote here. I don't think I got all the states, so if I missed one, choose "Other" then post your choice. [Edited for clarity. - f]
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