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  1. George Washington is the best choice for numerous reasons. First of all, this is not to say that the others wouldn't also be preferable to today's leadership, but Washington trumps these other choices. He's the only one, aside from Jackson, with any strategic military experience (Jefferson in contrast nearly got himself captured during the revolution after the British sacked Richmond). He's an incorruptibly honest figure (unlike Jefferson, his main competitor in this election). Washington has an established record as being devoted to his country but uninterested in power. He presided over a ne
  2. Of course hemp should be freed of restrictions that have been placed on it, whether one is smoking it or making rope and clothing out of it. However, I'm not so sure about how it would fare in the market place today, at the time of the revolution cotton textiles were very expensive because they had to be imported from england (which they were less willing to do while we were rebelling). Add to this that short-staple cotton was yet in large supply without the cotton gin revolution. Hemp served to fill the void, whether it could be anything other than a second-rate fiber today is unclear. Speaki
  3. Douglass is definitely an inspiration in many respects, but one should remember one thing when dealing with him as a historical source. Douglas was writing for a specific audience under the auspices of William Llyod Garrison and other radical abolitionists, which isn't to say he wrote lies, but realizing this one must be careful with his narrative as a source material. For instance, the passage on religion was essential in the context of Garrison and abolitionists because they were all involved in trying to claim religion for abolitionism. Religion was being used at the time very convincingly
  4. Someone suggested that Windu executing Palpatine would have been wrong and counted against the Jedi. Why? Palpatine had a stranglehold on executive power and the courts were in his pocket, he was no different than any other dictator and he had caused a pointless (except for him) war that had killed millions including many Jedi. He deserved death and it would have perfectly acceptable to kill him on the spot, just as it would have been perfectly acceptable to kill Saddam on the spot, armed or not. Windu's attempt to kill Palpatine was the first rational thing the Jedi had done the whole movie s
  5. My favorite part about Obi Wan's "Only a Sith speaks in absolutes" remark is that ten minutes later in the movie, during the fight between Vader and Obi Wan is that he switches from relativist to absolutist when Anakin moans that from his perspective, Obi Wan and the Jedi are evil. To which Obi Wan replies that Anakin is truely lost, which could never be known without an absolute definition of good and evil. Another piece of garbage Lucas put in to the detriment of the film was in the scrolled writing in the beginning where he said there were heroes on both sides of the Clone Wars. How is t
  6. I think you need to read some objective histories of Kennedy (perhaps Reeves' A Question of Character), the presidency had been a shambles long before him and he added to it a bit. His ability to get out of the Cuban Missile Crisis (which has been greatly distorted by efforts like his corrupt brother's Thirteen Days and the subsequent movie) had more to do with luck, and the fact that the Soviets weren't crazy nutjobs willing to get themselves killed over Cuba.
  7. Do not forget that even if the banker and the depositors agree to adopt a fractional reserve system, they are still screwing over people not involved with the bank due to money multiplier inflation. If I deposit $100,000 with the understanding that the bank will loan out $90,000 I've effectively "created" an extra $90,000 in the money supply and sellers will adjust their prices accordingly. For people not using the banks this situation brings on inflation they had no part of. Bank interest payments are merely compensation, and poor ones at that, for money multiplier inflation caused when they
  8. I'm not sure how great his dad was, but compared to his dopey sons, Michael and Ron Jr., he was a magnificent specimen.
  9. Movie would be much better if it was made with a different premise, namely how many days would he have to eat nothing but McDonald's until he died?
  10. Oh yeah, it's all coming back now. Yeah, I don't know what the deal was with that guy.
  11. Perhaps this was already mentioned but I always fell apart with laughter at the Captain Planet song: Captain Planet! He's a hero! Gonna bring pollution down to zero! The show was unbearable to watch except in a Full House way, where you watch it with others just to make fun of it and crack up at other people's jokes on the horrible writing and storylines and characters, etc. Duck Tales was a great cartoon, the only reason that goofy duck superhero came on in the last season was to launch the new show with that duck as the main character I think. Darkwing Duck?... I think Batman and
  12. Haha, I like that you used the word odd against me, it was rather ironic. However, what did I really say that was odd? Erandror seems to echo my thoughts on the subject. I make it continually clear, I don't think homosexuals immoral, nothing they do necessarily endagangers their life, except that homosexual promiscuity seems to make one more susceptiple to deadly diseases, but that can also be said of promiscuity in general. However, commenting that their lifestyle is odd is certainly not a controversial view, any rational homosexual would have to concur with that view. So please, what is bein
  13. The problem is that we know the source and what message the artists wanted to be sent. Namely, that trying to find communists in the government (an effort largely vindicated by serious historians in recent years) was an irrational, almost mystical, and certainly evil effort comparable to the Salem Witch Trials. This is an utter absurdity and we should not forget this when judging any work of art that was produced for similar reasons. I don't think the Crucible deals with religious absolutism or paranoia effectively at all because there is no reason, anywhere in the play (that I can remember, a
  14. I was referring to biological dead ends, in that an organism in which all individuals were homosexual would die off in one generation, thus dead-ending. Birth control isn't a dead-end, because a man and a woman could always procreate without birth control, but have decided that they don't want to, however it's easily reversiable and isn't intrinsically built into their lifestyle. As to religion, that is an irrational behavior that can cause big problems, and if taken to extremes by a large number of people, can seriously stymie or even destroy a culture, but man can choose to think and therefo
  15. I will concede that if you separate out the context in which it was written and the author's declared intentions, The Crucible can have a good message. But only in a broad superficial way in that Mr. Miller tied his allegory to a real event and could therefore not portray a heroic struggle to put an end to a witch trial, but instead had the evil of Salem win out as it did historically until it was ended by higher political authorities.
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