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  1. ppw, Any relationship, aside from marriage, is a limited one. Your relationship with your boss is based on exchanging trustworthy and valuable labor for money; that's the primary standard by which he should be impressed with you. Of course, it's not all about results: character plays a role, too, but only what the job requires. Cultivate good virtues, and let others think of you what they will; keep close to you those that are impressed by you, and let the others go on their way. You mentioned not being able to know that they're rational people. That's okay - they only have to be ra
  2. This needs to be unpacked a little ... So far, you're doing fine. This is where things start getting sticky. Objectivism upholds productive, creative work as a higher value than the reward one receives for it. Absolutely, one should be rewarded for one's efforts, and it's great if what you do makes you wealthy as a consequence. But it's not the pursuit of wealth qua wealth that is a virtue; it's the pursuit of wealth by producing something that you have your soul in, such as running a retail store, writing music, accounting, health care, education, etc. Otherwise, there would b
  3. I agree with the first part, but not the second; if they butcher it, any interest in Objectivism will be corrupted. My opinion is that, outside of a 2 to 3 season TV series produced with the involvement of the Ayn Rand Center and a sympathetic director and executive producer, it's not going to be a good representation of the novel, much less Ayn Rand's philosophy.
  4. Me'Shell NdegéOcello, Comfort Woman
  5. First, loneliness and emotional dysfunction are matters of psychology, not philosophy. Philosophy can provide the intellectual tools to identify these conditions, but it cannot deal with them in particular. Second, there are tremendous differences between the two conditions. Loneliness is an emotional reaction to a lack of identification with others in some important facet of one's life; emotional dysfunction is a broad term that encompasses trauma, underdevelopment, and other deeper conditions which are either experiential or the result of an individual's flawed neurology. Being an Obje
  6. It's been a few months since I started this topic, and to address some of the responses ... - Yes, I've read Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, and other Grand Masters. Obviously Heinlein speaks more to me than the others do. In fact, I just re-read Time Enough for Love, and realized that it could make for a great television serial, that would appeal to not only audiences, but satisfy the values of network programmers (modest budget, semi-arc based stories, etc.). - I'm still a fan of Joss Whedon's work, the Firefly saga being the obvious stand-out. I've enjoyed Dollhouse, too, and the density of
  7. I think I'm going to skip Avatar until the Blu-Ray is available from Netflix. I'm interested in the visual effects, of course, but I'm not shelling out an extra dime for yet another "white guilt" movie. I thought along the same lines when I read the setup synopsis. I mean, why go to the trouble of implementing the avatar tech if they're just going to go in guns-a-blazin' anyway? If the corporation is so evil, why not just slaughter the aliens and mine their 'whateverite' willy-nilly? Why send in one of their own to try to persuade the aliens to move, someone who knows their tac
  8. A couple of lines of script could have taken care of that ... "The ship's pilots were a more intelligent breed, but when they died, the ship found itself on Earth, and the 'worker bees' without guidance or leadership. But, 'life finds a way,' and that superior breed of prawn was needed by the 'hive' ..." which could have explained Christopher Johnson and his lab partner, clearly more individualistic than the rest of their race. Hey, I'm not saying it's a good excuse, and it's certainly not that scientific, but it's as good as you're going to get in a science fiction film. Especially one
  9. I just got done watching Knowing, the Nicolas Cage movie billed as a mystery concerning prophecies of disasters. The film ends with ... I recently watched the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, in which an alien arrives on Earth to warn Mankind to stop its evil plundering ways, lest the aliens pass judgment and destroy all of civilization. Predictably ... Despite its many flaws, I was a fan of Battlestar Galactica, which ended with ... Even Wall-E, made by the same team that brought us the marvelous The Incredibles ... And it's not just the movies. Science fiction novels r
  10. I gotta say I'm not crazy about a Hitchens atheism movie. Hitchens and other atheists in the media come with two problems, both of which are very counterproductive: 1. If they try to replace Christian morality with anything, it's the same old materialist angle they've been preaching for years, "altruism for the society's sake, not God's"; and ... 2. They're incredibly RUDE about their atheism. Anyone who calls religious devotion a "mental disorder" who's not a trained psychologist is issuing that judgment as a tacit insult, and Christians know it. This does nothing to penetrate the
  11. This is the silliest thing I've heard in a while. Someone please tell me the OK Legislature is laughing this woman out of Chambers ...
  12. The history, traditions, and rituals that belong to the church are indeed powerful aspects of practicing religious faith, and I can understand how one can miss those. What I "miss" is choral music -- there are almost no secular chorales in existence, yet I'm attracted to the use of human voices as musical instruments outside of opera. What I recommend is looking at these various aspects in a general way, and evaluating what they satisfied in you, then seeking rational means to pursue those values. If it's the architecture, then study it as an aesthetic value, and learn to appreciate rationa
  13. Welcome to the forum, Damon1212. Probably not, otherwise it would be widely known from the publication of her journals. This is probably a good question for Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand's long time friend and intellectual heir. To my knowledge she never wrote about Shostakovich. I'm aware of the subversive undercurrents in his music. He's one of my favorite composers, but there's only a portion of his music I like, such as his piano concertos, a couple of symphonies, and "Festive Overture". Nice. There are a few musicians that are regulars here. What do you play?
  14. I think that it's neither possible, nor desirable, to have an "airtight" constitution, regardless of the form of government it defines. 1. Any constitution's terms must be objectively defined, and its language parsed meticulously to avoid misinterpretation. America's Founders attempted this, yet changes in meaning have exposed 'holes' in the Constitution that Congress has driven expansionist legislation through. Written today, the issue of electronic eavesdropping would give many pause when it came to broad search & seizure protections. Such a problem was totally unimaginable at the tim
  15. Good advice! I always check here -- www.hotelcoupons.com -- before heading out of town. Some savings are only okay, but every now & then you can score big. One time I was able to get a $100 room for about $40. Even though it was for 3 nights only, and I needed 4, I booked the room anyway, then asked the desk clerk if I could keep the room for a fourth night at the same rate; he said yes, and I saved a bundle.
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