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  1. The only books I've re-read other than Ayn Rand are: Harry Potter, except the seventh and sixth books Gone With the Wind, I honestly don't know how many times. More than 3. What can I say, I love it! Between a Rock and a Hard Place. For anyone who hasn't heard of it, its the autobiography of Aron Ralston, the climber who cut off his own arm.
  2. I was Hillary Clinton today, and I must say, I had quite the costume. I'll post pictures later, when I find my camera. What was/will be everyone else?
  3. I just bought a poster the other day at Target. Its a picture of a bunch of rocks stacked to look like a person and it says: "Life isn't about finding yourself, but about creating yourself."
  4. I love hiking too. During the summer, I went three or more times a week, but now, it has been too hot to do anything not involving water. I'm going through withdrawal.
  5. Whenever I am told the same thing by a Christian, my response is: "Even if he were magically real,(which he's not)why should I worship an jerk that would punish me for all eternity for not believing in something evidenceless and illogical. He seems like quite the ass for sending innocent people, even ones who've never heard of him, down to Hell with all the criminals." With this arguement, you address both sides.
  6. I rewatched the end. Cameron and Foreman were arguing about it initially. Cameron wanted to tell the patient, Foreman didn't. Later, House told Foreman to tell the patients, or else he would.
  7. When I posted this, I was ambivalent. After reading the responses, I've shifted towards Incest. I think most people, like I did, think automatically, "Eww, that is really gross." But upon more thought, theres, like many have said, no rational reason not to date your sibling. Too bad none of my relatives are good looking! Wrong, House was debating for it, either Cameron or Foreman didn't want to tell. I'm leaning towards Cameron though, because later on in the episode, Foreman told the couple that they could still continue dating and it wouldn't be wrong. I've got the DVD, so I'll watch the last few scenes later.
  8. I just watched a House MD episode which brought up some incredibly interesting ethical question. I am incredibly interested to see the responses on here. To make a semi-quick summarization: A young inter-racial, married couple has the same disease. They lived next door to eachother, and fell in love. The husband's father was against the relationship, he would do anything to keep them apart, the couple figured it was because he hated blacks. Nope, turned out it was because he had an affair with the girls mother and she resulted. So this head-over-heels in love couple are siblings. The doctors tell them, and of course, it messes up their lives horribly. *btw, the girl was a light skinned African American. My questions are: 1)If you were in the situation, would you keep dating your half-sibling? Perhaps the more relevant question for the situation is: is relation a valid reason for not romantically pursuing someone? My answer: I really don't think I would continue dating my bro. Chances are I'd be like: "Damn, I screwed my brother! Bro, no wonder we looked alike!" Seriously, Evoloution tells us not to, diseases get transfered on to offspring that way, which in turn creates oftentime sickly, messed up kids. On the other hand, if we didn't plan on having children, I can not see any valid scientific reason not to continue. I see a definate sociological reason not to, its taboo. It has been for quite some time. But I tend to think anything to do with Sociology is crap. and 2)If you were the doctor, would you tell them? A: I would tell them. I don't buy into the "Ignorance is bliss, let them be happy" side of things. The couple deserves to have that choice in their own lives. What do you guys think?
  9. Just a note for people on here, having a resume really helps you get a job, even if its just fast food. Where I used to work, three people applied for the same job. The last one who came in was a girl, and she had a resume. Although the manager said she'd call back the two other people, she only called back the girl with the resume, she got the job. I applied for five jobs without a resume, then four more with a resume, and I only got called back on the ones with a resume.
  10. My room has a House MD poster, and a James Blunt one. It would have a Rush one, but the prices were ridiculous at their concert. As for cheaply decorating rooms, I have about a zillion pictures up on the wall, all taken with a disposable camera. Total cost: about 10 dollars. Its nice to walk in and see my friends smiling faces looking at me.
  11. I agree with everyone who said the movie has potential. The main plot could have been great, had it ended differently, was different stylistically, and had a completely different message. *******SPOILERS I liked the idea that Tommy was trying to cure death, and the impending death of his wife made the story all the more interesting. I didn't know what was happening with the flashes into the past and future. I didn't know whether he was remembering, or simply imagining it. The director should have made it clearer just what was happening. It was incredibly confusing in that respect. I really didn't get why the tree had hair, and why he kept kissing it. Did he plant his wife like she wanted him to? I also didn't understand why it kept flashing back to the "Lets take a walk" scene. The ending was confusing. I didn't know whether Tommy was indeed in the future, or whether it was some bizarre metaphor. Assuming it was in the future, it seemed like he really hadn't done much since his wife died, other than mourn and try to kill himself. He didn't end up being the rational man I had hoped. It should have ended with him curing his wife, instead of her and consequently his death. It gives an incredibly bad message that he just missed saving her. The only good thing in the movie was the passion protrayed between Tommy and Izzy. That was really well done, the rest sucked. Overall I give the film a D. It would have been an F if Hugh Jackman wasn't so dang good looking.
  12. I am a huge fan of House MD, heres one of my favorite scenes. As far as I know it infringes no copyrights, but if it does, feel free to delete it, mods.
  13. I do not understand what Snape did for the good guys, in the long run, by sticking with Voldemort. I see no reason why he had to kill Dumbledore. It was supposedly to convince Voldemort of his true colors, but nothing significantly good became of it. Would someone explain?
  14. I love anti-Hillary Clinton videos. Heres a favorite:Oxyclinton I'm surprised nobodys posted this one:End of ze world! This ones been posted here in a different topic, but its amazing:
  15. I love these ones: and these, I don't care what anybody says, ROCK!!!
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