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  1. That would never pass muster in Australia, just from the labour-law aspect alone. There are rules for the determination of what is a genuine contractor relationship and what is in economic substance an employment relationship pretending not to be. Look for similar rules in the US - I'd be very surprised if they didn't exist. JJM
  2. The point of Dr Reisman's model was to use it as a base from which to develop an understanding of elements, allowing one to expand it from there, one element at a time. Even as it is, without expanding it, one of the things it shows is that capitalism has (in Dr R's words) 'natural springs to profitability,' because when people are free the mathematics of the situation necessarily generates accounting profits in the aggregate, which when tied with the material world upon which accounting figures are based this has to mean physical profits as well. There are only two ways aggregate accounting p
  3. Found it. I think this link should work. If not, it is (at time of writing) the fourth entry to be found on the link I gave previously. JJM
  4. Boris: what you really need to do is get ahold of George Reisman's "Capitalism" and read chapters 12 to 18, because this covers in extensive detail precisely what you are struggling to understand (for a snapshot, see figure 16-2 on page 732). The clincher is chapter 16 (from whence that snapshot is taken), which discusses his Net Consumption Net Investment theory. The short answer is that you missed also the consumer spending that comes from dividends distributed to equity investors. They are NOT an expense, but the profits from prior years' efforts that sNerd is trying to tell you to consi
  5. Welcome to the October 6, 2011 edition of Objectivist Round-Up, number 221. Kate Yoak presents Preschool due dilligence: naps posted at Parenting is..., saying, "After first despairing when I learned about the forced naps while visiting LePort school, I learned that this issue is not cut and dry. Today my daughter attends a school where that is not an issue." Carl Svanberg presents Elizabeth Warren's Assault on Justice posted at The Cold Voice of Reason, saying, "Enjoy!" John Drake presents GTD Habits posted at Try Reason!, saying, "Its the habits, not the technology that
  6. Continuing to look at metaphysics, he are my observations and inductive reconstruction of the Law of Causality. Context The context for this is recognition of the three axioms for their content - <a href="http://jjmcvey.blogspot.com/2011/03/oti-post-2-existence-exists.html">existence exists, consciousness is conscious, and all existents are of definite natures - and the fact that they are axioms. This is implicit in the cognitive activity of a baby within moments of his first conscious state, and needs to be explicitly stated for students of philosophy. Basic meaning The Law of C
  7. Financial barriers to entry will be a non-issue under laissez-faire, and to an extent already ARE a non-issue today. If you can prove that you have an idea for a bette product or a more efficient way of making an existing product then you can get all the funding you need from the financial sector. Billions of dollars worth of finance can be and ARE arranged in just months. This is precisely what happened in the early-mid 80's, and for which the Old Guard in the corporate world and the unions hated Michael Milken with a passion. Laws were passed to try to prevent this happening again (takeovers
  8. Of course *palm-forehead-smack*! I just realised - leftists look at the world of business and think it is a larger version of their tiresomely cliche` view of the schoolyard as seen in movies: brainless jocks at the top of the pecking order hoarding all the resources for their own interests, always bashing down the weaker but smarter kids, teachers/politicians dealing with insufficient funding unless they work in relation to the jocks' interests, etc etc etc. Heck, there's even at least one whiny song I know of explicitly about it - Simple Plan's "High School never ends". Update: second *pa
  9. I think it important to distinguish between individual instances of causal sequences and a causal connection as an abstraction, just as one distinguishes between individual entities and concepts for entities as abstractions. Induction for causality (IIRC) is not simply the identification of individual causal sequences, but recognising that the individual sequences one observes are instances of universals: all S does P under conditions X. It is not that individual event B happened to follow individual stimulus A, but that A causes B is a timeless principle of cause-and-effect that can recur aga
  10. I take it that the two share the same fundamental root in measurement omission and the unit perspective. Concept formation applies this to entities to form classes of entities, whereas induction applies this to actions of entities to form classes of causal connections applicable to the classes of entities so observed acting. This indicates two things to me: first, that while measurement-omission is crucial to both, concept-formation has the primacy (just as Identity is hierarchically superior to Causality), and second, that after a short while the two must proceed together, often in lock
  11. This is fascinating - and telling... The cynical idea that religion and socialism are the only two alternatives. The fact is that one cannot establish a philosophic positive by demolishing a negative. Commentary like this shows that atheism alone is nowhere near enough to establish liberty - without reason and egoism being proudly promoted as essential parts of the secularisation of society the sense-of-life of religion - not to mention the false alternative of dogmatism versus skepticism - will continue to poison the ethical and political codes even even alleged athiests, and the conseque
  12. A question for various segments of alleged atheists (they know who they are): If you consider yourself truly to be atheist, why do speak and act as though emotions were some magical connection to an infallible source of truth and goodness that reason is impudent if it dares question? Don't say I am not looking at you: all those who posit subjectivism - of either the individual or social variety - are as guilty as sin in this regard. Emotions are essential for human life, without which life is neither worth living nor even capable of being lived. But emotions are not tools of cognition
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