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  1. Actually without seeing the selector lever on the other side of the gun, I can't be sure this one isn't a full auto model. Nevertheless the point remains that many people don't know the difference between a semi-auto rifle that is a "clone" of a military select fire model and a real full auto weapon (thanks to a media that is on the gun-grabbers' side). And even those full auto weapons aren't really "machine guns" in the sense of a belt-fed weapon, even though they can fire multiple rounds on one press of the trigger.
  2. Or at the very least, a good fast car.
  3. Or how about those who willfully and repeatedly violate supreme court orders not to hold government sponsored prayers, etc.? Even after being warned, many officials in the "bible belt" insist on defying precedent.
  4. Your last video, Best of Tchaikovsky, has for its fixed image "Study for Waking Up Among The Clouds III" which I was pleased to see. It's hanging in my living room. On playing it, I find you associated it with Tchaikovsky's 5th symphony, my favorite of his symphonies. Thanks! (Now I need to watch the other two videos.)
  5. Yes. This "need" to defend Dr. Peikoff against those who disagree with him--sometimes even to the point where refusing to defend boorish behavior is used as a touchstone for deciding someone is not an Objectivst--is simply incomprehensible to me. Seriously: Is Objectivism about using your own judgment and never, ever evading, or is it about defending prominent Objectivsts against people who disagree with them?
  6. The lotto machines here used to give no audible indication of a winner, and many were suspicious that store employees were keeping winning tickets (after announcing to the customer that they were losers, let me just throw that out for you). I even heard stories of employees having a tremor in their hand as they set the "loser" ticket aside. Of course one can guard against this by asking for the ticket back regardless. In any case, the machines now have a voice that cheerfully announces "You're a winner!"
  7. I see today's youth and they aren't even remotely libertarian in temperament. They think that society is full of "fail" but somehow expect government to be the solution. It doesn't seem to occur to them that our overbearing, out of bounds government might be the cause of the fail.
  8. It would surely be interesting to know the rest of the title of this piece.
  9. Even if the reviewer is wrong about there being no prior Objectivist economic work, that doesn't take anything away from this book. I'd say you should judge it based on other things.
  10. I mostly agree with this. On the other hand, Obamacare will happen and I believe it will have significant negative effects on health care in this country; it's designed to break the private insurance market and get people to "realize" they need single payer. It's a sort of "delayed blast" bomb that has already been set to go off.
  11. Sarchasm. n. the gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the recipient who doesn't get it. "Sarchasm" was an entry in a "change one letter to create a new word" contest some newspaper held a while back.
  12. I simply cannot believe anyone still listens to Paul Ehrlich; he has made many predictions of famine, shortages, and the like, and none of them has ever panned out. Yet many "progressives," "liberals," and other leftists still do.
  13. I think the average investor is outsourcing the research that really ought to be done. The fee can be worth it not to have to spend hours a day poring over reports etc.--and that assumes you even have the training to evaluate them when there's an incentive, often, for them to be obfuscative.
  14. Did you or did you not accuse Eiuol of finding interactions with other people draining simply because he is expected to think during them? I don't care whose definition you are using, that's insulting.
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