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  1. Actually, to be perfectly accurate, the author's description of narcissism is not actually how the mental health profession classifies narcissism. I think she is using the popular definition for narcissism and passing it off as the medical definition. In actual narcissism, in the pathology, it's not necessary for the person to really like themselves. Self-obsession is sufficient. It's possible for them to even have low self-esteem.
  2. Hm, I don't know. I'm at a sort of in-between phase in my relationship in terms of where we stand. We've been together for nearly seven years total, but only have lived together and seen each other all the time for about four months now. We seem to have a mix of both sides of what you're describing. On the one hand, we do have that total and complete comfort with each other, having known each other so long. I think my guy has something very close to my absolute trust, and I know I have his. We do delight in each other's company and the little things are definitely magnified. When I come
  3. I think we should give death row prisoners the choice of participating in dangerous medical experiments in exchange for life without parole. That way, it puts it back in the hands of the prisoners. They may end up dying anyway, but if some good can come of them before they do, it would be more worthwhile than simply executing them.
  4. I'm just not seeing the big deal. It's not as if I gave them money, or manned their phone banks, or really did anything at all to help the Republican Party as such. In fact, if anything I went in and voted for the candidate the party establishment probably finds the most distasteful. I would say what I did was as nearly perfect an example of subverting party process while still acting completely within its rules that I can think of. As for the fact that I did, indeed, join the Republican party for all of four minutes, I hinted already that it made me feel like I needed to scrub myself.
  5. Yes, that is exactly what it means. I walked into the polling place an independent, asked for a Republican ballot, had an R next to my name for about 4 minutes (barf), then promptly asked the nice lady at the door to make me unaffiliated again, which she did. I love New Hampshire.
  6. This has probably been answered before, but what about proofs which do not require direct empirical observation to be true? Instead, for example, mathematical proofs? I may be misunderstanding but it seems to me that if you can deduce certain laws from the empty set (which you can) that not all proofs have an empirical root. I guess we could call them features of logic or rules about the structure of logic rather than facts about reality. But I'm still confused. Thoughts?
  7. I already voted. I love the way New Hampshire does primaries: unaffiliated voters can vote in either primary (but just one obviously), and then unregister for that party right after (which I did). Ron Paul 08, sirs.
  8. Anybody have a PS3 and play Rock Band? I'd love to find some peeps to play online with. I can do some Expert songs on guitar/bass and can do Expert vocals if I know the song (if I don't, forget it buddy). I can do drums on Hard. Any takers?
  9. Yes, it is a VERY 80's movie. And the popcorn is at the end. Val Kilmer is probably my favorite character in that movie, either him or the hyperkinetic girl that doesn't sleep.
  10. Anyone seen this movie? It was one of my fraternity's "house movies" because we're all a bunch of uber-geeks. I think there's a lot of great stuff in Real Genius. Thoughts, comments, etc.?
  11. I know this is not a Frank Miller thread, but I wanted to plug Frank Miller's (and Chris Claremont's) interpretation of Wolverine in the 1983 miniseries as excellent for many of the same reasons. It's more or less about Wolverine having to make a rational choice about which part of his nature he is going to pursue and live by. He also has to fight for his values and for what is morally right. The biggest danger he faces is the loss of identity, the loss of self. The only quibble I have about that book is I didn't always like the way Miller drew Wolverine's face. I often preferred other po
  12. I am somewhat familiar with the type of argument which Klein probably wants to make. I was going to say at first that I'd read another one of her books, and then I realized we were talking about Naomi Klein, not Naomi Wolf, whose book is the one I actually read. Nevertheless, the song sounds the same. I think one of the objections people who want to attack modern "consumerism" raise is that corporations are marketing to people on a primarily irrational or emotional basis, and most consumers do make purchases on this basis, rather than making a purchase because it is life-enhancing. To a la
  13. Donkey Kong Country? What a fantastic game! Unlike the second and third installments of that series I STILL have never found all the secrets from the first game. Even though the second and third games have "more", the first one is definitely the hardest to complete. You have great taste in games.
  14. I'm somewhat old-school in that I played and loved Castlevania IV for Super Nintendo. It had great game mechanics and was truly challenging. I was even Simon Belmont for Halloween one year.
  15. I'm writing a novel, myself. I started it in 01 and it really should have been finished by now, but it's almost done. I've already planned the next novel in the series and can't wait to get started on it (like any good fantasy, it's bound to turn into a series LOL) It's an adventure tale about people who have no proper place in society, so they create their own place by default as they stumble through various quests that generally, they didn't seek out themselves, but fall into their laps in one way or another. They're accidental heroes in the sense that they weren't trying to go out on a
  16. themadkat


    Well, it's not just the Jewish faith, it's all the Judeo-Christian faiths and many faiths from other traditions as well. What it all comes down to is trying to have some control over things which humans typically have no control (like whether it will rain, or whether this volcano will bury your town). That is why all the first objects of worship were something important in nature, like the sun. My personal feeling is that if God was real and he was the tempermental, arbitrary, hissy-fit prone being he's portrayed as in books such as the Bible, I would choose not to worship him and would do
  17. Just a heads-up, I think this is a gross generalization and not true for even a simple majority of women. Though it may occasionally be fun to dominate or be dominated in the bedroom , that is a far cry from being dominated in a relationship. There may be some such women, but frankly, if you are an intelligent and passionate individual they are not worth your time. A mature relationship involves give-and-take from both sides, and if a woman already knows what she wants from a relationship, she may not appreciate you "dominating" the direction. Totally not trying to bite your head off h
  18. I'm probably the only one on the board who has read Tamora Pierce, but I highly recommend her especially for about 12+. She writes mostly four-part series that take place in a realm called Tortall which bears obvious similarities to Medieval/Renaissance Europe. They are fantasy books, with magic and monsters and such, but they also delve into the way the societies work and how things are done on a more day-to-day basis. Each four-part series centers on a different heroine, and you basically watch her grow up. All of the books have female lead characters and thus I think they have a special
  19. I can sympathize with this. I'll probably be getting a reduction someday, for health reasons more than anything. I'm not even sure I'd put a reduction in the category of "plastic surgery" necessarily, because it's not about appearance so much as allowing yourself to actually stand up straight. If I wasn't a muscly athlete-type I think I'd be bent in half by the damn things. This raises an interesting question too...what determines whether something is plastic surgery? Is the same surgery in a different category based on the reason for it? That seems a bit strange to me. My mom had a "no
  20. This is my list (worst to best): Abigail Slug Ivan Sinbad Gregory I like this exercise, it provides a lot of food for thought, but because there are some important (to my reasoning, anyway) details left out, I made some assumptions, which I will include with my reasoning... Abby is by far the worst. She does not respect others nor command respect for herself. Assuming that she and Gregory had an intense, long-term romance, she committed an act of grievous wrong against Gregory. She should have placed the value of their continued relationship, based upon mutual exclusive commitm
  21. It doesn't beg the question. You asked why the government is involved. A factual answer, based on the here and now and the laws as they are currently written, is that because steroids are illegal to use or possess the government has to intervene if an institution, ie a baseball league, is shown to be condoning illegal practices. Should they be illegal? No, I don't think so. People, athletes or no, should be able to put pretty much whatever they want into themselves, or else they can't really be said to own their own bodies. I think the issue really comes down to this. I'm an athlete
  22. I know this is probably not where you wanted to go with this, but one short answer is that at present most of these drugs, especially steroids and HGH, are illegal to use or even possess. That fact by itself is enough justification for government involvement.
  23. Well, I've read all of Ms. Rand's major works of fiction. I can't really pick a favorite, as I like them all for different reasons. I should probably reread AS at this point as I read it first and then went backwards through her fiction. I now think it's actually better to read AS after TF. But at any rate...I've only gone a bit into her nonfiction. At least glanced through it. I can't say that I have a great knowledge of her nuances in the nonfiction, but I'd hope that I do have a solid understanding of all her basic tenets and why. I have a philosophy background so it does make that s
  24. Strong INTP here. Heaviest preferences are to N and T. In fact, having taken the test multiple times and in various forms, I've gotten 100% N before.
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